Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Modelling Experiences

Like I have mentioned in my previous posts this year, 2014 has been a year of many 'firsts' or new experiences for me, and today I wanted to share one that I had considered for quite some time and fortunately the opportunity came up in 2014. It's modelling - purely for fun. A fellow blogger and friend, Celeste, started her makeup artistry course earlier this year and I was interested in being one of her makeup models for her portfolio. That's where it all started for me and since then we have done two photoshoots!

I have to admit that this wasn't the first time I had makeup applied by a MUA and photos taken afterwards - my first experience was in 2011 when I auditioned to become the Asian model for FOA cosmetics (Face of Australia). I had a very natural look applied on me and had a few test shots taken. They were only looking for one Asian model and unfortunately that wasn't me. I wasn't surprised that I didn't get picked because the model who was chosen is so gorgeous with lovely features and has had experience in modelling (I think I would've been way too awkward at the time, being only 18). I never received the photos in the end and I do remember taking a few selfies afterwards but I have no idea if I still have them. You can check out the girls who were chosen for FOA's models here.

Here's my first makeup look done by Celeste where she re-created the look on an Asian model, found on Pinterest. This is my favourite photo that was taken:

MUA + photographer: Celeste

I fell in love with this concept when I first saw it and was very excited to have it done on me! My features are almost completely opposite to the model despite both of us being Asian so it was interesting to see how it was going to turn out on me. It was great how Celeste went to the effort of picking out props to match the model's and I can certainly say that I am pleased with it overall :)

This next one was my first proper photoshoot with photographer, Bhas for a TFP shoot (time for print) with Celeste as the makeup artist. A fun shoot for their portfolios (and also mine if I ever want to model for future TFPs etc.) where Celeste decided on the theme being Korean fashion/bohemian chic. As many of my blog readers know from seeing my inspired makeup looks over the years, I love dressing up and I'm always happy to try new styles. I don't have many chiffon/flowy items in my wardrobe but we made do with what I had and Celeste managed to bring along some items for the shoot too.

 Natural/messy hair for the look since it was an outdoor photoshoot

We headed to Mount Lofty/Waterfall Gully to get some nature-ish photos alongside waterfalls and parklands and here are just a few of the photos taken. I wore two different outfits and altogether it took around 2-3 hours.

Behind-the-scenes photo taken by Celeste
Photo by Bhas
MUA + photographer: Celeste
I applaud all full-time, part-time, freelance models out there because it isn't easy stuff! I was really awkward with my poses even though I was given some direction with the above shots. It was tiring having to hold them and not lean or have my head in a certain position/angle and not be tempted to smile too much as it was best to have a straight face (this was really difficult for someone who is very smiley). A pose that feels natural for the model may not look that great on camera - it takes effort to look effortless, that's for sure!

The weather was worrying for our shoot that day with the on-again-off-again spitting rain however we managed to keep dry and get some great shots done. After this shoot I contemplated modelling again for fun and/or freelancing as Celeste and Bhas brought up this idea which really got me thinking, should I take it up as a thing to do on the side? Despite it being a tiring process, I had a lot of fun and I do enjoy getting my photo taken (when I'm all done up), plus I felt that this experience helped raise my confidence a little. With more practice, I'm sure I'll become less awkward with posing and more free to express myself.

Not long after this shoot, Celeste contacted me about another with a budding photographer Jacqui and MUA/hair artist Mel and of course I took up this opportunity to model once again. This concept was a little more cray-cray than the last however I was totally up for it! Before I share my photos from the shoot, have a look at the inspiration photo:

!!! Isn't it just amazing?? What would this look even be called??

When Celeste showed me this I was thinking WOW this is going to turn out epic if the team can pull it off. And guess what? After about 3 hours of fiddling with hair and makeup, we shot for about 15-20 minutes due to time constraints and it was done and dusted! The look was the most important thing overall and the girls did a fantastic job. Originally the idea was the follow the same colour scheme and Mel decided that a green/khaki look would better suit my skin tone/hair and be better for everyone's portfolios, seeing as pink is a popular colour on female models. Pink is my favourite colour but I was happy for the colour change so good call, Mel!

My tri-toned hair using hair pieces - none that are showing are my own! 

Mel did an incredible job with the hair and it reminds me of those classical hairstyles from the olden days - I'm sure some would know what I'm talking about! As you can tell I'm not that great with history haha. I found it amusing having these hair pieces weaved into my hair (not clip-ons) and having about 50 bobby pins in my hair and many elastics. It wasn't fun having to get them all out but it had to be done and my head felt much lighter afterwards hehe.

Before and after pic! And a pesky pimple decided to show up on the day...

I LOVE the way it turned out omg, so much creativity!! Those additional details with the flowers in my hair on on my wrist/back of my hand looked superb - I felt as though I were a queen from a mystical land as I stepped out to the photography studio with this ensemble, wearing a puffy white wedding dress.

Jacqui did an amazing job with the shoot due to her professionalism in showing me directions and making me feel really comfortable whilst posing. The photos and editing she did for them are so stunning that I can barely recognise myself (in a good way, because she made me look absolutely flawless). I've got the pictures to share but first, let me take share a selfie.

The green/earthy colours make me think of Lisa Simpson saying "I am the lizard queen!" because lizards are green. Lizard queen is me

The beads and hair pieces on my head weren't the heaviest-feeling - it was actually the double-lashes that made my eyes feel super heavy! It made them difficult to open as I always felt like keeping them half open or completely shut and I haven't worn double-lashes (two sets of falsies) in a long time. They really added to the effect though :)

Photography by Jacqui, Makeup by Celeste, Hair and makeup assistance by Mel 

Saved my favourite shot 'til last

Now this second photoshoot really brought out my confidence and looking back on it makes me look even more forward to my next one whenever that will be! Hopefully in 2015 I will have some more TFPs done as I'm not looking for any monetary benefit from modelling (yet) while still being an amateur. If and when I do another shoot, I'll be sure to tweet about it and possibly write up another post on my experience/s. It's been so awesome to have worked with and met such creative, artistic people through these shoots this year, they're seriously inspiring. Happy to help anyone who would like to get in touch with any of them!

It's great to be able to tick something off my list of 'things I'd like to try' before the year ends which makes me feel quite accomplished. I know anyone can do these types of photoshoots as it isn't like fashion runway modelling or magazine prints but hey, I think it does take a whole lot of guts to put yourself out there in this way and not have complete control of the way you're presented with the makeup, concept and outfit choices. Although I initially did this to help out a friend, it also benefited me in more ways than one. I've always been a shy, self-conscious girl so doing photoshoots has been a big step for me. Challenge accepted, challenge succeeded.

Questjen for you:

What would you like to try or take up as a hobby in 2015?

You don't have to wait until the new year to start something, you can start today!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all a safe and happy new year! 2015, bring it on ^_^



  1. Amazing pictures! If you're interested in it as a model you should check out modelmayhem. I'd love to do that, but I kinda terrified of the camera and prefer to be behind it. :P

    My goal for 2015 is to dance more! I'm taking ballroom classes thrice a week, and hoping to stick to it. A bit challenging when there's so many great performing arts events on in the city. Too many events, not enough time.

    1. Thanks Charlie! Oh that sounds familiar, though I'll have to check it out. Haha yeah we all have a preference, each to their own!

      Dancing is awesome, hope that's all going well for you :D

  2. WOAH!!! I really love the last photoshoot you featured - the design of the beads and glitter looks so intricate I am amazed *o* It's also great to see how you've progressed in your modelling experience over time :D Looking forward to what else is to come this year!

  3. You look AMAZING Jen! Kudos to the team, and you make such a pretty model! Tbh, I think you already have the looks to make it as a model.
    Happy New Year! x

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Noooo way Sheri!! I reckon you've got the look more than I do :)
      Happy New Year to you too, hope to see you again at a blogger meet xx

  4. Arghhh you look so amazing Jelly <3 <3
    I've tried doing some model shoots but I'm always so awkward ;~; I don't think I'm a very good model at all hahaha. But crap, you should DEF take it up ;) you look so amazzzzzzzzzingggg! (can't get over it) haha x

    1. I've seen your model shoots and what are you talkinggggg about, you look super stunning *_* Such a natural beauty <3

  5. You are gorgeous Jen! Such beautiful shots, what a stunner! X

    1. Naww I'd love to see you have a photoshoot done, Sue :D X

  6. gorgeous photo's , you look so gorgeous :)
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

  7. When Celeste dropped me a whatsapp message with that green lippie+goldie beads, I was holly!!! For sure, 100% guaranteed that you have the feature to be a model hun. Trust me :)

    Maybe, we can do a TFP in the near future :) I am super keen, tbh

    1. Naww Hana you're too sweet!
      And yes I would absolutely love that :D

  8. Catching up on your blog in my months of absence...these are incredible Jen! I love your doe-eyed expression! I know exactly what you mean about feeling awkward when being photographed, I usually feel that way when I'm putting together my outfit posts :P

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo (previously à la foliee)


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