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My Experience at Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Hi everyone! I can't believe we're already one month down into the new year, I hope you've all had a fabulous start to 2016. For me it's been good so far and I'm looking forward to seeing how the next 11 months will turn out. I must say, 2015 made me experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows but through it all it taught me so many life lessons and now I can move forward and become a stronger person. Hoping that 2016 will be my year, fingers crossed.

Towards the end of 2015, I received an email from Milly on behalf of Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic about a lovely opportunity where I was offered 3 facial treatments customised to cater to my skin type to improve its health and overall appearance. Prior to receiving this email, I hadn't heard of Evolve Skin Rejuvenation Clinic and little did I know that it was within short travelling distance from my house which made it very convenient. I had never had any facial treatments done before as I had always been worried about experiencing an adverse reaction due to my very sensitive skin but after being reassured by Evolve's Managing Director Wendii that I'd be in safe hands and my skin would not be compromised, I no longer felt unsure about going along with the treatments. I decided to take up this opportunity and I ended up having 3 facial treatments and 1 consultation in between.

This post is going to be a recount of my treatments where I'll be sharing my thoughts and feedback.

Evolve also specialises in beauty treatments such as makeup, waxing, spray-tanning and nail treatments

Treatment #1 - December 22 2015

As I stepped in I was warmly greeted by beauty therapist Niki who was going to be doing my facial treatment that day. Before having my facial treatment, I filled out some paper work addressing my skin concerns and listed any health or medical issues and my lifestyle factors. This was the best way for the therapists to understand which skin rejuvenation treatment would be most suitable for each client. While filling in these papers, I was offered some herbal tea which I found to be quite nice and soothing.

The treatment room I was in - very purple!

We spoke about my current skin condition and what my concerns are and it was decided that the best treatment for my skin was the Enzyme Boost, a gentle exfoliation for a dry dehydrated skin which was definitely one of my main concerns. The products used for this treatment were Chi Para-Medical Aesthetics and the range is pictured below in the turquoise green and white:

This first session went for about 60 minutes and it was for sure, one of the most relaxing experiences I've ever had. I told Niki that it was my first time having a facial treatment done and she told me that they do get quite addictive and after this first session I can certainly see why! To lay down with your eyes closed and have a trained professional gently cleanse your face felt amazing and after this treatment I couldn't wait to come back in for my next in two week's time.

Consultation -  January 4 2016

During the Christmas and New Year period I noticed that my skin was experiencing a few breakouts and my skin rarely experiences any breakouts, including that time of the month where I may only get one max. I hadn't changed anything about my diet (at least not prior to the Christmas family feast) or used any new products on my face. I had a few spots on my forehead and a couple on my cheeks that had me feeling rather concerned and apprehensive about this treatment and its suitability to my skin. I had a consultation with Meagan who is a very trained therapist and would be able to assess my skin and perform IPL/LED treatments to clear the breakouts. After assessing my skin, it appeared that IPL/LED treatments were not necessary and that my skin was experiencing these breakouts from my skin going through a cleansing and elimination process. Meagan provided me with a sample of green tea to apply on the breakouts and to protect them from scarring.

This is a UV magnifying lamp used to assess the skin's condition

Treatment #2 - January 13 2016

My skin was looking much better for my second treatment as my breakouts had cleared up and my skin felt much more hydrated after the first treatment and also from using the Chi B3 Barrier Repair Serum which was provided to me after my first treatment. I use this serum daily underneath my moisturiser and despite it being clear and non-thick/greasy, some may find it to be a little heavy however my skin absolutely loves it and completely soaks it up which is great! Definitely helps to hydrate my skin by providing a barrier protection to reduce water loss.

Meagan took care of me for my second treatment and despite the breakouts from my first treatment, the Enzyme Boost treatment was still the best choice for me. My skin just needed to get used to the treatment process as it wasn't any of the products that caused any irritations to my skin, thankfully. I go by the 'less is more' saying when it comes to caring for my skin and selecting which products to use.

This time I was in a green room which looked like this:

Sorry if that light is super blinding, sorry!

Once again I left the clinic feeling fresh and rejuvenated and I could tell that my skin loved it. I had just one more session to go and I was looking forward to having that same feeling again.

Treatment #3 (Final treatment) - January 27 2016

For my final treatment I was looked after by Niki which was great as she was able to assess my skin again and see how much had changed since the first treatment. She told me that my skin had improved in hydration which was extremely pleasant to hear, knowing that the treatments were working for me in conjunction with using the B3 serum daily. 

A closer look at the Chi Para-Medical Aesthetics products

I will briefly run through the procedures from this treatment which were the same as the previous two and seeing as I didn't note anything down, I'm going to give a shoutout to Susan from Fashion Adventurer who has also blogged about her experience at Evolve and she's managed to list out her procedure which sounds very similar to mine. Thanks Susan!

1. Niki cleansed my face with the Chi Rose Oil Cleansing Mousse, containing calming and nourishing properties rose. I love mousse cleansers, they always feel gentle on my skin.

2. For my first treatment, I remember Niki used the Chi Rose Petal Spritz but I don't remember this being used in my third treatment. 

3. My second treatment with Meagan involved a sheet mask where a steamer was used while the mask was on. My treatments with Niki involved the application of the Chi Bio Enzyme Peel as a smooth paste. This was left on for 5-10 minutes and acted as an exfoliant during the removal process.

4. The exfoliant was removed using an electronic brush similar to that of a Clarisonic to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface.

5. The steamer was used again to moisten my face after the mask and a hot towel was used to remove the debris from the exfoliant. This felt so lovely, especially when the hot towel was placed over my face and decolletage.

6. It was either the Chi H2O Hydrating Cream or the Chi O2 Revitalising Face Cream that was used as a moisturiser, followed by the Cosmedix Reflect Natural Sunscreen applied onto the face. I was informed to not wash my face after this treatment as it was best to leave everything to be absorbed into my skin overnight however I wasn't able to leave it on overnight as I always feel more comfortable going to bed with a fresh face. Just like how I can't go to bed with a face full of makeup, that's a big no-no!

My skin has felt much smoother and more supple since commencing the treatment and I am no longer having issues with dryness on my T-zone! Thank you Evolve for the lovely first-time facial treatment experience :)

I have a $50 off voucher for anyone who is interested in having a beauty treatment at Evolve - a perfect treat for or before Valentine's Day! You can simply download this voucher, print it out and take it with you to your appointment.

Also there's a chance to win a $200 Pamper Pack if you leave a review for Evolve Clinic on Google Reviews before February 14th.

I'll now leave you with this quote that was up in the green room:

Questjen for you:

Have you had any facial treatments done before?

I'm curious to hear about your experiences, good or bad and the results!


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Friday, December 25, 2015

Celebrating Christmas with a Conscience with LUSH

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely time! I thought it would be most appropriate for me to share a Christmas-related post of LUSH products with the theme 'Christmas with a conscience' where each of the ingredients are cruelty-free, ethically sourced and carefully chosen to create an experience. A few months ago I received a box of goodies from LUSH and I've decided to write a mini review on each product. Here's the package and its contents:

How cute is the reindeer knot-wrap?!

Celebrate Body Lotion
RRP $33.50 per 250g

This body lotion smells amazing with its blend of orange, almond and lime oils with a splash of cognac for festive moods. I love how it makes me skin feel buttery-smooth and its rich and creamy textures means that a little goes a long way. It gets my tick of approval :)

Fairy Dust Dusting Powder
RRP $11.95 per 30g

I think this product is absolutely adorable and it smells delicious! When I first used it I thought, 'ooh this is going to make me look super duper sparkly!' but its actually very subtle yet buildable. What I love about this sweet pink dust is that not only does it help the skin to stay fresh (just sprinkle some on and voila!) but it also can be used to candy-coat bedsheets. Gotta love a multi-purpose product!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
RRP $9.95 per 100g

A shower gel that smells like candyfloss, yummy! I love that it's shimmery too so it leaves my skin looking and feeling wonderful. It lathers really well and it literally makes me feel like a snow fairy, hehe.

Santa's Lip Scrub
RRP: $9.95

I was really excited to receive this product as I had never purchased a lip scrub before. I usually use a DIY lip scrub of sugar mixed with honey which has been effective in scrubbing off the dead skin however I no longer need to use it thanks to this! It's a cola-flavoured and on the instructions it says you can lick off the excess but I prefer to rinse off the scrub after using it haha. It leaves my lips feeling smooth and soft!

Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt
RRP $9.50

And last but not least is this gorgeous sweet almond-scented snow angel bath melt, infused with softening cocoa butter with a delicate golden lustre. I used it during a spa bath session and it made the water look pretty. I loved how it made the water soapy but not foamy!

It's like there's snow in my tub!

Thanks LUSH for making the lead-up to Christmas oh-so exciting! It's great how they've released quite an extensive limited edition range for Christmas (these were literally just a handful of it all!) which are perfect for pampering your loved ones or even yourself.

Questjen for you:

Are you a fan of LUSH products?

I am a huge fan of the bath bombs and bath melts, I want to try them all!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Origami Dress

I'm a girl who likes to keep things classy: from the way I dress to the way I present myself through actions and words, respecting myself as well as respecting others. In terms of the way I dress, I would say that I'm more on the conservative side - happy to show some arm and leg but not wanting to let anything 'hang out' or else I'd feel too exposed. 

I was on a hunt for a dress for my second cousin's wedding which was last month and I came across the perfect dress that suited my style - it was classy, elegant with flattering cuts in the right places and a colour that I felt would bring out the warmth of my skin tone. Thankfully Glue Store came to the rescue as I browsed their range of dresses and came across an eye-catching number from Finders Keepers. For those who don't know, Finders Keepers is an Australian fashion label which provides on-trend collections of prints, shapes and textures for casual daywear to sophisticated evening looks. 

My darling mother in the background :)    

The dress that I chose was the Finders Keepers Billy Jean Origami Detail Dress in Peach* and its origami-like fold on the chest was what drew me to this style and also its high halter-style neckline. I'm usually either wearing strapless, spaghetti-strap or one-shoulder dresses so having this sort of neckline style meant that I didn't need to do any adjusting or be wary of unwanted exposure.
(Excuse my terrible hair, curling irons hate me)
I'm not one to wear many crop tops or anything that exposes my non-existent/hidden abs but it's certainly a trend nowadays and I can't say that I dislike it - actually I don't mind it really! Thank goodness the small triangular cutout only exposes a small portion of the abdominal area just above my belly button and not any more than that, phew.

Mandatory bathroom selfie
I like how the dress has a split at the front, it makes it different from other dresses and it complements the triangular cutout. I paired the dress with some nude heels as I felt that black or any other colour would clash with the dress. Playing it safe is always a good option :)

I loved the whole fine dining experience of the wedding reception, in fact I've always liked formal dining experiences but of course as a student, I can rarely and barely afford to dine at high-class restaurants! So I get very excited when I hear about relatives' weddings and their locations/catering choice, hehe.

So on the day I was pleased with my outfit, displeased with my hair (I really need to work on this!) and pleased with my makeup look. Even for glam events I still like to keep it rather natural-looking with neutral shades for my eyeshadow and a pinky-red shade of lipstick. I decided to wear circle lenses and false lashes to enhance my eyes in a subtle way. I realised that in the two photos of myself above, my lenses are barely noticeable which to me is a good thing. I don't opt for the crazy/unnatural-looking lenses as I only intend to slightly lighten and enlarge my eyes (though I've been told that my natural irises resemble dark circle lenses).

The lenses that I wore to the wedding were the GEO Berry Holic Brown CM954* from Pinky Paradise which are more of a hazel brown and I think they're the perfect colour for that subtle lightening of my eyes. They're really comfortable too and I've worn them a few times.

They have a green tinge to them and appear lighter under brighter day lighting, as seen on the left

What I love about coloured lenses is that you can actually see my pupils! The Berry Holic range include 3-tone lenses which blend in extremely well for eyes that are as dark as mine.

They look great under night lighting too
From browsing through Finders Keepers' Instagram account, I noticed that Aussie model Jessica Gomes has worn this dress and it looks amazing on her. But seriously, what doesn't look amazing on her??

Who wore it better? Just kidding, obviously her.

Anyway, I'm not sure when will be the next time I attend a formal event and get the chance to dress all fancy but I am surely looking forward to doing this sort of thing all over again! Any excuse to dress up is always desirable, hehe :P

Questjen for you:

Do you have any exciting events coming up?

With Christmas on its way (as if it's already December) and New Year's, I'm sure most of us will be celebrating with friends/family and attending work functions and parties. That's why it's called the festive season :)

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Disclaimer: Products marked with a * were sent for consideration purposes. This is not a sponsored post, no monetary compensation has been provided, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. Links are not affiliate links. All opinions stated by me are 100% honest and are free from bias. See more at for full disclaimer.
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