Saturday, October 18, 2014

Introducing Love Lois - Subscription Service

It's been way too long since I last had a box of goodies sent to me, like to those beauty/fashion boxes that I was once subscribed to and received each month. Or even a parcel box full of items as a gift (rarely happens anyway). I recently got introduced to one subscription service box that's been available in Australia for about a year called 'Love Lois' - can you guess what it's all about?

Hint: It's a monthly box... for your monthlies

Was the hint clear enough? That's right, it's a box for females only so for any males reading this, you might want to click away, unless you're interested in purchasing this for your partner/friend then stay if you wish (and oh how sweet of you)! Let me briefly introduce the Love Lois concept to you:

Love Lois provides a convenient way of receiving everything you need, straight to your door for your period each month and you can set your own delivery date. Although it is a subscription service, you're not locked into any contracts and you're free to cancel or suspend anytime. The box is sent in a white plastic satchel for discreetness - no one will know what's in it unless you tell them!

There are currently 4 different service plans - Helena, Melina, Pandora and Tabitha, depending on your needs and there is also the choice of having regular or organic products. I was sent the 'Melina' regular box which is the most popular choice for medium periods lasting for 5 days with pads and tampons (as well as some chocolates and herbal teabags which are available in all plans). The default box looks like so:

Melina Regular - $23 /month inc. delivery

The contents packaged neatly in the box
(Using my new pink desk to take photos on and I find it so fitting for these girly pictures!)

As soon as I opened the box, I noticed that it was full to the brim with such handy items for that time of the month. It's really nice to be greeted with a message starting with 'Hey Girl' /thinks of all those Ryan Gosling Hey Girl memes ;)

A little 'Dear Diary' excerpt comes in the box too ~ a funny read!

The contents
  • 16 pack of regular tampons and 16 pack of mini tampons*
  • 5 x overnight pads, 3 x regular pads and 2 x light pads
  • 2 x teabags and a handful of chocolates - right amount of sweetness for the health-conscious!

*For you to alternate between as they are unable to physically separate the packs.

What I love about this type of subscription service is that you're able to pick and choose exactly what you want in it so that nothing goes to waste. Having variety to make your order a little more personalised is perfect for this as a one-size-fits-all approach isn't for everyone. I've received some beauty boxes that have had items that I know I would never use e.g. fake tan and when there are unwanted items like these, I feel that the box isn't worth it when you have to pay X amount of money and not be able to utilise everything. With Love Lois, all of the items are listed on their site as well as images to get an idea of what will be in the box while still allowing them to add in a few surprises here and there with the selection of chocolate and teabags and a funny read.

And it goes beyond the choice of whether to have just pads, tampons or both and the types/brands - you can choose to have a different treat if chocolate isn't for you due to diet, allergy or personal preference. Not to worry as they'll be able to pick out something nice for you :)

The price ranges from $22 to $25 a month and I would say that this is definitely reasonable when shipping is included (or you can think of it as being free). It's perfect for those who may not be able to go out and make these purchases on their own, and also for sending to someone you care about, even if that means sending it to yourself hehe. Let Lois come to the rescue!

Questjen for you:

Are you subscribed to any monthly services/boxes?

I'm also wanting to find out about any others that I may not have heard of before!


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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gold Accessories from Born Pretty Store

There are many ways to 'pretty ourselves up' - by wearing makeup, dressing nicely, painting our nails, styling our hair and accessorising with jewellery. The one that I have followed ever since I was a little girl was wearing jewellery because this made me feel more girly and pretty (as well as wearing dresses and skirts). In fact, I had my ears pierced when I was only 2 years old so it was as though I grew up to be interested in jewellery - thanks mum, there's no way that I would've agreed to getting my ears pierced at the time! Growing up I wore plastic rings, mood rings, jelly bracelets, tattoo chokers and bracelets (oh the 90s!), friendship beaded bracelets and more... this is like a trip down memory lane, all of a sudden I feel nostalgic. I couldn't wear these at school but whenever we had a casual day, I went all out with the bling-bling!

I loved gold and silver jewellery but I wasn't allowed to wear these as a child, only the fake stuff except for my earrings for my sensitive skin/ears. Once I was a naughty girl and took my mum's 18 ct-gold diamond ring from her drawer and wore it on (it didn't fit but this didn't matter to me) and spun around in the backyard with it, because I felt like a princess lol. You can imagine what happened next... it flew off my finger and it was never to be found again. Mum wasn't too pleased when I told her, though I was forgiven, surprisingly! Now that I'm an adult, I can choose we wear real gold or 'fake' gold, and the same goes for rose gold, white gold or silver. I don't restrict myself on what to wear, I like a bit of everything and it depends on my outfit and style. Dainty pieces, statement pieces, I'm good with anything as long as they look nice.

Here are my latest gold pieces to add to my collection:

$2.49 USD, normally $4.62
This is an extremely affordable bracelet and judging by the quality, it does seem as though you get more than what you pay for. The design is simple yet elegant and the detail on the clover with the rhinestones is gorgeous. I have a tiny wrist and have lots of trouble buying bracelets and bangles because of it. Whenever I come across any adjustable bracelets or bangles like these, I feel like Cinderella with her perfectly-fitted glass slippers. Makes a great gift for someone too!

Back to the rhinestones again, they appear to be glued on with great care and precision, and don't seem to be prone to falling off. I've worn this bangle at night and it glistens under the lights so prettily. I doubt that many would guess that this retails for just a few dollars!

$7.43 USD

I don't have a lot of statement pieces, especially necklaces so I was keen to pick this one. It's bold but not too over-the-top and can go with many different outfits. I personally am a big fan of this design with the two long leaves connected together. They can be folded to save space for storage, which is handy.


Once again I find the quality of this to be very sturdy, non-tacky and it's a good price. It's got that classiness to it which I adore and I can see myself wearing this for a number of occasions.

Looks great with this top, which has bits of gold in it

These pieces can be purchased from Born Pretty Store which offers free shipping worldwide with no minimum spend and on top of that I have a 10% off code for all of my amazing readers - JLQK31 to use at the checkout. The code can also be viewed on my blog's sidebar in case you need it again :)

 My questjen to you:
Are you a fan of gold-coloured accessories?
I like silver, white gold and rose gold more than yellow gold but I do like wearing yellow gold from time to time!


Disclaimer: Products were provided for consideration with no obligation to share or review. This is not a sponsored post, nor am I affiliated with the company mentioned in this post. Clicking on the links do not benefit me in any way, shape or form. All opinions stated by me are 100% honest and are free from bias. See more at for full disclaimer.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

University Graduation Day

2014 is proving to be one of the most exciting years of my life. This year I turned 21, got my first car and now I've become a university graduate. On Wednesday the 17th of September, I attended my graduation ceremony and received my parchment in front of fellow graduates, members of the university and guests including my proud parents and beloved boyfriend. I'm very thankful towards those who were able to be there for me on my special day, waiting outside the hall bringing gorgeous flowers and gifts. It was an incredible experience and the memories will stay with me for life.

This doesn't mean the end of my studies though, as I'm currently enrolled in a double/concurrent degree however it does mean the completion of one degree that I had worked hard on for the last 3 years. An accomplishment and achievement which makes it all worth it in the end and you tend to only realise this once you reach that finish line. I know I complain about uni taking up a lot of my time and I still will complain when things get tough because no journey is ever a smooth-sailing journey - it can't be helped. I had my good days and my bad days, good grades and bad grades but with the support from my family, friends, uni lecturers and tutors, I was able to pull through and succeed. If I continue to have this support network and motivation to push on, I will hopefully be completing my second degree and going through this wonderful graduation experience again. I'll find this out in about a year's time!

As a 'beauty, fashion and lifestyle' blogger, I'll be incorporating all of those elements into this blog post, starting with my makeup for the day, outfit of the day and a brief recount of the event :)

Face of Australia Face Base Primer
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 200 Soft Beige
Benefit Fake Up Concealer in 02 Medium
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Blush in Natural
Tony Moly Crystal Light in 02 Gold Beam
Australis Make-Up Finishing Spritz

The Face Shop Lovely me:ex Design My Eyebrow #04 Brown
Australis Eyeshadow Primer
NP Set Smoke Signals 12-color eye shadow palette (thanks Mandy)
Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix
Luminous Change Eyelash eX #12
Sailor Moon Miracle Star Power Prism Liquidliner Black
Australis Eye Pencil in Blackest Black
Benefit They're Real! Mascara

Benefit Benetint
Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in 720 Scarlet Ghost
Rimmel Lipstick Lock

OPI Euro Minis Centrale Collection - Suzi's Hungary AGAIN and You're Such a Budapest (thanks Melody)

Lancome Miracle Eau De Parfum (my favourite)
Cetaphil Moisturising Cream (not pictured)

HAIR (none pictured)
Straightened using ghd Scarlet
Various hair products used - see this post
Dyed using x2 L'Oreal Paris Excellence Cream in 8.1 Ash Blonde

I made sure that I wore the longest-lasting products that I had on the day so that everything could stay in place for the whole day, especially for my lips. I always find that many of my lip products aren't very long-lasting (which was why I asked my Twitter followers if anyone could suggest a long-lasting lipstick) and for this reason, I was thinking of purchasing a high-end lip product but decided against it in the end. One day I will spoil myself with a luxe-branded lipstick like Tom Ford - for now I'll stick to what I have and what I can easily afford *crying emoji*

For my lips I lightly applied Benefit's Benetint to give my lips some initial lasting colour and added Max Factor's Colour Elixir Lipstick on top, topping it off with Rimmel's Lipstick Lock which supposedly seals the lip colour. I think this made a very good combination as I didn't need to re-apply any lip products for the entire day! Not bad, hey?

The Max Factor Lipstick reminds of a high-end one with its gold packaging. The formula is great too!
(Also unintentionally promoting the important use of seatbelts with my car selfie~ RIP EunB and RiSe)

I also made sure that my foundation stayed in place as I knew that I was going to be taking lots of pictures and needed to look as flawless as possible. For a lasting finish, a face primer is essential and I used Face of Australia's which has Vitamin E and chamomile, ingredients to help smooth and soothe the skin. The foundation I went with was Rimmel's lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation to give me light to medium coverage and a dewy finish. Trust me, I don't take the wording of products too seriously, especially when they state the number of hours that they claim to last. Anyway, I wanted my face to look alive and awake and since I have dry skin, I wanted to minimise the possibility of flakiness occurring so instead of topping it off with powder which accentuates my dryness, I spritzed some setting spray by Australis to keep it all in place and make me feel refreshed!

Since I opted for bold lips, I went with neutral eyes using the 6 shades on the right of the NP palette, a simple winged eyeliner and my most natural-looking falsies. I filled in my brows very lightly so that my brow game wasn't too strong (haha) and applied waterproof mascara being my favourite, Benefit's They're Real on my top and bottom lashes. I highlighted and contoured the high points of my face and applied a hint of blush to my cheeks.

Products from my recent Sasa haul that I used on the day
  • Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix: holy grail eyelash glue, forever repurchasing.
  • Sailor Moon Eyeliner: wooooo the packaging is awesome and so is the quality, really.
  • Luminous Change Lashes: first time hearing about this brand, quality is just like Dolly Wink's with the clear bands and it's a fraction of its price with an extra pair of lashes - why not!

For my nails I used the front two shades from the OPI Euro Centrale Collection and this set was gifted to me by the lovely Melody on my 21st birthday. Thanks girl, it's definitely come in handy!

Outfit of the Day - Graduation and Academic Attire

Professional photo where they made me pose like this lol

Dress: Forever New
Shoes: New Look
Bracelet: Michael Kors
Earrings: Pandora
Pouch and Bag: Mimco and DKNY

I decided to wear a floral dress to stand out from the black gown and since it's now spring, floral is even more appropriate :) I love that my faculty's hood is a pretty pink because it's my favourite colour, yay. The gown and the hood were hired except for the mortarboard (the hat) which is good so that I can keep it as a souvenir from graduating!

As my graduation was in the morning at 11am, I had to get up early and prepare to be at the hall by 9. If I had more time to prepare without having to rush and be sure to beat the morning traffic, I probably would have curled my hair and add a few finishing touches to my look. I guess I could have woken up even earlier but sleep is even more important to me. I felt so drained by the end of the day and mind you, I did get enough sleep!

My view of the stage from the third row

It was a very exciting process. I thought that we were all going to rehearse the 'walking up on stage' part during the pre-briefing session at 9 but we didn't! So when the time came, we were quietly told of what to do and that was it and in an hour the ceremony came to an end. My uni actually filmed the whole thing and uploaded it on YouTube and you can see me walking up on stage at the 38:00 mark :D Thank goodness I didn't trip over and neither did anyone else despite my high heels, I was super nervous.

I didn't want to make a big deal out of this event so I only notified a few of my close friends who gladly came along and took photos with me. I felt quite spoilt and happy to share this joyous moment with some of the most important people in my life. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me ♥

To celebrate we headed out for a late-ish Yum Cha and I was so full and tired afterwards that I just wanted to crawl into my bed. I couldn't imagine having more to do in the evening, which is likely to happen for my own wedding one day with the ceremony followed by a reception. How do people do it, I have no clue!

Although it was a very happy occasion, I couldn't help but feel a little emotional on the inside. A chapter of my life had came to an end and I could feel myself getting teary in the hall, listening to the speeches about how far we've all come and our achievements, and wishing us the best for our future endeavours. I was also thinking about my parents who were there to witness their not-so-little girl anymore, their youngest child and only daughter all grown up and receiving her Bachelor's Degree. They've always wanted me to study hard and graduate from university (you know how typical Asian parents are) and just thinking about how they were feeling on the day made me want to cry tears of happiness. I always try my best to make my parents proud and I am really glad to say that there is finally something for my parents to be truly proud of.

I love you mum and dad!

You know what's so special about awards/certificates/diplomas/degrees etc? The fact that recipients have been recognised for their hard work and have respectfully earnt it and deserve it. Many things can easily be bought, lost, replaced but with any award or degree, it belongs to you and only you. Your name is written on there and no one can take it away from you, claiming that it belongs to them. No one can take away your wisdom and the skills that you've acquired. It's something that money can't buy.

My questjen to you:

 Have you had a graduation and/or are you yet to have one?

I've had a year 7 (primary to secondary school) and a year 12 (end of high school) graduation prior to this graduation but this is by far the biggest one of them all. Fingers crossed that I'll have another!

Good luck to those who are yet to graduate from their studies and to those who already have, big congratulations ^^


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