Thursday, June 12, 2014

Benefit Brow Bar Opening Party

Hi everyone! Myself and some blogger girls were invited to the re-launch of the Benefit counter at Myer with the addition of the new Brow Bar, the first in our city (finally). This happened back in April and I managed to snap a number of photos of the place on the night and watched a demo of the brow waxing service.

Nothing like how it looked before! Wish I could show a before and after pic

Nibbles and drinks! Benefit MUA and blogger Kitty at the back, working her magic on Monnie

Not only do I adore how Benefit's makeup displays look but also their ceiling design and drawers. I wish they could sell these too because I'd love to have these items in my room/house, hehe.

And just in case you've never seen one before, here's what the Benefit brow bar looks like:

It was my first time seeing one, and being in one

We were told that all Benefit beauticians who specialise in waxing services are professionally trained and qualified, and all beauticians in Benefit Brow Bars across the world have the same expertise so you'll have the same service no matter which Brow Bar you visit, whether it'd be in Australia or Singapore, just as an example. So if you're on a holiday/working overseas and badly need your brows done, have no fear because you can look for your nearest Brow Bar and be assured that the service will be superb!

A brow demo was done on the brows of Benefit's Digital Media Manager, Rachel:

Method used to create the perfect arch

Tinting the brows to prepare for waxing (adheres to the hair)

Wiped off the tint and now time for the waxing

Great brows on a happy Rachel (I'm envious!), then to apply some brow products

I was very excited to be told that we'd each be getting a complimentary brow waxing service done - so excited that I booked myself in for the next day! Here are the results:

Look how good the 'after' is!! Strong brow game ;)

Also wearing Benefit's Lollitint on my cheeks and lips, applied by Kitty. I love it!

I've always been pretty self-conscious about my brows and after this service, I realised how important it is to fill in my brows (I have always done so but very lightly) and have them properly shaped. Now I know that this type of arch suits my face and features so from now on I'll make sure to properly groom my brows :)

At the end of the opening party, we were given goodie bags and these were inside:

A handy cosmetics bag

Woohoo for a brow gel! I'm a big fan of that little wand

Benetint is a pretty rose tint

I also received two products that I've tried before - the They're Real Mascara and the POREfessional (sample size). The funny thing about the They're Real Mascara is that the first tube I received last year had a very wet formula which I disliked however the new one I received this time has a much better formula and it has now become one of my favourite mascaras! This just goes to show that  products can have inconsistencies and it's always best to give something another shot because it could just be your specific one that's faulty. I'm so glad to get a brand new tube because now I can actually understand the hype!!

Comparison between my new one (left) and my old one (right). Sticker inconsistencies?

Received the sample size, received the full size previously

If anyone would like me to review any of the items above, please feel free to let me know! But speaking of Benefit (haha, I've been speaking about Benefit throughout this post :P), they've just released a new product *gasps* I've got my hands on it and here's a sneak peek of what it is, though I'm sure many of you know about it already...

Shall review this in an upcoming blog post - watch out for it if you're keen :)

It has come to that time of the year again where leisure activities are put on hold for a temporary time while I study hard (or hardly study, jk) for my exams. Will definitely be needing all the luck I can get!

PS: Thanks for the birthday wishes in my last post! Nice to hear from you guys~ ^^

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  1. such a cool event!!(: I have never seen a Benefit Brow Bar but it looks very nice^_^
    your brows look amazing!!I don't really groom my eyebrows as much as I should
    but even then I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong ahah I also love the blush on you(:
    would love to try out the "they're real" mascara sometime. thank you for sharing!!

    1. Yup! Hehe I love the way it looks~
      Aw thank you :3 I totally get what you mean - grooming brows isn't as simple as other tasks like painting your nails or dyeing your hair etc!
      You should definitely try it, I highly recommend it!

      Thanks for commenting <3


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