Friday, October 18, 2013

I update you, you update me - picture heavy

Hello, about time I blogged again. Let's make this a 'lifestyle' post where I share a bunch of recent events of mine with more pictures than words, okay? Okay, definitely not more pictures than words... because I'm always writing paragraphs.

If you know me well, you'd know that I am highly introverted and find outings to be very enjoyable yet at the same time, very exhausting - more mentally than physically. The past couple of weeks have been fairly exciting for me with lots going on, especially on the weekends (not partying). This weekend's a quiet one but next Saturday is... ABC! Adl Beauty Conference, the third one I'll be attending and as always I am super excited for it :} Then the following day I have a wedding to go to!

What has happened over the past couple of weeks...

September ABBM: The Body Shop Pamper Party/High Tea at Celeste's

It had been too long since I last attended a blogger meet (remember my last post about Benefit back in April? That was my last one before this one!) and aw, it was lovely seeing familiar faces again, and also the newer girls to ABBM.

 Becky, our Body Shop consultant for the party

Hand wash bowls to use before and after trying out The Body Shop products

We each brought along something sweet or savoury to share

I tried 'Champagne Rose' tea and it tasted quite nice. I am fond of tea hehe

Friends' 21st birthday sweets

October seems to be a popular month for birthdays - must be because they're the Christmas/new year babies haha! Since I have a sweet tooth, I'll just share the sweet stuff from the two birthdays that I attended this month:

For SJ's birthday. Salted Caramel Cheescake in a 'jar of yum' - Cocolat

For Z's birthday. A chocolate sponge cake from The Cheesecake Shop

Catch up with friends over tea, dinner and dessert

 With L. Teapot and teacups display at T2

Myself. Traditional floor seating at Matsuri

With L. Udon noodles with Tempura - Matsuri Japanese Restaurant

 With J, J and T. Waffle with strawberries and cream - Spats Coffee Lounge

Spoiling and splurging

I haven't shared this on any of my social platforms yet so this is new unlike the other pictures which I have shared on my Tumblr. My sweet boyfriend surprised me with something... something big...

Do you think you know what it is?


More clues: something gold, something sparkly...


something beautiful!


 A rose gold watch with diamantes surrounding the face
(is this what you thought it was? Not a sparkly gold ring with a huge diamond? :P)

I know it looks super gold in this picture but it must've been the yellow lighting from my room that made it look like that. I of course, love it and have always wanted a watch like this. It wasn't for any special occasion so you can probably imagine how surprised I was when he gave me this. I haven't worn it out yet but I will soon! Thank you dear.

After a stressful week of assessments I decided to splurge on one item that I had wanted for way too long. I shared it on my Twitter and Tumblr so it's definitely old news already - my compact SLR camera:

 Yay! HD photos and videos on the blog to come :D

I have no regrets after purchasing this and I wish I had gotten it sooner. I love how it has a 180-degree flip screen for selfies (as I like to call them, selcas) and for videos so I can see myself, because I have trouble looking and talking straight into a camera lens without knowing whether I'm centered and whether anything is out of place. I could just use a mirror but that's too much trouble for me!

From now on I will be using this camera for my blog pictures but I may still include photos from my phone. I am really happy to have finally invested in a high-quality camera.

Attending my first concert

Speaking of my new camera, I gave it a test run at my first concert last Saturday. Does anyone watch The Voice (Australia)? The winner of this year's season, Harrison, performed in my city for his national tour and his voice is incredible! Glad I had the opportunity to hear and watch him sing live. Plus he's beautiful both inside and out - amazing for a 19-year-old. His audition is a must-watch.

 With A. The Safety Curtain before the concert started

 With three spotlights on him, he shone like an angel x)

I also uploaded some videos of the songs that he sang from his album. Most of them are covers of popular ballads and ones that he performed while being on The Voice. Take a look at them if you want. Since it was my first time recording, the quality isn't the best:

Winners of my recent giveaway

Ah, saving the best for last. My giveaway where I asked you guys to ask me a questjen has ended and here are the winners picked randomly:

Also captured with my new camera, and on my old table...

Congratulations girls! I haven't got your email addresses so if your name is listed above, please email me at or comment below with your email address to claim your prize where I will send you an email :) However if I don't hear from you by next Wednesday, I will have to pick a new winner/s.

Thank you to those who participated and asked me some interesting questjens. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and replying to them! But just because the giveaway is over doesn't mean that there are no more opportunities to ask me questions - I'm happy to answer anything (as long as it doesn't cross the line), anytime.

I hope to blog again real soon but if I cannot, I will be updating my Twitter and Tumblr daily like usual. I need to practice my look for ABC and for a relative's wedding - eep so much excitement for one weekend!

So, my questjen for you is:

Before this year ends, what are you looking forward to the most?

Are you going to be graduating or becoming closer to reaching a goal?
Are you moving into a new home or making a new purchase?
For me, I'm looking forward to going overseas! Less than two months until I fly~

Jen xx


  1. It's been a long time since I stopped by! Everyone is getting busier and busier these days >< that tempura looked so good, you made me hungry! Whereabouts are you flying to? Sorry for not stopping by more often! Xx

    1. Hey Priscilla, thanks for stopping by :) That is so true ay, that's life!
      I'm flying to China and HK~ Noooo don't be sorry xx

  2. Hiatuses from blogging are so easy to fall into, it's happened to me a couple of times this year but each time i come back, it feels so rewarding c: looks like you've had a really jam packed month, can't wait to hear about the events you've got coming up ^^

    à la foliee

    1. It's bound to happen again for me this year :c So true, it's always good to be back and readers' comments always bring a smile to my face (like yours)! <3

  3. Hey Jen! :D

    That watch is so beautiful/pretty. <3
    What a lovely present!

    I do enjoy your lifestyle posts, and hope to read more about your life again!
    Stay in touch.

    1. Hey Marie!

      I totally agree, I love it so much :D

      Aww, I must say that I did have you in mind while writing this post because I remember you saying that you'd like to see more of these types of posts from me hehe. Thank you for your comment <3 We'll definitely stay in touch :)

  4. Ooh I hope that in the future, I can join ABBM :) I would love to meet you!
    YAY new camera :D that watch is gorgeous!

    1. AWW Sheri of course you can!! Whenever you're ready to join, feel free to let me know ^_^
      You know I would love to meet you too <3

  5. Omg new camera with flip screen!!!! COME BACK TO MELB SO WE CAN TAKE SELFIES TOGETHER NOWWWW :P hehe and dammit :( I wanted it to be a ringggg!!! I wanna start attending weddings heheh (I'D TOTALLY COME TO ADELAIDE FOR YOUR WEDDING BTW ;D *hint hint*)

    I'm just looking forward to exams finishing :(

    1. Yussss! I WISH I COULD ;( I will have to visit Melbourne again hehehe~
      Aww me too me too xD

      Good luck with your exams Melodyyyy :)

  6. That salted cheesecake in a jar looks so good. So hungry now >__<


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