Friday, December 7, 2012

Can a Liquid Eyeliner Last 36 hours?!

Hi I'm going to be reviewing this new liquid eyeliner that I've been testing out called Yanqina 36 Hour Lasting Waterproof Precision Liquid Eyeliner. This is yet again another one of those unknown and unpopular Asian brands (and there is a reason why it is so). I'm not afraid to be honest with my reviews (including both positive and negative points) so here goes...

RRP $8 @ KKCenterHK

What this product claims to do according to the description on KKCenterHK (the eyeliner itself did not come with packaging - just the liquid eyeliner in shrink wrapping):

  • Smudge-proof and waterproof for 36 hours
  • No tugging, no dragging
  • Elongates your lash line to shape and define eyes like never before
  • Flexible felt tip glides on smoothly for the most precise control

I don't disagree with the bottom two points however with the first two, I can prove them wrong. It's not that I wanted to but from my experience of using this eyeliner, I discovered that it does not do all and exactly what it claims.

Claim 1: Smudgeproof for 36 hours

Here I've used the eyeliner to write on a piece of cardboard (texture is in between matte and glossy)

And after a few seconds, I test out its 'smudge-proof-ness' and voila, there is smudge. Ugly smudge.

I did the same test on the back of my hand.
By the way that is a swatch of the different line thicknesses that this eyeliner can produce

Doesn't smudge as bad and the lines are still clear... but I see greyness (50 Shades of Grey lol jk) so... I don't know. Would this pass as being smudge proof? I'll let you be the judge.

Claim 2: Waterproof for 36 hours

How about I just show you a picture because I really have no comment on this. All I can do is sneer and go pffffft.

Oh look, a few drops of water and the lines are already vanishing before my eyes. What is this sorcery...

But wait... if you look closer... the lines are still there though very faint? WAHHHH

Okay this is probably the most bizarre product review I have ever done in my two and a half years of beauty blogging. It looks like it does do some of what it claims but at the same time it doesn't because you can clearly see the smudging and the non-waterproof-ness. The heck is this formula and why do I not have any information on its ingredients?!

Claim 3: No tugging, no dragging

Personally I didn't find the felt-tip to be very soft or smooth to use. I felt that this required more effort when I applied it to my top lash line. My eyelids are very thin (If you look closely you can see small veins :/) and hence is more prone to tugging or dragging. With this eyeliner, the tugging/dragging wasn't as bad as using a pencil eyeliner but for me, it definitely wasn't tug/drag-proof.

Not too obvious here however you might be able to see that the line is not crisp (a little bumpy)

Now to the verdict... can this particular liquid eyeliner last 36 hours and does it pass the test? My simple answer is NO. To me this was not 'ink-y' enough to flow nicely from the felt tip and create a crisp line that was smudge and waterproof. On its own, no way did it stay on nicely for several hours on its own let alone 36 hours (not that I tested but it's pretty obvious right?)

I have one important thing to add though...

This liquid eyeliner lasted surprisingly well with an eyeshadow primer underneath!!

There you have it folks, that is the solution to making your liquid eyeliner last longer. Of course! Amazing product, great investment and it definitely makes a difference. No matter what type of liquid eyeliner you use, it will stay on with the help of a primer.

Even though this review seemed to be mostly negative, there are some positives to the product. I like how there has been effort made to the packaging design. It isn't plain; in fact it's quite pretty with the metallic red and black combination. The felt tip looks nice and the ink is a nice jet black.

Questjen of the week:

Which is your favourite type of eyeliner - liquid, pencil or gel/cream?

My answer: Well if I had to pick one only, I'd choose gel because it can be used for the top lash line and the waterline :D

Jen xx


  1. 50 shades of grey hahaha!
    that would be crazy if it actually did last 36 hours!

  2. My fave is gel, been using one from MAC and it's my Holy Grail <3 what eyeshadow primer you used btw?

    1. Ooh nice! I've always wanted to try the MAC one... right now I'm using Tony Moly Gel Liner and it's pretty good. Maybe once that runs out I'll think of getting MAC's :)

      I am currently using an Australian brand one called Australis Eyeshadow Primer. The previous one I used was Urban Decay Primer Potion and that was awesome - I highly recommend!

  3. Hmmm the secret is a primer, eh?! I guess that's pretty good then! : )
    I think liquid pen is my favorite just 'cause it's a breeze!

    1. True ^^ Especially for those who have oily eyelids
      Gotta love liquid pen eyeliners :D

  4. I favourite are the maybelline gel liner and the dollywink liquid one
    should get a primer too, what do you recommend? :)

    1. Love the Dolly Wink one! I mentioned it in my favourites video which I will post on my blog soon
      Yet to try Maybelline's gel liner :)

      I think everyone should own a primer! I recommend Australis Eyeshadow Primer - the applicator is like a liploss with the sponge. Very easy to use and it's under $15

  5. LOL 36 hours... product claims getting more ridiculous by the day!
    Nice review though, I haven't seen this before :O

    1. Exactly hahaha, didn't believe it as soon as I read it xD
      Thanks hehe

  6. I LOVE using the Dolly Wink liquid liner pen! It's so easy to make the wing at the end xD
    I'm curious to use gel as I have a pot from KATE but it's unopened. I'm not sure what to expect from gel =\ Is it long lasting like liquid? And easy to apply?

    1. Yup! That super fine tip is amazing, and the ink :)
      For me it usually lasts longer than liquid and it's very easy to apply with an angled brush
      The consistency isn't wet and slippery like typical gels... it's actually has a more creamy, thick consistency but glides on nicely onto the skin

  7. I love Dolly Wink too! :) If not that, K-Palette!

    New follower here!

  8. I hate how they claim these crazy things when it can barely withstand a few droplets of water, let alone 2+ days LOL


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