Sunday, November 25, 2012

EOS Adela Green Lenses

Hello! Time for a lens review :) Today I'll be reviewing the new range from EOS called Adela and the pair that I received from MukuCHU was the green pair. They're currently not in stock however they are available for pre-order if you're interested.

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: -0.00 (Plano) only

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.8mm

Source: MukuCHU

I've noticed that new lens styles and patterns have become more fancy and less 'natural-looking' which I totally don't mind because these days if I want to wear circle lenses, I wouldn't bother with a 'natural-looking' colour or pattern i.e. brown... something because I don't need to wear glasses or lenses (my vision is fine) and natural lenses don't make much difference to my eyes... to me anyway.

Also, most new style of lenses are plano only (perhaps they want to see how well they sell first and then introduce prescriptions?) which again is perfect for me but those who do need prescription I assume would need to wear glasses while wearing the lenses.

Anyway, enough rambling. Let's get onto the review!

Sup. Here is a picture of myself with the lenses on
(I know the watermark is placed quite oddly... on my chest lol)
Excuse my static hair~

I want to talk about the pattern first. Like wow, it looks cool! It looks quite subtle on my dark eyes but close up you can probably see how detailed the pattern is. The detail of the lines and also the mix of green shades - lighter towards the middle and darker around the outside.

I don't find them tooooo freaky... I like the dark spots (if my eyes were naturally blue/green, maybe those spots would be blue/green instead)

14.8mm... average diameter for these 'new style' lenses. I rarely see 14.00 or 14.5mm diameter ones these days (and yes they do still exist). They don't seem to be too enlarging but there is definite enlargement. It doesn't look like I'm staring into your soul, does it? I am glad that they don't have the black limbal ring around them or else it may seem too overwhelming with the intricate pattern and the obvious enlarging factor. Good design work, EOS.

An actual expiry date - is this something new? I think it is!

If you are a lens wearer, you would be aware that lenses have an expiry year. With circle lenses, they are to be disposed of within one year of opening and have a shelf life of 3 years. Normally with lens vials I see the year of manufacture and/or year of expiry and the month. I noticed that with the EOS Adela lens vials that I received, they have a printed expiry date with the day too. I don't know why I found this to be so fascinating haha... I guess it's because it's usually just food and beverages that have exact expiry dates. So now I know for this certain pair of lenses, they would expire on the 24th of July in 2015.

Last but not least - the colour! This deep green is gorgeous. I don't think it looks crazy at all over my dark eyes and it blends wonderfully. The lenses don't scream out at you... in fact I reckon it does the complete opposite. They give me an innocent, doe-eyed look :)

I would definitely recommend them. As always, I applaud EOS for having such thin and comfortable circle lenses - they're one of my favourite brands and their extensive range of designs is impressive.

You can check them out here on the MukuCHU website for $20 AUD a pair. You must pre-order though!

MukuCHU are currently having a special offer of buy 2 get 1 free:

Buy ANY 2 pairs of lenses, and get 1 pair FREE as a surprise!

The loyalty offer will still apply for every pair purchased!
Purchase 3 pairs: receive a free pretty lens case
Purchase 4 pairs: receive a $5 coupon
Purchase 5 pairs+: receive a free pair of lenses
 Valid until December 7 - more info HERE

And to other MukuCHU-related news, they are currently sponsoring a giveaway on my blog!


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Simple yes or not question for this week's questjen:

Do you like the Adela series' pattern?

I just noticed that it is exactly 1 month until Christmas :O Eee how exciting~~

Jen xx


  1. Oooh these are pretty!
    I do like how they're a nice dark green colour. I seem to want darker lenses now more than lighter xP AND CHRISTMASSS *_____* !!

    1. They certainly are :)
      Haha yepppp Christmas and then I'll be seeing you :D

  2. super looooove with the patern ❤
    my fav part is the middle xD

  3. The pattern so so pretty. :o I've been noticing a lot of patterned and large lenses myself. The bigger the better it seems to be nowadays...:)
    2015 is a pretty long lifespan for these lenses! Interesting that they're able to last for so long!

  4. they look quite cute.. give you a bambi eye-d look... otherwise it's just your big eyes + the lenses' effects LOL

    1. xD Thanks Jen! I do think it's purely the lenses haha

  5. love the colour. but too bad i still havent mastered the skill of wearing lenses (im a major failure)

    1. Aww with more practice, you will get there! I was the same and I used to be scared of putting something in my eyes >< You get used to it hehe

  6. I love these colors!!

    xoxo Wengie

  7. I LOVE the look of these Adela lenses!! I've had my eye on them for a while now on mukuCHU, but them being pre order has put me off, since I'm impatient! Haha ;) seeing reviews like yours really helps to decide if the lenses are worth it, and by the looks of it they are! So thanks heaps for doing this lovely review! <3

    1. Aw you're welcome Molly! Thank you for your comment <3 ^^

  8. These are really pretty, I love the pattern even though it's unnatural :)
    Agree with what you said, there's no need to stick to normal looking patterns nowadays~~

    Cute blog, I'm your newest follower :D

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