Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back with a Giveaway!

Hiiii guys *waves frantically* Exams for the year are over and I have completed two years of university, yay :) It is great to be back and free from studying for the next three months, haha.

And as a way for thanking you for your continued support even when I have been on hiatuses... I have a giveaway for my 800+ followers!

I have circle lenses provided by my sponsor, mukuCHU to giveaway - 5 pairs! And I have included a brand new Sigma E25 Blending Brush for those who want to enter the giveaway but don't wear circle lenses. A prize for anyone :D

Things to know about the lenses:
  • They are all PLANO (no prescription), EOS-branded circle lenses. 
  • They are 14.8mm in diameter.

For the brown lenses, the one on the right just needs to be flipped inside out - it's not a defective lens so don't fret!!!

As mentioned earlier, I have a non-sponsored prize for both circle lens wearers and non-circle lens wearers (everyone can enter to win this prize too).

This was a freebie with my last Sigma order and I never opened it because I already had this brush from my previous order (and it doesn't need replacing).

Brand new one is still in the cardboard and I am holding my own. It's great quality and has minimal to no shedding! To me, the blending brush is an essential eye brush :)

Just as a side note - if you happen to be a winner of prizes 1, 2 or 3, please make sure that you are aware of the potential dangers of wearing circle lenses! I do not wish to and will not be held responsible for any issues that you may face while wearing these lenses - it is best to do your own thorough research before entering this giveaway if you have never worn any type of contact lenses before and for you to be informed about the risks involved. As long as you take care of your lenses properly and follow the 'rules', generally everything should be fine.

If you are hesitant or would like some clarification/question answered about circle lenses, you are free to message me privately to my email, via the comments below or on Twitter.

How to enter? Simply fill in the form once and you'll be in the draw! This giveaway ends in exactly a month's time. Good luck!!!

I promise you'll be hearing from me again VERY soon :) I have surely missed blogging~

Jen xx


  1. Whooops! I filled the form out more than once...probably like 5 times. When I read "7 enteries" I thought it meant I could fill it out 7 times...but then I read the bottom.
    I'm stupid, sorry. -.- lol.


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