Monday, October 1, 2012

Manage your (blogging) time with a personalised planner!

Sometimes I find it tough having to manage my blog and also keep up with uni, work and other leisure activities as it all can be quite overwhelming, especially when there are deadlines to meet. Therefore to help me manage my time, I must have a calendar hung up in my room as well as...

A diary/personal planner :) Ever since I started school I have used a diary, and even though my university doesn't provide each student with a diary (we have to go get it ourselves), I'd go out and get one myself because it has become an essential item for me each year. It's my way of planning things and being organised - I wouldn't know how I would be without it!

I'm so organised that I already went and got my 2013 diary!! Haha ok I admit that I'm not thaaaat organised but yes, I do have a 2013 diary ready for use. This is all thanks to and their offer that I couldn't decline. This saves me from having to search for the perfect diary... because this is perfect enough for me.

Why? Because it was 100% personalised by myself. I picked the size, design, colour scheme and layout to suit my needs.

Here is a video that Personal Planner have put together to show you how you can create your own personalised planner or notebook.

It came in this neatly folded box! Nice

I chose pink because it's my favourite colour (if you didn't already know) and the bird design because it's very cute and it reminds me of the Twitter bird (and I like Twitter keke)

There's my little greeting message that I compiled the with the help of the message templates provided

The little extras that this planner has that others typically don't are a plastic ruler, elastic closure and plastic sleeve which are all removable

I went with the pink, grey and white theme - it's simple and not too over-the-top. Here is how I decided to have the layout for the weekly planner:

It starts with the last week of December 2012 (let's hope the world doesn't end by then... not that I'm paranoid about that haha, just saying)

At the bottom you can choose what boxes to have there. The ones I find to be the most useful are lists, tasks, to-do list, mini calendar and notes.

You could even import your Facebook friends' birthdays into the weekly planner. I didn't choose to do this though.

 May 22 is my special day xD

First half of the year overview

And because I loooove sudoku so much, I chose to have 8 pages of it!!

... and I've already completed one page lol

I also have this maze thing to do if I ever get bored. Sudoku solutions on the right.

 And around 20 lined pages for notes at the end of the planner

Although I haven't officially started using it yet, I know that I will absolutely love it because it's one-of-a-kind *Kpop reference: starts singing GD's One of a Kind* and there are no unnecessary pages that a regular unpersonalised diary may have :) It's just the way I want it!

Thank you ^^

So if you're interested in having your own personalised planner or notebook, you can get started right away here :)

I have been given a code for my readers to get 20% off total price including shipping:
Expires October 15 2012

Curious to know whether any of you guys are interested in having their own personalised planner or notebook! Do tell me if you are - I'd love to see which design you choose :D

Questjen of the week:

How much do you rely on a diary/calendar to keep track of important dates?

My answer: All the time!!

Currently using: SNSD calendar up in my room and Kikki.K diary. And I always check dates on my laptop's bottom right-hand corner calendar and my phone calendar!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Links provided are not affiliate links. I am not in any way affiliated with Personal planner was provided for consideration.


  1. OMG we got the same design hehe except mine was green :) I was boring and just lined pages but you got sudoku and stuff, how fun!

    1. Awesome :D I didn't realise that you did a review too - I just checked your blog!

  2. Die gratis blogplanner is ook vet handig!

  3. The planner is so cute, i love the bird! :) and it's awesome that you can put lots of sudokus in!

  4. AHHH it's so cuteeeeee!
    And looool sudoku ahaha ..looking at it makes me want to play some right now ... ;A: must resist! But eee, I get one every year but I kind of ..forget to use it around half way of the year :/ ? I really should start using it again ;__;

  5. OMG I want! That is so amazing. I am quite particular about my planners and have a hard time finding what I want, I wonder if they'll ship to Canada... :D

    1. Hi Bailey,

      We ship worldwide and the cost is already included :)
      If you have any more question just join our Facebook page

      Personal Planner

  6. Oh thanks for this post! I was looking for a multi section planner for these past month and I seriously couldn't find any that are suitable!

    I wasn't looking for a daily planner, more like a multi sections for me to write down my thoughts on outings, food ideas, blog ideas, personal thoughts etc. This personal plan idea seems very promising!

    I can't wait to look into it!! =D

    ♡ M.May

    1. Aw no worries :)
      Thanks for reading and commenting <3


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