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Review: Dove Nutri-oil Hair Serum

Product Talk by Nuffnang

Hello! I have a product review for you all which was from Nuffnang's Product Talk. I am one of 20 to be given the opportunity to review the Dove Nutri-oil Serum and I had been really curious about this product, especially after reading reviews from Chaigyaru and Violet Le Beaux :) Now I can finally try this product and review it for you guys!

For my pictures I have been inspired by Xiaxue who does really entertaining product reviews! Of course, mine definitely won't be as entertaining nor funny but I've decided to be a little quirky and different to how I normally take pictures for my reviews ^^

*Ta-da* Posing with Dove Nutri-oil Serum

Nuffnang sent me a pack of 6! I thought I was only going to get 1 bottle :O
I gave 2 bottles to my mum and I have the other 4 lol...

Gotta be 'traditional' with my product reviews and include a picture like this

Cute curious cat Coco is curious... try saying that over and over again

If you're as curious as my cat Coco, here is a little about the product:

Nourishment boost for smooth shiny hair anytime

Dove Nourishing Oil transforms dry, rough and frizzy hair into moisturised hair with nutrients which restore smoothness, softness and shine. This makes hair easier to manage style  and with the weightless nourishing oil containing Argan Oil, the hair can be deeply nourished, frizz can be instantly smoothed and shine is revitalised without weighing down hair.

Luckily the condition of my hair has stayed the same since before dying my hair. I've never had any major issues with my hair except for getting split ends and flicks (caused by my previous hairdresser... who I no longer see and the problem is no longer present with my new hairdresser). I don't blow-dry my hair for two reasons: 1, because I'm lazy and 2, I don't want to dry out my hair even more (no 'proof' suggests this but that's just what I assume :S)

I am going to brave and share my hair insecurities, imperfections, flaws, whatever you want to call them...

Starting with my biggest problem...

My scalp gets oily but my ends don't! They stay dry which results in frizz. They're not split.
Perhaps dyeing my hair has 'stripped' the moisture a little (that sounds harsh but uh, it's probably true T__T)

My sex hair It's normally like this when I don't brush it and when I can't be bothered brushing it, I run my fingers through it and leave it as it is ._. *Ahem* That was before I went and got a new hair brush (it was only $2 from Priceline! Score) but I thought I'd show you my hair in its most natural form... not the most attractive, ay? *Gasp*

I just realised how long my hair is now! Around 9 months ago it was literally at my shoulders! I had pictures of my hair that short in my first ABBM post and the Beauty Conference.

I know I pointed out a lot of flaws but I also have positive things to say about my hair!
It stays straight, no more flicks, no more split ends, my hair strands are thin (thanks to my genes! It makes dyeing a lot easier) and there is definite shine and smoothness to it.

(Don't know what happened to the photo's exposure here but ah well...)

As you can see above, my hair looks much better when it is brushed. I can still see some frizzy bits sticking out but a hair brush can fix that. Neither can it fix the dryness :(

More about the Dove Nutri-oil serum is and what it claims to do:
  • Formulated with Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil
  • As affective as Moroccan Oil, but a fraction of the price
  • Reduce roughness and frizz by 99%
  • Weightless formula does not leave oily residue
  • Dove Nutri-oil is part of a three step system, including Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner
  • RRP $9.99

Hoping that this will do the trick ;) Tame my ugly frizz by 99% as you claim!!

  • Pump 3-5 times depending on your hair length onto your palm
I did one pump each time and smoothed it directly onto my hair because I didn't want to have much of the oil in my hand or else it might go everywhere aka on the floor :L I am clumsy, so I played it safe with one pump each time, 5 in total for my whole hair.

This is 1 pump. Very slippery on my palm... had to quickly take a picture before it could leak onto the sides... so glad it didn't D:
 I thought the serum would be yellow like it's seen through the bottle but it's clear

  • Smooth evenly through wet or dry hair. Avoid roots. Style as desired. No need to rinse.

 Mainly focusing on my ends here! And squirting directly onto it to avoid it spilling everywhere

My way of styling? Just brushing through :)

Now to see the results of one side of my hair

(Oh crap the 'before' and 'after' aren't event aligned! Dodgy editing deserves a face palm)

Here I have my poker face (unintended) so you can wait until after the as break to find out the results (lol I'm kidding). But I must point out the pros that this hair serum has given me:


+ Noticeably less frizz
+ Non-greasy texture
+ Rapidly absorbed, easy to work into the hair
+ Smoother hair
+ Silkier and softer strands
+ The serum smells nice (like shampoo but less soapy)
+ Hair became less static
+ Hair is more moisturised and revitalised
+ Pump mechanism evenly distributes products
+ Lid can be unscrewed so every drop of serum can be used
+ Good size for its price of RRP $9.99

- Needs to be used daily to maintain the anti-frizz etc. though hair will gradually improve
- If not evenly smoothed onto hair, an oily patch would appear

So I guess now I understand why Nuffnang sent out 6 of these instead of one, because this is recommended for daily use and one bottle surely won't last long if it's used everyday!

The verdict: 

Dove Nutri-oil Serum = Good

I highly recommend it! The above picture is the outcome on both sides of my hair - how much better does it look now?!?! Still the odd frizz up the top but oh well, hopefully if I continue using this in my hair care routine, the frizz will be gone for good *fingers crossed* At least my ends don't feel dry anymore, yay!

LOL I look so emotional/teary-eyed here but I think it was just my contacts becoming dry
Happy to have improved hair!


Maybe after I finish all 6 bottles xD But seriously, it is likely that I would keep this as part of my hair care routine. It's inexpensive and I have seen great results. Thank you Nuffnang for sending this product to me :D

Didn't want to leave you with a teary-looking Jen as the end pic so here's a rare teeth-smiling picture of me taken from my iPod:

Bahaha my baby tooth canine sticks out so much! (This is the only baby tooth I still have left)

Thanks for reading my review guys, hope it was enjoyable ^_^ Let me know if I should do more of *these* types of reviews.

And for all products I receive to review, I like to give something back to my readers by allowing you all to have a jar sample to try! If you're interested in trialling the Dove Nutri-oil Serum before you consider buying one, email me - no one's actually done this before but that's okay ^^" I will continue to offer!

Questjen of the week:

On a scale of Low, Moderate and High, how much maintenance does your hair require?

My answer: Low to Moderate

I used to think that mine was always low, but then I realised I'm actually pretty lazy with it :/ If you want low maintenance hair, you have to put in the effort to care for your hair. Not the effort to style it but the effort to look after it and constantly give it the treatment and nutrients that it needs.

Generally, naturally straight hair is easier to maintain than naturally wavy/curly hair however it doesn't mean that straight hair is problem-free. I need to be more like my mum when it comes to my hair - for her, hair is more important than the skin/face!! She uses more products for her hair and spends more time taking care of her hair than her face (she never wears makeup). She always complains about my hair being messy and I like point out her lack of makeup skills/interest/skin care products xD It's funny how we're like the opposite!



  1. How funny are these pictures! :P Love the annotations. Your hair is so lovely and long, honestly your dry ends are almost unnoticeable xx

  2. I like seeing reviews with photos like that ^^
    For me, I also use an oil serum for my hair that protects against damage and eases frizz. And~ it smells amazing haha so most of the time I apply it for the smell xD LOL

  3. It made a big difference in your hair. I love how straight it is and frizz free. Great review and you did great. I thought it was entertaining and quirky. :)

  4. my hair is high maintenance D:
    its like super dead to the max...
    cost $100 per week to get it treated lol... =_=

  5. Haha cute pictures!!! So pretty, even in those photos where you're looking 'sad' :P
    I can't believe you still have a baby tooth!
    My hair is moderate maintenance. I never used treatment for a year after I began dyeing my hair... BAD! Lots of split ends and dryness. So I just recently started using treatment (actually my last post was on my hair too haha) so hopefully it'll improve and I'll be back to low maintenance!

    1. Lolol thanks love xD
      Keke neither can I, it's so strong!
      Aw hope it's going well, best of luck :D

  6. Youre so adorable!! ^^ haha to answer your Q, my hair needs MEGA maintenance... Not that i give it any - which explains my split ends, horrible dry ends, oily scalp, tangles & regrowth XD i may just invest in this stuff :D so many good reviews about it!!

    1. *^.^*
      Ahhhh woah! I definitely think you should give it a try, especially since it's pretty inexpensive :)

  7. i think i am way more lazier than you. so, basically i never really care about my hair. hahaha

  8. Glad it works, you had beautiful hair to start with anyways! Your hair is so longg!! Jen you look so pretty in your pictures, love your cute outfit too! Hope you're well :) xX

    1. You're too sweet Stephy ^-^ Keke thanks dear! I am well and I hope you are too xx

  9. Nyahaha you're such a cutie <3
    And yayyy, our hair are similar (i think) ! My hair is so long and it only seems to look "neat" when I bother to brush it ...which is uh ..not that often :P ! But yeeees, I shall try this ...some time :D

    1. Hehehe thanks Melly :D <3
      I think so too! I've only recently gotten into the habit of brushing my hair often ^^" But I still can walk out of the door with my hair un-brushed lol xD

  10. you look so korean and pretty! Anything by dove is good by default >< I'm dying to try this!

    1. Hehe hey Amanda :) Thanks sweetie! I totally agree, Dove is a fantastic brand :D

  11. Actually I think your hair is already zomg so nice x.x I consider mine low-medium as well. Low cos I just wake up and do nothing to it. Medium cos I use hair repairing shampoo, conditioner, mask & serum every time I wash my hair.

    1. Haha seriously? Thanks Isabel ^^"! High five

  12. my hair requires incredible high maintenance :( don't have typical straight asian hair... LOL


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