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A Potential Birthday Present...? ghd Scarlet [Press Release]

Hi everyone, just thought I'd share this press release that I received in my inbox recently. It's about the new ghd Scarlet Collection which is a limited edition range. In case you didn't know, ghd is a considerably 'high-end' hair appliance brand (straighteners aka flat irons etc.) and ever since I knew about them, I've always wanted a ghd hair straightener. It's a fairly popular brand and I've heard that they're really great quality however I just haven't found the right time to fork out a few hundreds of dollars for one :(

It might be too soon to talk about my birthday (it's 2 months away) but the other day my dad asked me out of the blue, what I wanted for my birthday. When he asked I actually had nothing in particular in mind and it was only after when I gave it more thought, I thought about the beauty of owning a ghd. I am aware that I don't HAVE to own a straightener with a hefty cost but I do need a new straightener anyway! Might as well invest in a really good one, ay ;) ? I'm actually fine with any type, just as long as it's made by a well-known, trustworthy brand.

So here is the press release and small annotations I make here and there are in blue.

Introducing the new ghd Scarlet Collection limited edition

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
ghd Scarlet makes you the fiercest of them all”

The gorgeous Katy Perry!

I think this is the first time that I've seen a celebrity endorse ghd. Please correct me if I'm wrong...

World leading professional hair styling brand ghd introduces the ultimate gift – the ghd Scarlet Collection. This new limited edition collection sees the ghd Gold Classic styler transformed with opulent red accents in a celebration of 1920s glamour and glitz - one of this winter’s most enchanting and alluring trends.

Inspired by the revelry and glamour of the roaring 20s, the slick new styler offers a dramatic twist on this most alluring of decades and is available in two luxurious art deco styled gift set options.

To launch the collection, Katy Perry, face of ghd and the epitome of modern style and fashion has been given a ‘20s make over bringing to life the decadence and sophistication of the time. Katy is immortalised as a mystical Snow White for the Scarlet Collection campaign, shot by world renowned photographer David LaChapelle.

The limited editions are presented in two luxury art deco indulgent gift set options, both available for a limited time. The Scarlet Collection includes a gorgeous heat resistant red satin styler roll bag, perfectly encasing the limited edition red plated stylers, along with 2 sectioning clips and protective plate guard.

Ideal for girls on the go, the Scarlet Collection Deluxe also features a compact ghd travel hair dryer and styler clutch bag, enclosed in a deep red vanity case – making it the most enviable present to give and receive this season. Perhaps it could be something for Valentine’s day?

ghd Scarlet Collection Deluxe 

 Beautiful packaging

Presented in an eye-catching art deco inspired red vanity case, the ghd Scarlet Collection Deluxe gift set includes a ghd Gold Classic styler featuring limited edition red plates and accents, plus protective plate guard, a ghd travel hair dryer and two sectioning clips – plus a luxury satin heat resistant clutch.

ghd Scarlet Collection

Absolutely stunning!

Inspired by the slick trend of the 1920’s, the ghd Scarlet Collection includes the ghd Gold Classic styler with seductive red plates and accents, protective plate guard, two ghd sectioning clips – beautifully presented in a stunning red art deco inspired satin styler roll bag.

-End of Press Release-

If you wanted to know more about ghd, here are their achievements:

  • ghd IV styler named the ultimate styling gadget in the Readers kiss of approval Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2011 for the ninth consecutive year
  • Heralded as the ‘Aston Martin of Haircare’, by The Sunday Times
  • ghd was named best styling tool at the 2011 Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards, as voted by their readers
  • ghd won Best Life-Changing Product in the Fabulous 2011 Beauty Awards
  • Eras won the Best Gadget category Fabulous 2011 Beauty Awards
  • ghd was once again voted as a Coolbrand for 2010 by the Superbrands’ CoolBrands Initiative. The seventh annual CoolBrands results follow extensive independent research amongst both influential opinion formers and the British public
  • Visit for more information

I honestly don't think that I would be lucky enough to be gifted a ghd in this collection or just one at all but if I ever do get one, I would definitely review it so that you can be informed about whether or not it's worth it. But after seeing these pictures and reading the press release, I have become more motivated to save up for one - possibly in the near future :)

If anyone does own a ghd, could you please send it my way haha just kidding :P Seriously, if anyone has one, please let me know your thoughts on it as I only knew a few people who have one! I would love to hear a range of opinions.

Questjen of the week:

Thoughts on ghd hair straighteners, yay or nay?

If you don't own one, would you want one? Or are you happy to own a different brand?

My answer: I don't own one but I'd love to!

I've owned 3 hair straighteners, all different brands and two of them stopped working. Not sure if it was just my fault of if they were actually faulty (perhaps I had bad luck). My third still works but isn't good for curling hair :( Hopefully a ghd makes a good 2-in-1 and won't fail on me like my previous?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, nor is it an advertorial.


  1. I have a ghd! :D I bought mine back in 2009, it's about 2.5 years old at the moment. Mine was the limited edition pink ghd to support breast cancer awareness, and it cost about $200 incl shipping from ASOS (my first ever purchase from there!). They had some awesome promotion going on at the time - not sure how much they cost now but $200 for a ghd was like $100 cheaper than RRP in Australia! It was still a lot of money for me at the time, I think it was pretty much half my entire savings. Anyway, I used to use it almost everyday for a while, until I got a bit lazy in the mornings and let my hair stay natural. Nowadays I use it at either once, twice or no times a week. Just depends if I feel like making my hair look nice or not :P after nearly 3 years of owning it, it still works perfectly. I have dropped it only maybe once? I take extremely good care of it and always clean the ceramic plates with tissue before each use.
    I have used other straighteners in the past and the ghd is by far my favourite. It's very quick to straighten your hair and leaves a flawless look (sometimes a little too unnaturally straight if you pull it all the way to the ends of your hair though). The one thing I wish it had is temperature adjustment..
    As for curling, it's super easy with a ghd but I suck at curling with straighteners .. So I prefer to do it with a separate curling iron. Nevertheless I'm sure with practise, anyone could create gorgeous curls or waves.
    Phew sorry for the crazy long post (pretty much a review LOL) but I got excited at the topic :D
    This one is so stunning, if I didn't have one already I'd defs be tempted to buy it!!! Katy Petty is gorgeous.
    You should definitely drop some hints to friends and family ;) they might pitch in and gift you one! :D

    1. Hahaha Sue! I love your super long comment/mini review xD Don't be sorry :P
      Aww limited edition pink, how awesome :D I didn't know ASOS even existed back then, let alone knowing that they sell ghd's D: $200 is a great price! Really glad to hear that you've been taking such good care of it and that it is your favourite by far. I am tempted to get one now!!

  2. Wtf the case for it is gorgeous! I don't own a ghd but I'd totally love one!

    1. I know right, it looks like a clutch purse :3

  3. I dont own a GHD & probably wont ever - i might purchase on for my sister but since my hair is naturally straight with a little curve in it, i dont see the point in me owing one. If i ever got a permanent perm or curls i'd think about owning one then....?

    1. Ah k~ you're lucky! I haven't been using a straightener in such a long time but I want to use one again because I get kinks in my hair and slight frizz (probably noticeable in my pictures) so it looks messy if I don't straighten it ><

  4. wow the packaging is so pretty!! i'm so big on marketing and packaging

    1. Yes packaging does play a huge part in products!

  5. Your dad is so sweet to ask you what you want for your bday! My parents just give us money and that's it.
    I am loving the black and red GHD! It reminds me of Christian Louboutin heels! Black and red is so gothic and sexy at the same time. They chose the right candidate to model their product :D
    I own a GHD (normal one LOL), and I love it! It heats up quick and out of all the hair straighteners that I've used (4 others), the GHD is by far the best.
    I'm glad you like my hair~~ Bleach has killed my hair but I don't mind it. Every once every 6 months I retouch my roots and I'm good to go :P

    1. I usually get money too! So I was really surprised when he asked me x)
      Ooh yep I agree, love the black and red colour combo <3
      Lovely to hear :D Even more tempted to get one now haha

  6. i cant live without my curl iron (currently using modiva) but i just recently have an ionic treatment so not ironing my hair anytime ^^ get ghd! ^^

    xoxo elle


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