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Introducing THE ICONIC - Australian Online Fashion Store

Hi readers, hope you've all had a great start to the week so far. Today I'll be introducing an online fashion store from Australia called THE ICONIC which I only recently discovered. Late last week I received an email from Koraljka who is part of THE ICONIC's marketing team where I was first introduced to THE ICONIC. Let's take a look at the site:

And here's a little bit about their company:

THE ICONIC is Australia’s newest and most exciting online destination for fashion and
foot wear and was launched approximately a month ago. Bringing you an Australian lens on global trends, THE ICONIC will offer the best in men’s and women’s global fashion and footwear.

Guided by fashion expert and former Project Runway Australia judge Sarah Gale, THE
ICONIC will feature regular trend reports, style tips and everything you need to know to
create the best looks. “I’m so excited to be part of this new venture. It’s wonderful to be able
to showcase the best Australian talent and international labels on this new platform. Online
retail is definitely the future within this industry,” Sarah said.

If you didn't already know, I am from Australia (born and raised here) and when I see Australian online stores, it makes me happy. It might be the same for other countries but for us Australians, we're very patriotic :) There are many overseas stores which only ship to their own country or ship to Australia with high shipping fees. Especially the clothing stores that we all know and love. But now Australia has THE ICONIC which is an online store with the latest fashion trends that only ships within the country... for FREE.

That's right, free shipping on all orders! And for lucky people who live in Sydney, The ICONIC are able to deliver orders to metropolitan areas within 3 HOURS! Fastest shipping I have ever heard... this makes me wish that I lived in Sydney =O But either way, delivery is still fast for Australians, just a couple of working days.

I've decided to pick out a few of their clothing pieces to share. I hardly do outfits of the day anymore and although this isn't a replacement for those, I reckon this will give you the chance to know more about my sense of style. I admit it's not that great but either way, you'll get to see what THE ICONIC has to offer.

Jen's picks from THE ICONIC - women's clothing

Since spring is almost over and summer is on its way, these choices of mine will all be suitable for the hot weather:

AU $129

This is a stunner, just look at the back... I absolutely adore it and I am a massive fan of lace. It has elegance and classy written all over it. I know some may find lace to be too hot to wear during summer but lace stitching over the chest shouldn't be much of a problem, especially because the dress is almost backless. Plenty of breathing space lol, despite the body dress being tightly fitted. It looks so gorgeous on the model and the lace detail on the sides of the dress really emphasises her hips (and would emphasise everyone's hips, which is a good thing). In other words, the lace around the waist is slimming!

AU $89.95

To me this is simply eye-catching. The floral print is so feminine and cute, perfect for summer. Many of the dresses that I own have tie-waisted belts because I think it looks good for loose-fitted dresses like these. I wouldn't be able to wear a straight dress, I'd need it hug around my waist! This is why I don't own any maxi dresses... all my curves are hidden =/

You may have thought that the dress was pretty ordinary at the front but there are some nice features of this dress that makes it stand out from the rest. The straps from afar look like single, thick straps but in fact they consist of three slim straps on each side, how unique! The triangle shape that reveals the back is one that I have not seen before. I would love it just a little bit more if the triangle was a heart shape instead, hehe. The thin strap on the top will prevent straps from slipping down - genius :)

AU $129

I really want a skirt like this! I haven't been able to find any like this in stores, I love the design. What I like most about this skirt is that you can pair it up with a plain black singlet and wa-lah, a lovely outfit for day or night. It's such a stylish piece with so much versatility. Very beautiful indeed!

AU $44.95

The pastel colours give a very fresh look for summer and I like how there are ruffles on the neckline. The crossover straps on the back gives another element to the singlet and can also prevent strap slippages :P

A cami with bold print can easily be worn with an apricot blazer and cargo shorts. I love this outfit, edgy yet neat. It makes me think that sometimes less is more. The important thing is that all of the attention is brought to the singlet, which of course is the star of the outfit.

AU $39.95

With my casual outfits a white tee with a design on the front is what I usually go by. I like relaxed, street-style because it's a youthful look. Once I'm much older, I wouldn't feel as comfortable wearing tees like these so while I am still young, I wear them out as often as I can :) Feathers are still a trend and the dreamcatcher print on the front makes this t-shirt more fashionable. I really like the batwing sleeves, it makes this shirt different to regular t-shirts. I'd definitely pair this with black skinny jeans or shorts. No excessive accessorising required!

AU $49.95

I've seen people wear these kinds of tops before, very feminine and vintage. The terracotta colour is beautiful and you can achieve a sophisticated look by simple pairing this with black skinny pants, leggings or shorts. I really like the side detailing, it makes the top more bold.

I don't own a shirt like this but I reckon if I raid my mum's clothes that she no longer wears which are slightly vintage, I can find something like this. I love collared shirts!

AU $49.95

Coral shorts, I wish I had a pair! I am also aware that scallop shorts seem to be one of summer's latest trends but I wasn't able to find a pair on THE ICONIC. Anyway, I quite like the side/pocket detail of the pleat and button, it's nothing ordinary. These shorts can be worn during the day or night, that's something I love about them ^_^

Since there already is quite a bit of detail on the shorts, the top to pair with them needs to only be simple. The outfit comprised of a white top and coral shorts may seem plain but it actually gives a nice playful edge. If you feel that this look is too plain, add some accessories!

That's all for my clothing picks, I chose a something from each clothing category that I particularly liked or found to be impressive and different from the rest. THE ICONIC also has a wide range of shoes from Australian and international brands.

If you are interested from purchasing from THE ICONIC, I would recommend that you sign up for their newsletter where you will be given a $10 voucher to spend online! A discount and free shipping, what more could you possibly want?! :D

I'd love to hear from you if you are thinking of purchasing from THE ICONIC, or if you spot a nice piece. It's great to take advantage of the sales page where you could possibly grab yourself a bargain!

My questjen of the week for you is:

What is your favourite summer outfit?

I know there are people who are reading this and are experiencing cooler whether now but I'd still like to hear what your style is like for warmer weather! For me, it's everything I mentioned above ;)

Thanks for reading my post guys!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor is it an advertorial as I do not get monetary compensation. All ideas, thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and of my own.


  1. I like the pieces you got and I really like that the store mainly features Australian designers. The shipping time is amazing. o: (For Sydneysiders at least)

  2. such nice clothes!! *-*
    aww gosh i would die if i lived in Sydney, i would be broke 24/7...but at least with pretty clothes LOL!

    i love the first dress you posted!! I'm a big fan of lace! =o
    but the dress looks like its more ideal of girls with very little to no curves since the design tries to make it look like that have a slimmer waist which makes there curves stand out.
    In other words, I want that dress but it'll look really gay on me ;A;

  3. Damn, I fell asleep before it was posted >.<" I've never heard of Iconic before but the clothes look very trendy & summery :D Perfect for the upcoming season <3 Love the first dress you picked out~ So classy :3 I'm guessing backless clothes are the new 'in' style? haha great choices ^___^

  4. Loving the outfits you picked babe. I love the finders keepers dress the most & I actually own the ladakh carry on shirt >.< except mine was a bit more (feel ripped off LOL)
    Mmmmm its so hard to do summer shopping in Melbourne, the weather is soo moody! Like I am literally wearing trackies, a jumper & I am under my bed sheets right now >.< .. how can I wear cute summer clothes if its forever freezing in Melbourne *sighs*


  5. Ooh, the items you picked out are lovely! I loove that flowy skirt. Super pretty. :]

  6. Wonderful clothes... It made you look sexy...

  7. It is my first-time visiting here. I came across countless helpful stuff in your weblog particularly the on going talk.

  8. loved it awesome design and collections keep us updated with the latest design good online shopping sites


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