Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Wavy Hair Extensions from iwantcute.com

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great week so far. This is only my second official day of holidays but I feel that it's already going by pretty fast haha D: Or maybe I'm just feeling paranoid about not wanting these holidays to end ;A; But anyway, thanks for the feedback on my previous post, I'll definitely take into consideration of the things you want to see on my blog.

This is a bit of a delayed review and I won't be using the excuse 'better late than never' because it's always better to never be late lol. I was meaning to get onto this as soon as possible and I'm glad that I've got time now to do this post.

About a month or so ago, I was contacted by Karyan who is the owner of iwantcute.com to review an item from her shop. I received them in about a week after they were shipped and she was kind enough to sponsor some hair extensions to try out.

Here's the package that I received:

 - Padded bag
- Neat packaging of item
- Flyer

Iwantcute.com is an online store based in the UK that sells authentic circle lenses from Geo, Dueba and EOS and they also supply hair extensions which is pretty awesome :)

The hair extensions that I was sent were the Wavy Natural Black Extensions

- Safely stored in a clear bag
- Buttons at the top and bottom for easy storage
- Hair pieces are secured with a twist tie at the top 

About the hair extensions:
£28.00 (equates to roughly $43 in AUD)
- Japanese synthetic material, the best alternative to human hair
- 10 pieces
- 8cm x 60 cm
- 2 clips on each piece

 This is what 1 piece looks like

 The 2 clips

My hair is not fully black because I've dyed it and so my ends are brown. I was planning to dye my whole hair brown but I hate regrowth so instead I added some brown highlights to my hair. I did that to my hair back in January/February.

When I first tried out these hair extensions, I thought about having dark brown ones instead to blend in better with the bottom half of my hair. But then I thought, I could make this work...

Just informing you now that I decided to keep my hair straight for this, even though it would have been even better if I had waved/curled my hair. I was lazy, okay xD ?

10 pieces of hair extensions were plenty for me and I decided not to put all of them in my hair because it probably would have made it seem like I was wearing a wig due its thickness. So instead, I wore as many as possible to fit around my head... which happened to be 7.

The more pieces, the better it blends in with my dark brown bits
By the way, I'm probably getting my bangs cut soon. They're becoming annoying

Such thick voluminous hair!!

 Just ignore my brown bits... these hair extensions look like my real hair

Even though 7 pieces made my hair look very voluminous and bouncy... it wasn't what I wanted. It looked a bit unnatural because even if I curled/waved my natural hair, it wouldn't be like that at all. And besides, it would be so obvious that it's not my real hair, right?

I WAS going to leave it as it was with the pictures and review but then later on I decided to do a 'take 2' and have photos of me wearing less hair extensions. Plus, I decided to wear something white so it would be easier to see the length and the waves.

So, here's take two, using my iPod Touch camera (because it's wayyyy easier to camwhore with that):

 Speaking of 'take two', I literally took two hair extension pieces out x] So I'm wearing 5 in these pictures

2 pieces on each side with one at the back. It works perfectly with my hair

Can you even tell in these pictures that I didn't curl/wave my hair?? Haha

Loose touseled waves, now it's really not that obvious that I'm wearing extensions (:

Something that I noticed in my iPod pictures was the graininess of them compared to the first few pictures that my hair's colour was all black. You can't even see the brown in my hair which is pretty crazy. My iPod Touch must be slightly colour blind o_o I'm only kidding ;P

And usually when I review stuff, I take a photo with flash to see the difference of its appearance. So the purpose for a picture taken with the flash is to see the texture of the hair extensions:

 Back to using my phone's camera, which is my temporary default camera
I'm getting a new camera in a matter of (working) days *dances*
(This is totally irrelevant but on my lips I am wearing NYX Thalia lipstick)

 I love how the extensions don't have that really glossy/shiny look in flash photography ^.^ They're well-designed and I can see how they're a great alternative to human hair extensions.

 So after all of the camwhoring and testing, here is my review:

People tend to prefer human hair extensions over synthetic ones because human hair extensions last longer, are easier to care for, can be washed/straightened/curled etc. and are less likely to become tangled or messy. I've never owned nor used human hair extensions before so I can't do a comparison however, I can do a comparison with synthetic hair extensions that I have owned before.

All hair extensions, regardless of whether or not they are synthetic or human hair, 'start off' as being very shiny, silky and smooth (for instance, look at a Barbie doll's hair when it's brand new. After brushing the hair and playing with the doll, it becomes tangly). My old, straight synthetic extensions didn't last long and became tangled, knotted and hard to maintain within a few times of wear. I could not brush through them or use heat or else they would go very fuzzy. I never did anything to them except wear them but even so, they still frizzed up so bad that anti-frizz spray would not have been able to tame them.

I hope with the hair extensions I have now won't do the same thing, but I can't be so sure. I don't think that my old hair extensions were made from Japanese materials so that could be the difference. I wouldn't have to worry if I had human hair extensions however, they'd be more expensive and personally... I wouldn't feel as comfortable with wearing human hair extensions on my hair. Call me picky but knowing that someone else's hair (could be more than one person's hair) is on my hair is a bit strange for me. It's like putting someone's nails on your own nails as false nails o_o Gross much? Lol! Okay it's not to that extent and the hair would be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected but you really don't know what they could have done with that human hair before all of that *shudders* There are pros and cons about human vs. synthetic hair extensions but I won't go into that.

Instead I'll talk about the pros and cons of these hair extensions:

- 10 pieces of hair extensions is plenty, pieces to spare can be saved and/or be a replacement in the future
- Easy to use with two clips in each piece, just like regular hair clips
- Clips are firm to hold extensions in place when worn
- Lightweight individual pieces, allows a more natural look to hair
- Length of extensions is appropriate
- With each piece, volume is buildable and achievable without overdoing it
- Silky, smooth, shiny which looks very close to human hair
- The shade is perfect for my natural black hair (can suit most Asians well!)
- Blends well with straight hair, does not have to be already wavy
- Nothing to criticise about the scent
- The waves are evenly distributed to each piece
- Storage bag allows for neat placement without causing tangles

- Would prefer to have varied widths for the pieces i.e. some wider ones and thinner ones
- May not last long as they are not human hair extensions
- Using heat, water or products on the extensions is not recommended (assuming so)

Overall rating: 8/10
They're meant for extending the length of your already-waved hair but instead I'm going to use them to add volume and style to my hair without lengthening, or maybe just a little bit of lengthening. I reckon they're perfect for people like me who want to add some waves to dull straight hair without having to do any styling to the hair already on your head ;) I'll definitely be wearing these out to spice up my look a little!

As you can tell with the big smile on my face, I am happy with these hair extensions =) YAY

Thanks Karyan of 'I Want Cute' for sending me these hair extensions! If you guys are interested in purchasing hair extensions or circle lenses from her site, you can visit her site at:

Be directly linked to the hair extensions:

And if you haven't already seen this banner on my sidebar, you can get 10% off your order by using the code QUESTEN at the checkout:

And on top of that you get FREE SHIPPING, how awesome is that?!

That's all for this post, thanks for reading :D If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and if anyone is interested in seeing a tutorial on how to put on these hair extensions then you may request it :)

I always have to end my posts with a questjen...

What are your thoughts on hair extensions?
Love them, hate them, find them tacky? Do you mind when girls wear hair extensions or do you think it's 'cheating'/fake?


  1. YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! (well you always have) They suit you! And I agree, instead of the usual straight extensions, wavy extensions are nice too!

    Pretty! xoxo

  2. Wow, they look pretty good. Great review :) This sounds perfect for me; my asian hair's pretty flat, so I'm currently really into volumizing products. Thanks ^^

  3. They look extremely cute on you and so voluminous! and no you can't even tell you didn't curl your hair, it blends in nicely :)

  4. You look great with the hair extensions!
    I wish I knew how to put them on properly (T___T)
    I bought some hair extensions but I couldn't manage to put them on properly, so I ended up giving them to a friend

  5. wauw, the extensions are pretty ^^ and they look great on you !!! looks very natural :D

  6. You look nice with the extension, but you're always cute anyway :p Nice review and very thorough! I haven't found nice extension that suit me and i've been searching like crazy cos my hair is short and it not growing fast enough XD

  7. imo, i dont really like clip-in extensions...mainly because i ceebs clipping them in.. :L im so lazy.. haha!
    I might try out real extensions though :D but it seems like it takes hours to put them in ><

    I think you suit the wavy extensions!! :D

  8. thanks for the review! ahh it looks so natural en pretty on you!

  9. Jen, you look soooo pretty with long wavy hair! Ahahaha you look adorable in the last pic with the epic big smile :D I've personally never tried hair extensions, since my hair is already so thick i don't want to add more to it - but you sure rock them well :P

  10. aww i love how they look on you when you have your fringe pinned back! you look like a korean filmstar :*)

  11. great review! they look pretty natural on you. i think extensions are fun for a night out =)

  12. oh jen I wished I saw this 2 months agao because I purchased real human hair extensions on ebay. Thing is when the order arrive I felt revolted! Not because it smells bad but I felt uneasy wearing real human hair. I like the waves in the ones that you have and super long hair looks smokin hot on you :). I couldnt tell the colour difference but in the flash the extensions are noticeable...just tiny bit of shine but hey you still fooled me! :)

  13. You rock the waves! They actually blend really well with your brownish hair!

    I bought hair extensions a while ago, and I don't even use them :( Buu hoo!
    LOL @ putting someone else's nails on your nails. Ew that is disturbing! :O

    Free shipping? I'mma check out the lenses in stock ~

    // Thoughts? I like your review on em, and I don't think that wearing extensions make anyone a fake. Kinda like false lashes eheh! ><

  14. seriously babe you are so GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
    thats all i have to say LOL
    WUV YOU :) <3

  15. I love the waves on you! : D it's very Rapunzel-ish! Hehehe.. and I gotta admit that I prefer human hair extensions as well >_<"

    Thanks for your comment <3 RaNia is a pretty cool, fresh breath to the current kpop scene.. I'm getting pretty sick of all this lovey-dovey-cute groups and 2ne1 replicas these days.. A lot of netizens HATE RaNia for being so ''sexy'' and 'provocative', but I think it's amazing! These girls are super talented! : D And I love 'em! WOOH! \(^o^)/ RaNia fighting!

    I felt pretty alright yesterday after two fever-reducing pills.. but I hate taking pills, so I try to avoid it >_<"
    OWWW thank you so much <3 I really like this lipstick, and it smells SOOO good <33

  16. You look great with them! Thanks for the great review my darling!

  17. You look so awesome with them! what can I say more? xD

  18. you look fab with the extensions dear! i used to have extensions. i guess those were called semi-permanent ones that were installed around 2 inches near the roots but maintenance was such a pain so after a year i gave them up hehe! ^__^ i haven't tried this kind of extensions though. :)

  19. these pieces look super natural on you. at least from the pictures. i've love to try it sometime.

  20. In my opinion and the opinion of other thousands of very happy customers, Rodolfo Valentin salons are the best hair extension salons and his hair extensions ( hair infusions) are unique that can only be have at thier hair extension salons. I've used most of the hair extensions in the market and no one can be compared to this one, truly the best!

  21. It looks so real! Love it! You are so sweet

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  22. looks great on you. contemplating trying this cos my hair is taking ages to grow long

  23. firstly, you're so pretty!!! and secondly, those hair extensions look amazing. i've been considering buying some lately just because i love really voluminous hair and backcomb far too often than can be good for my hair! x

  24. Nice hair! btw, your ipod touch camera's quality is so nice. my ipod is not working well, huhu.

  25. i think extensions are the best invention ever:)))
    they look good on you.

  26. I have some real human hair extentions and I love them. I haven't tried these yet. You look lovely w/ long hair and the waves really bring out the "dollyiness" in you. :)

  27. You look good with long hair!! :)

  28. this post is very usefull thx!

  29. Your blog is pretty good and impressed me a lotI discovered so many beneficial thing in your blog site especially it’s discussion. On the a lot of feedback.


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