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The Lipstick Tag

Ah hello all! I'm finally on uni holidays so I get two weeks break as of now :D The last 7 weeks have been the most hectic weeks of my life, I already feel drained from uni and it hasn't even been half the year yet T^T But good news is that I will seriously be making the most of the holidays, either by studying, relaxing, going out - they'll all be rewarding x] Oh and also blogging, can't forget that! There will be more posts during the next couple of weeks ^.^

I was tagged by 'Death By Dizziness' (sorry I don't know your name!) to do the 'lipstick tag'. It looked quite interesting so I thought I'd give it a go and answer the questions about lipsticks.

But before I start, here is my lipstick collection and how I store it:

Pretty much all drugstore-brands, good enough for me ^^" To me, my collection of lipsticks isn't that big. 4 of them are lip balms which I just store there to fill up space haha.

1. When you were a child, did you use your mother’s lipsticks?
Yeah I did! But her lipsticks all had that strong lipstick scent (I don’t know if anyone knows what I’m talking about) so I didn’t like it much. Also, it was hard for me to remove and whenever I’d secretly went to her room and applied some on, she’d always catch me having it on xD She'd be like :O 'why did you use my lipstick rahrahrah' lol!

2. How old were you when you bought  your first lipstick?

I only started getting into lipsticks in early 2010 haha. As I mentioned before, I used to think that all lipsticks had that strong scent so I had no interest in them until I actually started swatching them instores. I was heavily influenced by many Youtube gurus and beauty bloggers who would use lipsticks :) So I was 16 when I bought my first lipstick, before I turned 17 last year.

3. Pink or red lipstick?
Definitely pink, I love pink lipsticks, they're so wearable both day and night. Red is hard to pull off and I only own one red lipstick which I only bought by accident and didn’t bother refunding or exchanging. I don't regret purchasing the red lipstick though because it was on sale and I guess I could use it in a makeup look or something.

4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?
I’ve always purchased lipsticks when they’re on sale so mine are all under $20 :P But in terms of RRP, the most expensive one I have is Revlon -__- and that's a drugstore brand!

5. And the cheapest?
Again, when there was a sale =) I got two Maybelline lipsticks from Priceline for $2 each and they’re really good quality and I like them a lot.

6. What’s the most bizarre thing you have done with lipstick?
Wrote with it on paper (used one of my mum’s old lipsticks) and once I put some lipstick on my lips and 'kissed' a piece of paper to create a lipstick print x]

7. If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
Oh definitely the Revlon range, they’re really good quality! Even though they’re considered to be the most ‘expensive’ among the other drugstore-branded lipsticks, they’re so worth it. Great if you can catch them when they’re on sale. The '2 for 1' deals are the best, a.k.a buy 1 get 1 free.

I would tag a whole heap of people to do this but I don't know many who use lipsticks or purchases them so I'm only going to be tagging three people who I'm pretty sure are lipstick users/wearers.

I tag you Lene! Mostly because you often tag me in your blog posts (thanks) and I love seeing your posts with lipstick swatches. I'd love to read your answers to the above questions (:

Woman, you haven't blogged in a while D: And I know you're a fan of lippies hehe

I know you're into makeup so I hope you can do this tag =)

+ I tag anyone else who is interested in doing the tag. If anyone does decide to do, let me know and share me your answers :D

The above picture of my lipsticks is quite misleading because I actually have some more lipsticks to add to the collection, which I just got recently!

Okay I haven't announced this on my blog yet but I did a while ago on Twitter (a good reason to follow me there - to know some 'breaking' news before knowing about it through my blog). I announced that my makeup-purchasing ban has now officially ended. For a bit over 3 months I went without purchasing a single makeup product. I resisted the massive sales, especially around the Christmas/new year period which wasn't easy!! I honestly didn't think that I would be able to last a month let alone 3 months so I'm quite proud of that :)

I have a lot of hauling to do but in the meantime, here's a preview of my lip products that I bought:

I finally got my hands on some NYX lipsticks and lipglosses *__*
Excuse the low quality - iPod touch camera pictures go grainy in low light conditions :(

So yeah, that's all. I have some more tag posts to do and the reason why I've decided to delay these tag posts  until my holidays is because I didn't want them to be my once-a-week posts which I have been doing since uni has started.

Since I've got more time free now, what sort of posts do you guys want to see? 

I've got quite a lot on my list of things to blog about but I have no idea what you guys would be interested in. Reviews? Hauls? Tutorials? Makeup inspired looks? Something random? Please let me know below ^_^

I was thinking of doing a lipstick review/swatches of my collection... hmmm!


  1. would love to see swatches/reviews of the new nyx lipsticks! so proud of you for sticking to your makeup ban - esp. over the holidays!!! =)

  2. oh oh oh o!!! I wanna see outfits for winter please!! And reviews :)


  3. YAYYYY! UPCOMING HAUL! *dances* \(^o^)/ I love haul posts! *_* and especially on brands that I love too.. Haha! YAY FOR NYX!

    Thanks for your super sweet comments! <3 You're such a sweetheart! : D
    The accent isn't too heavy, is it? >__<" I'm really worried about how people find my accent too obnoxious or something. I'm all OCD about how I speak English, cause I HATE the sound of the Danish accent when speaking English. -runs in circles- It probably sounds weird to you, but I'm really self-conscious about it! D: -hides-

    You get a cookie for loving long entries! ; D *gives cookie* WOOH!
    I'll try to snap some photos of the kittens the next time I'm there.. AWH I tell you they're so cute and tiny and fluffy <3 haha!

    Woah, I hope you like reading long comments too! ^__^"

  4. :) thanks for your quick comment! Blush is the only item I haul, lol i guess everyone has their soft spot for a particular makeup item ! haha

  5. I love pinks too! I also dont own any high end lipsticks.

  6. Hahah! WEEE <3
    Awh, really? :'D I always worry that I sound like a fob or something >_<" A lot of Danes have trouble getting rid of their accent.. Even people who've lived in the US for YEARS, after living in Denmark, can't pronounce the words without an accent.. >_<" So yeah.. I'm really picky about that..
    I can't wait to see the kittens again :'D And hopefully I get to share some cute photos with you all! My dad better give in and let us take one home! -demands- DO IT DADDY! \(Ò__ó)

  7. thank you for the tag... I have yet to do the handwriting tag XD behind... eep!

  8. Nice collection :) I think the highest end lipsticks I own are the 2 from MAC...I don't really use lipsticks that often so I mostly stick to drugstore brands. And nice NYX haul - I really like the round lipsticks :D

  9. I don't use lipsticks that often xD it doesn't suit me somehow =(

    I would like to seeee OUTFIT OF THE DAY postsss :D !!

  10. This was a really great post !
    And I think I go for pink instead of red aswell
    Love your blog , will definetely be following ,
    Mantenso xx

  11. LOL, I used to be a complete lippie addict but now I hardly use them and I have a whole lot of lippies just sitting there =(

    And ooh! NYX! xD I haven't really tried much of their products but they sound pretty good from all the reviews that I've read

  12. I wish i owned more lipstick.
    I only have 3m which are all from Lancome and they are all dark tones.
    xD I really want to get lighter colours~

    I'm not sure what you should blog about D:

  13. !!! I know what you mean about that lipstick smell xP I really don't like it hahahahaha!

    Also, ASIF GET TWO WEEKS? MY UNI ONLY GETS ONE WEEK FOR MIDSEMS :I grrrrrrrrrr ;__; ! Oh wells. heh P:

    Mm, maybe do more lifestyle blog posts :D? Or a "walk-through-your-wardrobe" (LOL, I just came up with that on the spot lolol) xP

    Mmm, I also don't really wear lipsticks at all >_<" I don't think they suit me at all :\

  14. great blog i really like your posts and photos.

    I follow you:*

  15. oh yes who hasnt used their mum's lippies? lol
    i wanna see hauls, even if its one item only, coz i wanna know what u like and dont like to use ^^

    xoxo elle

  16. Yay you are blogging again. I would like update post about your life please :) and review, tutorial, make up, hauls and everythinggggg <3

  17. great tag! haha and the lipstick print is adorable!
    i want to see makeup inspired looks!

  18. Felt like I haven't commented in ages! I totally missed your last post *bites nails*
    You have quite a lot of shades there missy!
    LOL @ making lip imprints on paper! I did that tooo ~
    Man I wish my lips were thinner so I can sport pretty pink lipsticks >:C

  19. I want to see swatches of the NYX products!! ^^ I see you have Rimmel lipstick too~ hehe I love Rimmel (: So cheap & really pretty!


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