Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Piercing

Hi guys! How is everyone? I hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. Anyway, this is just going to be a little update post, hopefully you're all cool with that :)

Recently I went and got a second piercing on my earlobes and this was actually a pretty nerve-wracking experience for me! You see, I didn't know what it felt like to have my ear pierced prior to the second piercings. This is because I first had my ears pierced when I was only 2 years old, and I can't recall a thing from back then. My mum told me that when I got my ears pierced for the first time, I cried a lot :S Even before the piercer even did anything! I think this may have been due to feeling confused. I think I cried and moved around so much that it caused my piercings on both sides to be uneven :(

A few days ago I went to get a second piercing on my lobes but as I approached the venue, I felt worried and slightly nervous. I actually walked past the place twice before entering. That was how 'scared' I was. I was also on my own so I didn't have anyone with me to persuade and/or encourage me to get it done. It was something that I decided on by myself with my mum knowing beforehand. Instead I had voices inside my head telling me that it'll be all okay and that I would actually regret not getting it done before I went home. I'm glad I listened to my head, and my heart, because I would have felt a HUGE regret.

After my apprehensiveness had died down, I entered with minimal hesitation. A lady working there approached me as soon as I walked in, so for me there was no backing out from then on. I told her that I wanted my ears pierced and she showed me the studs that I could choose from for the piercings. After I selected the one I wanted, she walked me into a room and I sat down. I watched as the lady prepared the tools, put on some gloves and disinfect my earlobes.

She examined my earlobes and then said to me "Your current piercings are uneven, so would you like the new piercings to be even with the piercings or even on the ears?" Okay, maybe she didn't use those exact words or in that order but that's basically what she said and asked. I replied without needing to think - "even on the ears" because there was no way that I wanted to have uneven piercings again :/

After that she marked the spots to be pierced and used a piercing gun. It was held to my right earlobe first and all of a sudden I hear a loud 'BANG' noise. My earlobe was in a wee bit of pain and the whole ear felt hot as blood had suddenly rushed to it. Luckily my ear wasn't bleeding or anything. Same thing happened with my left ear but this time I was prepared for the sound and feeling of the piercing.

Here is my second lobe piercing on my right ear, which I posted on my Twitter...

I chose pink studs because it's my favourite colour
So pretty

That was all to it and the process took no longer than 5 minutes. I was really happy when it was over, because I felt accomplished... as though I had finally faced the fear of getting my ears pierced. I'm one who is greatly terrified of pain, even if the pain is just a bit. This is why I am not planning to ever get a tattoo!

In case I get bombarded with questions like 'did it hurt?' I'll just tell you now that yes, it did hurt but it wasn't unbearably painful. On each ear it was only a few seconds of very slight pain after the piercing gun was 'shot'. I asked people about the pain before getting it done and I agree with everyone - it felt like a sharp pinch.

Did you know that I had always wanted a second lobe piercing, even back when I was around 10 years old? It has pretty much taken me 8 years to finally get it done and it's not because I've been afraid for all that time - there's more to it than that. I've always been to a Catholic school with strict uniform policies and only allowing one lobe piercing on each ear. High school had this same policy too, so I was never really 'able' to get a second lobe piercing. Now that I am out of high school, I have no more strict policies to deal with :)

You all may or may not know my admiration for K-Pop (Korean pop music, dramas etc.) so I've decided to add some images of famous Korean females who have more than one piercing on each either, or double lobe piercings like me.

TaeYeon from SNSD (singer)

Tiffany from SNSD (singer)

HyoYeon from SNSD (singer)

Qri from T-ara (singer)

Yoon Eun Hye (singer/actress)

Amber Liu from F(x) - singer

Son Dam Bi (singer)

And last but not least is a well-known Korean singer who I reckon holds the record of being a famous female Korean star with the most piercings...

BoA Kwon (singer)
Yes the collages above are all of her ears and piercings

I want to hear your thoughts on piercings. Love them, hate them? Want more or have enough already?

I also want to know what piercings you have and whether or not you have any regrets. Unlike tattoos, piercings can be removed so they could be temporary or permanent which is a really good thing :)

For me, piercings are fine as long as there aren't too many on someone and aren't in any 'weird' places. Too many for me is 10+ is way too much and weird places like... the genitals and on random parts of the body. Personally I wouldn't consider having any other piercings other than on the ears. I don't think that I am going to have another piercing, although now I feel much more brave enough to do so.

Seeing the images of those Korean stars with multiple ear piercings makes me want to have more too, only because they look so pretty. Maybe not as much as BoA has, but I really like Taeyeon's piercings as they all look very neat and not over-the-top. I really love her tragus and conch piercings but I'm too scared to get mine done (those areas aren't as soft as the lobe)! I decided to get a second piercing on my lobes because I love wearing earrings and now I can wear two pairs at one time :D


  1. =O lol my friend just got one like that last year >.<

    i am too scared to get another one because my parents might kill me, maybe i should get another one lol, just to piss them off lol

  2. I only have one on each ear ...and I don't know! I don't think I want anymore :( I wouldn't mind having as much as you do but I kinda can't be bothered xD

    I remember the pain (I got them done when I was like 8~9?) and uh, I can probably endure it but I don't really want to put myself through it again xD hahaha.

    And anyway, I hardly wear earrings so I guess it shouldn't be a big deal T^T although ...having 4 holes would make it easier to wear more earrings xD

    AHHH. I hope you haven't tempted me to get more :P

  3. my youngest sis got about 7 pierced ear holes >.< like u, im totally petrified abt the idea of piercing, 1 pair for me is just alright hehe

    xoxo elle

  4. Aww the piercings look good on you :) I actually only have 1 piercing per ear - make sure you take care of your newly pierced ear because it is prone to infections! I actually want to get my navel pierced, I can withstand pain but i'm just scared of the after effects haha I'm totally scared of infections. My bf had his ear infected and it grew a lump and he had to get it cut off :/ but yeah! You should be alright :)

  5. i have my piercing too, but mine was inside, i think its called the conch piercing,,
    heres my post

  6. I have 5 piercings. It sounds like a lot when I say it out loud but it's not really...
    I have 4 piercings where you have yours, and then one helix (I think that's what it's called) on my left ear. It's the typical piercing near the top of the ear :)

    They didn't really hurt too much, but there was this one time when my top piercing was in pain and started bleeding... no biggie though !

    I have the same pink started stud as you ! :D

  7. I really wanna get both helix and tragus. >_<" But I bet esp. the tragus will hurt like HECK! ughh

    I have three in my lobe in my left ear and one in my right :3 It's annoying on my left ear because I easily get the locks behind the studs/earrings mixed up xD HAHA

  8. I have 5 piercing... I had my ears pieced when I was just a baby! And then I did the second piercing similar to yours when I was 13. Later when I was 16 I got my nose pierced too. I also have four tattoos, including a full back one. The latest tattoo, a 1 inch peace sign on my wrist I went for completely alone, so I can totally get how you were scared, I was too! :)

  9. i have 2 on each ear but i don't wear earrings anymore >.<" they always irritate me somehow =/

  10. congrats about your new piercing! looks so cute =)
    i also have 2 piercings on each ear hehe. it didn't hurt for me though, just felt hot right after like you said. the piercing pics are so pretty but i'm scared to get any other part of my ear pierced loll

  11. i got my first piercings when i was about two years old and i can still remember it hahaha! :D i was screaming and crying and my mom was holding me. because i was squirming i ended up with three piercings on my ears. LOL! x) i haven't had any other piercings since then but if ever i do get any in the future it'll prolly be near or on my belly button. ^-^

  12. I used to have 10 back in my early years~ That's 5 on both ears but I figured that it could make my ear look "too crowded" with earrings lol si I reduced them to 3 on each ear~ It's fun inserting earrings of different shapes on each hole though hahaha xD btw they look good on you~ <3

    Lobe piercings don't really hurt that much xD only when you sleep. It's the helix ones and the industrial piercings that hurt the most IMHO~ :3

  13. ugh so lovely!! and I adore your pink stud! I'e always wanted to have several piercings but mother would never approve! well, for the mean time at least. xD I'll just have to be patient then hopefully when I'm older and out of the house I ca pierce all I want! p.s i adore yoon eun hye! and hyeoyon's piercing is soo bad ass!

  14. My ears were pierced when I was 2 years old as well and the idea of getting anything else pierced sounds nerve wrecking. xD; I'm glad you were able to march in there and face it while being alone. ;A; The atmosphere must of felt weird and awkward. D: That's how my surroundings feel like when I'm about to do something new. lol

    Ugh Ori is so pretty! I don't care much for tattoos since I can't really narrow down something I would truly love to have permanent on my body. :p but, I've been really wanting two lip piercings.

  15. Woww~ I envy you~! so pretty ^-^.
    I have wanted to get a second piercing since I was younger too.
    Influenced by my aunty ^^"? She has about 5 or 6? hehe
    I would love to get 3 or 5? Ionno I'm a odd person, so I like odd things and plus if you wear odd earrings on each ear it wouldn't look so weird? keke
    Some of my school (girl)friends have anywhere between 6-10 piercings and the guys about 2.
    Honestly I think over 8-10 is just a bit much. I know this one girl that has 10, it looks rather messy in all honesty ><~

  16. great review .. so funny how we're heavily influenced by k-pop culture =) i love boA (even though she's not as popular as she use to be) and use to always want everything she had - especially all her piercings. use to think she always looked so cool. personally, i love them =) xo

  17. your mom got your first piercings when you were 2?!?!?!!?!??!?! hahaha that's crazy! but in a good way since you don't remember it XD I would love love LOVE to get as many piercings as BoA!!!!!! but my experience with ear piercing was so painful T_T mine were done manually. First ear was okay, but on the second one I knew what's gonna happen and I was focusing too much and I felt exactly how the needle punctured my ear and going through it T_____T it hurt so bad ahhh! so I don't think I'd be getting more. lol. but you should totally do it XD

  18. I used to be obsessed with them, the pain doesn't bother me back then but now it does. I have used to have 4 but i took them all out when i was working at a coffee shop. Now i dont wear anymore.

  19. i only have one on each ear, i want to have two on each but mum says i'll look like a rebel D;

  20. Aww that's cute how scared you were to get them piereced hehe. I only have one on each ear, but I was terrified when I first got them pierced in high school. Next thing I know, I hear the bang from the gun, and it's over. It didn't even hurt and my mom was laughing at me for being a big crybaby for nothing lol. I'd like to get a 2nd piercing - I think they look so cute! But more than 2 is too much >.<

  21. ~ * ♥ * ~

    I just have the normal one in each ear ~ although when I was younger I so wanted two in each ear. Then I got older and decided I wanted my belly pierced instead. : ) So I did that.

    I think three piercings {belly, two ears} are more than enough for me, although they are a bit addictive and sometimes I muse over getting one in my upper ear.

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  22. nice piercings ^^ i think i wouldn't have it done but i think it looks nice, I hardly wear earrings thats the main reason tbh :p

  23. i was meant to get my ears done last xmas, but i havent got the time nor the money to!
    i want to get a second ear pierce on my left ear, and then get my ear cartilage done on my right ear aha!
    Make sure you take care of your ear, its painful when it gets infected!
    Krissy xoxo

  24. ArghhhhI remember having to get my ears pierced twice cos it blocked. The 2nd time hurt like crazy! Glad your piercing wasn't painful : )

    /hmmm thoughts on piercings? I think a moderate amount is good~ Boa rocks multiple piercings. But you can't really walk out onto the street with too much bling : /
    You should try getting a belly? HAHA Man I want one. But too scared :'(


  25. ur pink earing is pretty! i wanna get my cartilage pierced but im too scared because of the pain!

  26. I used to have 3 on both sides. Plus two in the upper corner of both sides,unfortunately they becamehypertrophic scars :( so I had to remove them.

    Now I have two on both sides..

  27. wow! love ur blog!!!

  28. Ahhhh i'm envious haha. Mum wouldn't let me get a second piercing even though i've been wanting it for quite some time now. The new earrings look good :D can't wait until you can change them, then you should do an earring post haha!

  29. i have the same piercing on both ears. i think they're really cute!

  30. I looove piercings I have 16 just on my ears!! Great blog by the way! Just got yourself a new follower!

  31. Jen, when I read the part where you said you got it when you were two, I was shocked because so did I. My friends are always saying that two is too young and they got theirs when they were ten. ANYWAYS
    and then you said that yours were uneven.
    Well so are mine-one is really low and the other is normal. My mum says I only notice because I look in the mirror too much :P but I think it's noticable. Well anyway, sorry for the long message and thanks for following and commenting on my blog!

  32. I already have 10 piercings in total, 3 on my left lobe, 3 on my left cartilage, 2 on my right lobe, and 2 on my right cartilage. it really didn't hurt ( maybe cuz I did them myself ) but I still want a couple more piercings. my mom was like ur such a rebel and im like I know right and she was like on a scale from 1-10 youre a 23. :D

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