Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest Blog Post - Phyle Asia

Hi guys, recently I have been contacted by Phyle Asia as an invite to write a guest post on my blog. This is my first time having a guest blog post here and it is also their first time being featured on another person's blog so this is a new experience for both of us :)

Phyle has sent me their press release to feature on my blog. For some background information on who they are and what they do, here is their article:

PHYLE.ASIA is a new community based platform where fashion trendsetters collaborate on designs of clothing apparel that they want to see created.


Fashion is evolving at breakneck speed, not in the designer studios of Paris, New York or Tokyo, but in the streets. The next big trend is increasingly likely to appear from trendsetters strutting their stuff in the streets of Shinjuku or Times Square or on the banks of the Seine.

Fashion labels and manufacturers need to stay on top of this rapidly evolving street couture, where the whim of a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls can kick start a new craze that sweeps across the globe, courtesy of the Internet.

A bold new interactive platform will connect the fashion industry with the people who are pushing the boundaries of fashion every day. Vote-to-manufacture, or VTM, will be the facebook of the fashion industry, yet it will be more interactive and much more driven by the creative process.

Phyle (http://www.phyle.asia/) aims to be that online platform, which trendsetters would join and post designs of clothing apparel they want to see created or modifications they want to see of apparel already hanging on the racks. They would interact with each other, discussing the latest trends, commenting on each others' ideas and designs. Fashion labels and manufacturers would be part of the site as well, with designers and would also take part in this dynamic process, where ideas are created, modified or discarded. Eventually, members of the platform would vote on the designs, and the ones that are most popular would then be considered for manufacture by the labels and manufacturers.

Revolutionary, cutting edge designs that in the past might never be created would now manufactured by the industry, secure in the knowledge that it has a pool of customers ready to buy these pieces the moment they are finished. This would cut costs for the labels and manufacturers. In addition, it also would be extremely environmentally conscious, eliminating the waste that inevitably accompanies the current hit and miss approach of creating a design in the hope that it will sell.

The current generation of fashionistas are tired of being told what is cool and hip by a small number of designers and fashion magazines. They are bold and creative and eager to sketch out their own visions of where fashion is headed next. And they are online, where their ideas quickly grow in popularity, where prominent bloggers have become almost as important as fashion magazine editors. A new obscure trend in San Francisco can quickly explode into the next big idea that takes the streets of Paris, Tokyo and New York by storm.

Fashion labels and manufacturers can tap into this evolution that is taking place in the streets through VTM and keep themselves at the very forefront of the next big thing. Trendsetters can now see their visions translated into reality when their best designs would be created by the fashion industry in the kind of fabric or with the little touches they envisioned.

Be a part of a whole new class of emerging ‘Citizen Fashion Designers’

So basically, if you're a member of this platform, you can suggest some designs for Phyle to manufacture to suit your taste. For example, if you've seen a picture of a stunning dress designed by a high-end fashion brand, you can add it to the suggestions on Phyle. This is a way of you purchasing something that is highly affordable and you're the designer (you can choose the colour, design etc)! If it gets enough votes to be manufactured and is popular then it will be considered for manufacturing and will likely be on the Phyle shop for sale.

One item which is currently on the Phyle shop that I think is gorgeous and very inexpensive is this Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse:

Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse

Contributed on Jan 13, 2011 at 1:29 pm by PHYLE

We wish to provide you with some highly affordable and interesting pieces that you might like, even before we get to manufacture your V-T-M designs.

Sign up and Log in to purchase at discounted price.

Price: Originally $21, Currently discounted at $15

And one VTM (Vote to Manufacture) item that really caught my eye is the Asymmetric Satin Dress:

Lanvin – Asymmetric Satin Dress

Design #5602732242

Contributed on Jan 23, 2011 at 5:22 pm in Dresses, V-T-M by cindy


Really love the way Alber Elbaz reworks the classic Grecian silhouette with this elaborately draped one-shoulder dress. I think Elbaz is really smart to always design base on the countinuation of his previous season’s collection. I’m not even sure which season this piece belongs to but that’s the magic about Elbaz. Designs from his past collections are always capable of fitting effortlessly into his latest work.

If Phyle would manufacture this piece, I would really want it to be in the semi mustard lilac toned which I posted in the collage. Otherwise a dark bronze or gray would also do. I just don’t really like the colours that net-a-porter offer.

Suggested Colors: mustard lilac, gray, black

This is a very interactive platform for fashionistas out there who want to have a say about some current designs (in the Blog section) and also comment on the Vote to manufacture pieces. Phyle claims to be the 'Facebook' of the fashion industry.

I am very honoured to be featuring Phyle.Asia on my blog, I really appreciate the offer of including a guest post here. Thank you very much to the people of Phyle Asia due to its way of interacting with other users.

I do hope that this is interesting for my readers, especially because it's something new and different to other platforms and networking websites. Let me know if you do end up becoming a member, I just signed up for it!


  1. This is interestinggg <3
    I think I'll sign up :) xo

  2. This is awesome! I will sign up too.
    also my anniversary is in june. A month after yours tehehehehe

  3. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! p.s I miss ADL. When I was a flight attendant I used to have trips there!

  4. Wow.. this is awesome. Never know that there's a thing like this.. I jump to their website now!
    Congratz for your guesting(:

    Dreamy Princess

  5. love it!!!



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