Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Swap Package from Chanel

Hey guys! So today I received a package from my lovely blog friend and follower Chanel, known as @CutieCocoChanel on Twitter :) She is such a sweetie and we've had great chats on Twitter and although I haven't known her for that long, we've gotten along really well. I'm so glad to have gotten to know her!

Chanel was planning to give out Christmas cards so instead of just giving Christmas cards, this turned into a package swap. We decided to do a swap because she's from the UK and I'm from Australia. The things are quite different in these places, especially cosmetic items. I've povided her with some Aus-branded cosmetics and she has done the same with UK items. I was eagerly waiting for her package to arrive and although I didn't receive it before Christmas, I'm just grateful for receiving it finally =]

So here it is:

Such a cute card! Hello Kitty



I love the way she folded this mini letter!
More writing on the inside

- ELF Therapeutic Conditioning Balm in 8004 Blackberry Creme
- Barry M Nail Paint in 272 Shocking Pink
- My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask
- White Rabbit lollies (I haven't had these in ages!)
- Haribo Starmix Lollies
- Haribo Tangfastics Lollies
- Galaxy Bubbles Milk Chocolate

I love how Chanel provided me with an ELF product! I have never tried anything from ELF before and I was curious to know what they were like because they're quite inexpensive :)

Oops I didn't realise how shaky this picture was until I edited it after :S
I couldn't retake a picture because the sun already went down :(

It's so smooth and I can definitely see it doing wonders on my lips. I love the scent, I like how it's not too strong and quite subtle after I apply it. Never had a blackberry-scented product before:

Ahh so moisturising :D

You can finally see something of me - my lips!
I've had a red sty-like lump under my eye. Now it's fading and size has decreased. Thank goodness, I'll be able to show my face again hehe

Everything in the package is completely new for me to try and I have never had anything from Barry M before or a My Beauty Diary mask so thanks so much Chanel! Love you lots haha. I'm going to give this mask a try and perhaps do a review if I have a good experience. Hopefully my sensitive skin won't react to this *crosses fingers*

My chocolate is melted LOL! Of course, it's so hot here in Australia so the chocolate wouldn't have been able to withstand the heat x_x I can imagine Chanel packing the chocolate into the package with it being fine because it's apparently freezing in the UK with minus temperatures!! Completely opposite to here xP

So squishy and flat teehehe

I told Chanel that my favourite colour is pink, so I figured that she chose a pink nail polish for me hehe. Here's the swatch on my thumb:

1 coat only and I'm very pleased with it

I am a massive fan of lollies so I'm glad that she packed me some sweets from the UK :D I will try them soon and wait for the chocolate to set again haha.

Once again, thank you Chanel! We actually started talking via Twitter and I remember that she tweeted me first x) She's got a lovely blog and she's recently tagged me as a 'stylish blogger'

I hope you receive my package soon Chanel! I've provided a some Australian-branded products, hope you like them :)

Another thing that happened today was that I reached 400 blog followers =) Thanks so much to you all, it is always so overwhelming. My giveaway should be up and running next week so keep your eyes peeled for it!

P.S. Please vote for my blog domain's name on the top right hand corner of my sidebar. Voting ends in a few days and I will purchase my domain's name when when it does end and hopfully by then there will be a clear winner! It's been pretty neck-and-neck for the past few days eek, so go go go if you haven't voted yet ^_^


  1. That is a really cute package! You're so lucky :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  2. oh, i just made the vote 50 50 hahaha.. that lip balm looks tasty.. x.x

  3. What a sweet package ^.^ I've done swaps before as well and they get so addicting .. also a lovely way to get in touch with other bloggers hehe
    Congratulations on the 400 followers mark hehe ;] you deserve it babe !
    I love My Beauty Diary Masks you can get them from the face shop (if you have that store?) and they are sooooo nice, makes your skin super smooth ;]


  4. very nice post:) xxx happy new year btw:) pls check out my blog ,i would really love to hear from you:)x

  5. Just so you know for the future, you cant send any type of nail polish through airmail since its flammable. You can get a 40,000 fine here, not sure about other places. If they open it in customs your screwed. Just thought I would let you know cause alot of people dont know this.

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmmm Galaxy chocolate! Nice package!

  7. awww what a cute package if you ever wanna do a package swap let me know :)i love package swaps :)

  8. Happy new year jen, the nail colour looks lovely!! The mask looks really cute too, wonder how good it is =) I'm on a hunt for some good face masks!

  9. You're so lucky you got yours, I am still waiting for mine to arrive lol! I sent Chanel's package after she mailed mine and she received hers before Christmas! Oh well I'm looking forward to it anyway

    And congrats on the followers thats awesome :)

  10. Great swap!! I just recently got the same MBD mask!! I haven't tried it yet though! The note is super cute!!

  11. what a cute idea between the two of you! you've got some amazing new things
    love your blog!

  12. lol my favorite thing in this package is the letter!!! O_O SOOO cute!! XD

    you have naturally pretty lip color! because the pale pink shows up soo pretty!

    and I voted :D

  13. omgg
    i've had a red lump in my eye too!!
    it's been there for ageees though ):
    it even swelled up so that my left eye was 3 time the size of my right ):

    i can't wait till it goes away ):

  14. congrats on so many bloggers! and the stylish blog award. its soo cool when bloggers do lil thing like this and get to know eachother better =3

  15. SUCH A CUTE LETTER. I forgot what the little characters were called but I know they're from the cinnamoroll franchise!

    Haha, look at those lollies xD
    At least you wont have to head out for some candy when you're craving for them! Congrats on reaching 400 followers! <333

  16. what a cute package <3 she is such a sweetheart and so are you :>

  17. The ELF lippie you have on is SO pretty on you!!!!!! :D I really like it! I am a Beauty Diary mask user as well! I hope you love it! Her package seemed to have introduced you to many new things :)

  18. nice swap dear ^_^ it sounds fun! I havent tried swapping before :3

  19. /replying to you
    babe the eyelashes are from this seller >
    so cheap because they sell them in bulk hehe ^.^


  20. That is a great package she sent you. The nail color is very nice, and the card is so cute :-)

  21. The package is awesomeee~! We should do a swap one day hmmm. Or maybe not. LOL <3 I likes the nail polish !! xo

  22. I love Barry M nail polishes, and that colour is gorgeous!


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