Saturday, January 29, 2011

[CLOSED] My 400+ Followers Contest Giveaway

Hey guys! So finally my giveaway going to be opened :) Thank you to my 400+ blog followers, again I am so overwhelmed and each and every one of you mean so much to me

To show you my continuous appreciation, I am starting a new giveaway. But this time, it's much different to my previous giveaways. This one is a contest and there will be 3 winners. Here is how it will work:

1 winner will be a blog follower from Australia - because that is where I am from

1 winner will be a blog follower from anywhere in the world outside of Australia (international) - I think the majority of my readers are from outside of Australia!

1 winner will be a blog AND Twitter follower from anywhere around the world

The winners will not be picked by random but instead, chosen by me through a contest. Why and how is it a contest?

Basically, I am sending products to the winners to be reviewed, so I'm providing items for product reviews.

I am going to choose 3 people who I believe are most willing to do product reviews and are able to do them well.

I won't say what I'm looking for in these product reviews and I will not be biased with my decisions.

Entrants must be able to convince me that they would be the best candidate for doing product reviews and getting a prize :D

There are 3 prizes for the 3 winners, and 4 items in each

Prize 1:

- 1 pair of plano circle lenses (Geo Nudy Golden Blue) with lens case
- Maybelline XXL Curl Power Mascara in Brownish Black
- Savvy by DB Automatic Black Eyeliner
- 1 pair of false eyelashes

Prize 2:

- Laneige Professional Makeup Remover Samples
- Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser
- Australis Nail Colour in Pink Pluto
- NYX Scented Spray-on Glitter

Prize 3:

- Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Luscious Lime
- Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
- St. Ives Apricot Exfoliating Mask
- Simple Soothing Facial Toner

What's so good about this giveaway?

1. You don't have to have a blog. You could email me your reviews instead (if you are a winner, that is)

2. No one gets to have more entries than you. 1 entry per person, no posting on blogs or sidebars about my giveaway, no re-tweeting, no voting. It's simple, it's fair. This is not a popularity contest amongst my followers or a way of me gaining more followers by advertising my giveaway everywhere. I'm not holding this giveaway to gain more followers or to attract new readers.

3. Only my loyal blog readers and followers would know about this giveaway (because it won't be on your sidebars or blog posts), therefore increasing your chances of being picked as a winner.

4. You have the choice of prize - There are 3 prizes, you pick which one you want and enter. No randomness involved.

5. The prizes are earnt - This gives you the chance to be competitive and give it all you've got. Let me know how and why you're worthy of winning! That's why it's a contest.

All you've got to do is fill in the form/s and you'll be entered immediately!

Ends 18th February 2011 11:59PM GMT+9:30
Good luck!


  1. Your give away style is so unique! Really excited for this ><

  2. Yay^^ another giveaway =D Congrats on the 400+ followers ~ it went so fast!! And btw. love the style of this giveaway, it's so different than others ^^


  3. Good luck to everyone entering! xx

  4. Thanks for the giveaway, i really like the prizes!(:
    &CONGRATULATIONS ON +400 followers!:D

  5. congratulation for your 400 followers! =D

  6. Congrats on all your followers sweety! Great giveaway, so many goodies!!! You are so organised, i'm so impressed with it all! xX<3

  7. I'm so totally entering :-)
    And good luck to other participants!

  8. babe congrats on hitting 400+!!!!!
    so proud of you!
    your blog is awesome!
    and omgsh i always wanted to ask u how u made ur layout o_O
    its so proo.. gosh teach me ur skills LOL

  9. I think your blog is helpful that's why there are so many readers. As i always say Jennifer my wise make up guru :D <3

  10. congrats on the huge followers!

    xoxo elle

  11. Awesome Giveaway :D
    Love your blog!


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