Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Nail Polishes and NOTD

Hi there, yesterday I went shopping and bought 4 new nail polishes. I got them from Chemist Warehouse and they were only $2.50 each!

Gotta love the natural bright lighting :) Thank you sunshine for making pictures so much clearer!

Anyway, has anyone ever heard of 'T.B.N' (Totally Beautiful Nails) nail polishes before? I've only seen pictures of them on some Australian nail blog sites so I'm very sure that this is an Australian brand. I love how there is such an extensive range of Australian nail polish brands like BYS, Ulta3, Mode and T.B.N which are all very inexpensive :D And the quality ain't too bad either.

I wanted to pick out more than 4 but I wasn't too sure about the quality so I just bought 4 for $10. They were all in a 'bowl' at Chemist Warehouse with a sign saying '$2.50 each' so I rummaged through the lot to find some nice shades of nail polish which I don't already own.

The square/cube design of the bottle and lid reminds me so much of Chanel nail polishes which I of course, do not own. I wish I could own some high-end brand nail polishes or high-end brand anything but yeah... I feel better when I pay for things that are much less expensive :)

Some messy swatches:

The sticky label of the name went missing so I have no idea what this is called.
Swatch of two coats

The blue one is much more sheer than I expected it to be. And the colour doesn't really match the colour that shows on the bottle. I was expecting it to be more turquoise but oh well, this metallic-y blue is fine for me :) Quite pretty actually.

'French Pink'
Swatch of two coats

A very matte French pink, I like it! However it was a little bit gluggy and streaky when I applied it, so that annoyed me :( I think it just needed to be more shaken as I could see the pigment separating in the bottle. You know when a bottle of nail polish hasn't been touched or used in a while and the colour starts to look a little bit different? That was what happened to this nail polish. If it still continues to 'misbehave' then I'll add some nail polish remover to make it less streaky.

Swatch of two coats

I have the Mode Cosmetics version of the Glitter nail polish which looks exactly like this when you look at the bottle but when applied, they're both really different. Not much glitter actually went onto my nail so that's why I needed the second coat. The second coat wasn't that great either because it left my nail looking 'dry' instead of shiny like I had applied clear nail polish on. It's okay and I would use it but it's not as good as the Mode one. I'm running out of the Mode one too and I can't find a back-up :(

Last and definitely not least, my favourite one out of the 4

Swatch of just one coat!

Maybe it's not that obvious in the picture but it was so pigmented with just one coat! I didn't feel the need to apply another coat so I'm extremely happy with this nail polish. A beautiful metallic and glittery gold. I just know that it's going to look amazing when I paint all of my nails this colour :D

Would I go back and buy more TBN nail polishes? Of course :) I want to try the other colours and test them out. They're cheap and are good quality, why not! Just 50 cents more than Ulta3 and Mode nail polishes and about a dollar or two less than BYS.

So, does anyone know whether there are any other brands of nail polishes that are from Australia and/or really cheap, like less than $5 a bottle?
I know there's Glitter Gal but their nail polishes are about $10 and I have no idea where to buy them. Maybe at Gloss but there isn't one near me anymore :(

I decided to paint all of my nails today, using one colour from the 4. I used the blue and also the water decals from my Viva La Nails sample pack.

NOTD (Nails of the Day)
It could be NOTW since these will stay on my nails for more than a day but 'NOTD' just sounds more common x]

Viva La Nails I believe is the only place where you can find water decals. I had no idea what water decals were before receiving the sample pack but now that I have discovered what it is, I wish I could find them here in Aus!

I followed their YouTube tutorial video and it was much more simple than I expected :)
I just reenacted the steps for pictures after I was done.

1. Cut out the decals individually

2. Soak them all No, just soak one at a time in a cup or bowl of warm water.
I soaked all of them at once and they were so hard to pick out because they sank to the bottom! And the decal designs were already separating from the paper in the water =/

3. After soaking for about 10 seconds, take it out of the water.
I suggest you hold it with a pair of tweezers while soaking so it doesn't sink and it won't be hard to pick up. Ignore the lightning bolts, they're just to say that other decals shouldn't be on the water at the same time!

4. Place the decal onto your finger with the back facing you and gently slide it down.
This will separate the decal and the paper (just like temporary tattoos)
I put a number on mine because the designs are different sizes and (2) = for the pointer finger

5. Using tweezers, gently take the decal and place it onto your nail and adjust to how you desire.
You will have about a minute to do this before it dries!
Obviously I would be using my other hand for adjusting the decal but I was using the hand to take a picture haha

6. You can let it dry while you continue doing the rest of your nails
Apply a coat of clear nail polish to seal the water decal, and then continue

That's all! So simple :)

This design really suits the season (Spring in Aus) and using water decals was quite fun and it was something new. I now prefer water decals over nail stickers because nail stickers can come off easier and you can feel the ridges of the shape, whereas with these water decals, it's really similar to Konad stamping and are much thinner than stickers so I'm sure they'd stay on longer. Konad can't be found in Australia =[ But these shall do for now hehe.

I hope you enjoyed my nail post, I don't normally do these but I've only recently found my liking for nail art and such. It's great because now I'm on holidays, I have more time on my hands to create these designs and I won't get told off for having painted nails at school because school is over!

xx Jen


  1. Your nail art is totally cute *__* love it!
    I like your "French Pink" nail polish and "Gilt"

    Man, when I first got the water decals ..I was so confused! cos I didn't know they were water decals - I thought they were just the normal nail stickers and I was like WHY WON'T YOU COME OFF!?!? and then I had to search and I was like ohhhhhh >:[

    But yayy~ I'll do them too sometime soon :D

  3. ~ * ♥ * ~
    I really like BYS for cheap polish ~ yay Aussie brands! > < I haven't tried the TBN polishes yet.

    As for Konad, you can't buy it in a shop in Australia, but when I was searching for it I think th"ere was an Australian online shop {maybe on Ebay?} that was selling all the stuff for about the same price as what you'd pay from Wow so cool. Wowsocool is the original Konad site and you can get everything through there too... Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know because I love my Konad stuff and it is definitely worth looking into. Maybe you can put it on your Christmas Wish list! >__<

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  4. I like 'Glit' the most. Hey, your nails look heaps pretty now. :P

  5. omg same, tbn are in a BOWL at my chemist warehouse too lmao

    im so into glittery nail polishes now too, anything with little sparkles or glitters <3

    shall definitely check out these water decals, ive only ever used the sticker ones. one day i'll buy those nail art pens and see where my creativity can lead me! haha

  6. hey babe!!!
    omgsh those nails look gorgeous on you!!!!
    I wished I could do that :(
    btw babe :) I just wanted to let you know I gave you an award ^_^ mybe go check it out!!!
    No need to continue the tagging!!!
    keep up the blogging

    xx mooshi

  7. i love the decals, they are so cute x

  8. that is so cheap!
    I really want the Gold one! its just so gorgeous!!

  9. Aww I liked what the blue looked like in the bottle, but it doesn't look that great on your nails. :( The French pink has got to be my favourite from this haul! ELF sells nail polish btw. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  10. Hey Jen =) I love the gold!! I'm so into gold atm! I have a chanel gold varnish but it's too light so it blends in with my skin colour... but yours looks perfect!! You got me in the mood to do my nails now =) I use nail stickers too! xX

  11. Lovely swatches, the Gilt is my favorite too :D In case you were still looking, another under $5 polish I like is LA Girl, I think they sell them at Groove for $3-4-ish.

  12. CUTE nails! I love the stickers as well! :)

  13. HEY (: I think this is my first time commenting. Thanks for reviewing? i guess the nail polishes i always see them in the chemist but i haven't bought them. Where i live, they sell Konad weirdly LOL it's 20 bucks for a small pack. ^.^ I saw it ages ago though but they probably still sell it (:

  14. cheap nail polish FTW ^.^
    i really really want to go check out the chemist warehouse now just so i can purchase that lovely gold polish!
    thank god its heating up now, so at least i can wear brighter nail colours ;]


  15. the blue reminds me of summer pool water =) (it's snowing here T_T) and yes yes the gold one looks greaat!! I also like your nail art.. very very spring-y!

    And thanks for liking my vids! (I never go back watching them again after I edited them cuz I cannot stand my own voice XD if I do I mute it but then what's the point haha) I remember you made a video without talking... I would totally do that except I cannot edit my videos on windows media player =_=

    And I bought my Dolly Wink stuff on Asian website! It's cheaper that way ^__^

  16. RE: hehe thanks for the reply :D will definitely research more about the BB creams I want to try before I order them =D <3

  17. hey, the blue one is called aqua.

    turned out horribly sheer for me and nearly nothing like what it looked like in the bottle ;(


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