Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bluefly Review


Don't we all wish we could own at least something with a designer label? Well there's an online shop where you can buy all different types of designer-branded items where they are less than the normal recommended retail price. Now that school is over for me, I'm definitely going to be spending hours browsing through online shops and make all sorts of purchases and decisions :)

Introducing Bluefly, the ultimate hook-up for the fashion obsessed. Haha, I wouldn't call myself a fashionista but I do like to be updated with the latest trends and styles that are in this year/season etc. And by updated I mean knowing about it and all, not going out and buying the lateste dress design from Marc Jacobs x] Okay that would be very extreme but sort of tempting, because Bluefly has everything from designer handbags, designer shoes and designer dresses which are almost half of retail value.

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It's true though, online shopping is better when you're from the U.S. How many online stores have you come across that say there's discounted or free shipping that's only valid to U.S residents? Some store even exclude shipping to certain parts of Australia. Thankfully Bluefly does ship to many parts of the world, include Australia :) I may not be able to afford the latest Gucci bag or Prada sunnies yet since I'm still young, but I'll keep this store in mind when I feel like spoiling myself over the internet or spoil someone else for a special occasion x) Once I start to have a professional occupation then who knows, maybe I will be able to splurge on designer everything without the guilt factor hehe.

For those in the U.S, Bluefly offers $2.95 shipping on all orders. That's heaps good :O I don't know whether the weight of purchases would have an affect on the shipping price because it sounds way too good to be true. I won't look into it because that won't apply to me :( I think all you people living in the U.S should definitely take this into consideration! Cheap shipping is a plus, a major bonus if you buy high fashion-brand items!

You know what's really awesome about Bluefly now? They're having an extra 25% off Sale items that have already been reduced, now up to 80% off! That is mad! Unfortunately I'm feeling to broke to splurge on high-end brand things and I know I'll feel so guilty when I receive them :( I guess it'll just have to wait until I have enough dosh xD

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I love how there's a tab on 'Sales' and you can shop by price. The lowest range is under $25 and you can refine your search even further by selecting the colour, size and designer. When you're browsing, you can sort by popularity, availability, prices from low to high or high to low. So simple to navigate and by this I'm sure that someone can find a bargain. How good would it be if you found a DKNY bag for $50? I don't know how likely that would be but it's worth trying to find though, right? Especially since it's so easy to browse through =]

What I love about online shops that sell designer brand items - I don't get hassled by sales staff and I won't get judged on whether or not I'm the type of person who can afford these things. I can browse in peace and feel comfortable with purchasing only what I can afford ^_^

If I ever make a purchase from Bluefly, I'll blog about it for sure. I want to see whether these high-end fashion brands have high quality, not just high quantity!

So, have any of you ever bought or received an item with a genuine designer label?

I haven't :( Not even perfume, but that gives me something to look forward to in the future, and it could possibly my motivation to aim high and earn BIG!

Jen xx


  1. That's smart of Bluefly. There are so many people in other countries who love designer labels.

  2. Oh my! I'm procrastinating by reading your blog! hehehe!
    Just to answer your question, yes...I do own genuine designer label items. Mine were all gifts though - I don't think I'll be able to afford any time them soon. I got a prada wallet for my 18th so maybe you can expect something very soon! ;)


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