Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Package Swap with Marie

My dear blogger friend Marie and I had a small package swap and I received her package yesterday :) We had a limit of $20AUD to spend on each other as this was our first time swapping. This is what it looked like:

She got me:
♥ Rilakkuma paper cover
♥ Rilakkuma mini notebook
♥ Hello kitty puffy stickers
♥ Octopus ring
♥ Pink kitten socks

All very girlie and pink x) I admit that I'm not the most girlie girl but I'm happy with the things that she got me. Nothing that I didn't like or strongly dislike :) I'll definitely make use of all of these items.

Marie is a very sweet blogger from Perth, Australia and she has put in a lot of effort into making her blog appealing to her readers. She is very creative and has a passion for photography. We're almost totally opposite with our blogging style but we still enjoy reading each others' posts =]

You may have noticed that in the above picture, there was a little piece of the corner of the Rilakkuma paper holder that broke off.

I think it was my fault when I opened up the package D: Sorry Marie!

It's okay because it's just a little crack and it will still be able to hold paper perfectly fine :) Thank you Marie for your thoughtful items and it was very sweet of you agreeing to do this swap.

Anyway, Marie received my package a few weeks ago and you can check out her post about it (and see what I got for her) here: http://exuvalia.blogspot.com/search/label/Swap

Marie and I are both quite broke so there probably won't be another swap soon, but maybe in the future ^_^

xo Jen


  1. Awww everything is so cuteee <3 !! I like how there's a theme to the swap :P

  2. dude.
    those socks

  3. Aww, thanks! You made me sound so great in this blog entry. But I'm definitely not as awesome as you are. Anyway, it BROKE! Oh no. I think it was my fault, because I should have bought something more durable? But don't worry, if we ever do another swap in future, I'll definitely refrain from making the same mistake again. (:

  4. @Melody: hehe there actually wasn't a planned theme for the swap :3 i got marie rilakkuma items because she said he's cute and she unexpectedly gave me rilakkuma items too!

    @Tezza: i know right :D and heyyyy you need to come on skype/oovoo with us bloggers some time!

    Marie: naww you are great =) nooo no it was my fault! i was a little clumsy with opening the package >< but it's still ok ^^" thanks again <3

  5. Loving the swap! Sooooo cute!! I really like the rirakkuma note book but LOVE the socks the most! So cute!

  6. Awww! How cute things!!!


  7. I want to wear these socks to go to sleep X)

  8. Everything is so cute.. specially the socks!!!

  9. Everything is adorable! Something I would love! :)


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