What is QuestJen?


If you say it out loud, it'll sound like 'question', right? Right! And that's where I got the name from. I wanted to be creative and original, and when I was creating my blog header, I was brainstorming words that could represent me and my blog. My previous and original name for this blog was 'Jennifer's blog' and to me that just sounded so ______ ... you can fill in the blanks. It's not unique at all, in fact it's too plain.

I'm not saying that 'QuestJen' is really creative but as far as I know, it's quite original, yes? I haven't come across a blog with that word, especially those who have 'Jen' in their name. And the fact that I can separate the word 'Quest' from Jen makes it really suitable for my name to stand out. So by reading 'QuestJen' or 'Quest Jen' as the blog's title, you'd immediately know the name of the author :)

I was going to have 'The QuestJen' but I dropped the 'The' and made it a single-worded title. 

What is questjen? Or what is the questjen? (the question, get it? Haha)


There's no word in the dictionary that can accurately describe me and my blog, so I kind of made up a word, using my nickname which is also the first three letters of my name. I reckon it fits me perfectly because I guess I've always been on a 'quest' to try and figure out what type of blogger I was (beauty? fashion? all-rounder?) and I was also on the 'quest' to find the name for my new title (call me lame, I won't mind!)

I am always seeking, always searching for answers - hence I am the QuestJen!


As a full-time university student, I can only dedicate time to blog once a week. Each post I make will have a question at the end for my readers to answer in the comments section. Of course, it is an optional thing for the reader but it helps me to know more about my readers. It would be impossible to make contact with every single reader of mine so instead I allow them to interact with me through my blog posts. Having a questjen of the week is a way for me to gain feedback from my readers as it's interesting to see what my readers prefer, like or dislike.

Answering the questjen of the week has been a way for my readers to enter a mini giveaway and for them to feel encouraged to leave me a comment or some feedback. I mostly blog for myself but from time to time I also like to include my readers' thoughts, opinions, suggestions and requests by blogging for them too.
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