Friday, December 25, 2015

Celebrating Christmas with a Conscience with LUSH

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely time! I thought it would be most appropriate for me to share a Christmas-related post of LUSH products with the theme 'Christmas with a conscience' where each of the ingredients are cruelty-free, ethically sourced and carefully chosen to create an experience. A few months ago I received a box of goodies from LUSH and I've decided to write a mini review on each product. Here's the package and its contents:

How cute is the reindeer knot-wrap?!

Celebrate Body Lotion
RRP $33.50 per 250g

This body lotion smells amazing with its blend of orange, almond and lime oils with a splash of cognac for festive moods. I love how it makes me skin feel buttery-smooth and its rich and creamy textures means that a little goes a long way. It gets my tick of approval :)

Fairy Dust Dusting Powder
RRP $11.95 per 30g

I think this product is absolutely adorable and it smells delicious! When I first used it I thought, 'ooh this is going to make me look super duper sparkly!' but its actually very subtle yet buildable. What I love about this sweet pink dust is that not only does it help the skin to stay fresh (just sprinkle some on and voila!) but it also can be used to candy-coat bedsheets. Gotta love a multi-purpose product!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
RRP $9.95 per 100g

A shower gel that smells like candyfloss, yummy! I love that it's shimmery too so it leaves my skin looking and feeling wonderful. It lathers really well and it literally makes me feel like a snow fairy, hehe.

Santa's Lip Scrub
RRP: $9.95

I was really excited to receive this product as I had never purchased a lip scrub before. I usually use a DIY lip scrub of sugar mixed with honey which has been effective in scrubbing off the dead skin however I no longer need to use it thanks to this! It's a cola-flavoured and on the instructions it says you can lick off the excess but I prefer to rinse off the scrub after using it haha. It leaves my lips feeling smooth and soft!

Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt
RRP $9.50

And last but not least is this gorgeous sweet almond-scented snow angel bath melt, infused with softening cocoa butter with a delicate golden lustre. I used it during a spa bath session and it made the water look pretty. I loved how it made the water soapy but not foamy!

It's like there's snow in my tub!

Thanks LUSH for making the lead-up to Christmas oh-so exciting! It's great how they've released quite an extensive limited edition range for Christmas (these were literally just a handful of it all!) which are perfect for pampering your loved ones or even yourself.

Questjen for you:

Are you a fan of LUSH products?

I am a huge fan of the bath bombs and bath melts, I want to try them all!

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  1. Wow...!!! I love how they named their products.. Unfortunately Lush isn't available here..

    1. Me too! It's awesome when brands get creative with their product names :) Aw what a shame!

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