Monday, September 28, 2015

Royal Medium Brown Hair Extensions from IrresistibleMe

I absolutely love changing up my hair, whether it's with different hair colours, lengths or styles, temporarily or permanently. Of course I can't afford to do this all the time but a change once in a while is always nice :)

My current hairstyle is very simple, a side-swept fringe with mid-length hair slightly layered and bluntly cut. I can't say that I'm completely happy with it but I haven't been bothered enough by it to change it. Thanks to these hair extensions from IrresistibleMe, I can now change the way my hair looks length-wise, volume-wise and of course, style-wise! I could also change it colour-wise if I had picked a different shade of extensions.

I actually prefer how my hair looks with the extensions in compared to without!

The ones that I selected were the shade Royal Medium Brown of 20-inch length and a total weight of 200 grams. Here is the direct link to the set I picked. They came in the packaging like so:

Box with plastic zip-lock and sealed package

The plastic zip-lock package has two compartments - one with the hair extensions and the other with a separated piece of the hair extensions set. The purpose of this separated piece is to first to check whether it is the correct match for your hair by looking at the shade and the length. By checking before opening the rest of the hair extensions, this allows for returns to be made as long as the compartment with the rest of the extensions is still sealed.

This is how the sample piece looked like in its packaging:

Protected with a hairnet and banded together

I was honestly surprised to see how closely this matched with my hair, considering that my hair is dyed and not naturally a medium brown. Also seeing as I naturally have black hair, when it's dyed it is quite brassy so I wasn't sure if this shade that I had selected would be the perfect match for me.

Left: With the sample piece in (after smoothing it out)      Right: With all of the extensions in

The 20-inch length with 200 grams of hair was the perfect choice as it blended it well with my blunt-cut hair and gave me plenty of volume. I felt like a superstar with enviable luscious locks! In total there were 10 pieces which I layered onto my hair.

The great thing about 100% natural, human Remy hair extensions is that they've been treated to add extra silkiness and durability, and can be heat-styled, washed, cut and coloured.

I still can't get over the fact that these blended in SO well! And here's a cute bunny to replace my face

It was as though I had my long hair back, but this time with MUCH more volume and well, generally healthier hair as my ends were sealed and not split! Just imagine how dreadful it would be to have hair extensions with split ends!

Questjen of the week:

Do you prefer short hair or long hair?

Growing up I always had shorter hair as I wasn't allowed to have anything longer than shoulder length or mid-length hair (long story short, once I had head lice and from that day on I was never allowed to grow it out) so I always have a preference of longer hair over shorter hair, however I've had long hair for quite some time now, from around 16 or 17 years old. I'm thinking of cutting it to just above my shoulders (it's such a trend nowadays!) but I don't know if it'll suit my square-ish face! I guess I'll have to ask my hairdresser :)


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  1. I like long hair, though the wigs are perfect for that :P I find them much easier than extensions, also they hide the scalp! :)

    1. The wigs I've tried tend to look quite unnatural on me! But nonetheless they are great fun to play around with :)

  2. I like short and long! But on myself, it has to be either really short, or really long. My current length is killing me I can't take it haha

    1. I can't picture you with short hair! I think you can pull off all lengths hehe

  3. Wow the extensions match your hair color so well! I would love the option of playing with extensions since my hair is so short now but the color would be so hard to match haha!

    chloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

    1. I know right, I was amazed too! You could probably get custom ones to match your gorgeous hair ^3^

  4. Beautiful hair extensions! I also like to have clip-in hair extensions. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures of different hair extensions.

  5. I like long hair, though the wigs are perfect for that :P I find them much easier than extensions, also they hide the scalp! :)
    Henna Hair Dye


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