Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gold Accessories from Born Pretty Store

There are many ways to 'pretty ourselves up' - by wearing makeup, dressing nicely, painting our nails, styling our hair and accessorising with jewellery. The one that I have followed ever since I was a little girl was wearing jewellery because this made me feel more girly and pretty (as well as wearing dresses and skirts). In fact, I had my ears pierced when I was only 2 years old so it was as though I grew up to be interested in jewellery - thanks mum, there's no way that I would've agreed to getting my ears pierced at the time! Growing up I wore plastic rings, mood rings, jelly bracelets, tattoo chokers and bracelets (oh the 90s!), friendship beaded bracelets and more... this is like a trip down memory lane, all of a sudden I feel nostalgic. I couldn't wear these at school but whenever we had a casual day, I went all out with the bling-bling!

I loved gold and silver jewellery but I wasn't allowed to wear these as a child, only the fake stuff except for my earrings for my sensitive skin/ears. Once I was a naughty girl and took my mum's 18 ct-gold diamond ring from her drawer and wore it on (it didn't fit but this didn't matter to me) and spun around in the backyard with it, because I felt like a princess lol. You can imagine what happened next... it flew off my finger and it was never to be found again. Mum wasn't too pleased when I told her, though I was forgiven, surprisingly! Now that I'm an adult, I can choose we wear real gold or 'fake' gold, and the same goes for rose gold, white gold or silver. I don't restrict myself on what to wear, I like a bit of everything and it depends on my outfit and style. Dainty pieces, statement pieces, I'm good with anything as long as they look nice.

Here are my latest gold pieces to add to my collection:

$2.49 USD, normally $4.62
This is an extremely affordable bracelet and judging by the quality, it does seem as though you get more than what you pay for. The design is simple yet elegant and the detail on the clover with the rhinestones is gorgeous. I have a tiny wrist and have lots of trouble buying bracelets and bangles because of it. Whenever I come across any adjustable bracelets or bangles like these, I feel like Cinderella with her perfectly-fitted glass slippers. Makes a great gift for someone too!

Back to the rhinestones again, they appear to be glued on with great care and precision, and don't seem to be prone to falling off. I've worn this bangle at night and it glistens under the lights so prettily. I doubt that many would guess that this retails for just a few dollars!

$7.43 USD

I don't have a lot of statement pieces, especially necklaces so I was keen to pick this one. It's bold but not too over-the-top and can go with many different outfits. I personally am a big fan of this design with the two long leaves connected together. They can be folded to save space for storage, which is handy.


Once again I find the quality of this to be very sturdy, non-tacky and it's a good price. It's got that classiness to it which I adore and I can see myself wearing this for a number of occasions.

Looks great with this top, which has bits of gold in it

These pieces can be purchased from Born Pretty Store which offers free shipping worldwide with no minimum spend and on top of that I have a 10% off code for all of my amazing readers - JLQK31 to use at the checkout. The code can also be viewed on my blog's sidebar in case you need it again :)

 My questjen to you:
Are you a fan of gold-coloured accessories?
I like silver, white gold and rose gold more than yellow gold but I do like wearing yellow gold from time to time!


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  1. Haahaha what a naughty kid you were :P
    Best I remember was trying on mum's lipstick and then trying to hide the fact that I had nothing on my lips lulz ! But mmm, I need to start wearing more jewellery on an everyday basis - I sometimes just get so lazy to bother putting anything on xP That statement necklace is gorgeous on you btw ..and I really like your top !

    1. Bahaha yes I was a cheeky one ;P
      Lol naww you cutie xD
      Putting on jewellery completes me, it's like adding the finishing touches to my look :)
      Aw thanks! This top seems to always get compliments hehe, it surprises me ^^"

  2. These pieces are stunning Jen! :) I especially love the necklace - it looks gorgeous on you! x.k

  3. Hahaha that story! My little brother stole and hid my mum's diamond ring last year and then forgot where he hid it so we never found it either!
    I love gold colored jewellery, it just tends to suit me much better than silver!

    Chloé⎪ à la foliee

    1. Haha awww he's so cheeky and cute!! Maybe it'll eventually be found, who knows :P
      Oh that's interesting to know, my preference has generally been silver over gold but I never thought about which actually suited me more :o

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