Saturday, October 25, 2014

10 Beauty Products I Can and Cannot Finish

With brighter days now that it's spring time over here, I feel more motivated to clean out my drawers and tidy up my room to help liven up the atmosphere while the sun shines through. It's no wonder they call it 'spring clean'! Cleaning my drawers allowed me to find all sorts of items that I had forgotten about and also made me realise how often I use the makeup and skincare products that I have. In these past couple of months I was able to finish a number of products and I had thought about writing another 'empties' post but why do that when I can do something a little different... talk about the products that I know I can finish and those that I just cannot!
Let's start with the 10 items that I can finish, and here's proof:
Not all 10 items shown, only my recent empties - more can be seen in my previous empties post

1. Liquid eyeliner
Easy peasy Japanese-y! Liquid eyeliners are my one true love. I tend to feel incomplete without that single line above my top lashes - the one thing that I think makes the most difference compared to not wearing any makeup. Happy to go without the rest but liquid eyeliner, I need youuuuu, and lots of you. I finish these off really quickly, not only because I use them almost daily but because the pen ones only have around 6 mL.
2. Eye makeup removers and wipes
Without these in my life, would I even bother applying makeup? Using regular face cleansers aren't enough when it comes to removing waterproof eye makeup for instance. I need the good stuff that gently and effectively removes all traces of makeup. I've gone through bottles and packets of these and I'm always keen to stock up whenever there are sales. Besides using facial wipes to remove my face makeup, I use them to spot-clean my brushes too.
3. Cotton pads, tips
To assist with the removal of makeup, of course. They're also great for fixing up any mistakes :)
4. Lip balms
I apply lip balm at least 3-4 times a day, and times that the amount of days in a year... yep that's how much I use lip balm - basically, a lot. It's as though my lips depend on it because a day without lip balm = chaos. I get dry, cracked, flaky lips, a nightmare for some. I don't have a favourite brand but I generally stock up on Maybelline Baby Lips and Nivea ones.
5. Body lotion, hand cream
For someone who has dry skin, moisturising creams are a godsend. Need I say more? I feel so uneasy when my hands, elbows, knees feel drier than a desert. I guess everyone would but even that feeling I get after drying my hands from washing them makes me feel uncomfortable unless I apply hand cream straight away. Weird, right?
6. Foundation and BB Cream
Medium-coverage ones especially! A big confidence booster when my blemishes are covered to a point where it doesn't look too obvious or caked-on. I've gone through a couple in my lifetime and the ones I have now are starting to finish up too.
7. Concealer
These typically come in small tubes and when there are plenty of blemishes to cover, it's all gone before I know it.
8. Face and body wash
The only way to really remove dirt within the skin and exfoliate is to use face and body wash. When they're used daily, I can't see how they CAN'T be finished.
9. Shampoo and Conditioner
Reasons why I can finish these products: Water on its own won't cut it, the greasiness will still prevail. Conditioner keeps my hair in top condition :D
10. Perfume and deodorant
I'm aware that it can be quite rare for people to finish a bottle of perfume but trust me, it's possible. As seen in my empties post, I finished a 50mL bottle of perfume and I have gone through many aerosol cans of deodorant. Not because I stink (or maybe I do *sniffs*), it's because I was once obsessed with spraying on lots of deodorant as a teenager. It made me feel cool and grown-up, okay.
Now moving onto the ones that I cannot, let me show you my current collection of each:
1. Lipstick/gloss/pencil
Impossible to finish any of these no matter how hard I try. Actually to be honest, I've hardly tried. I'm reaching for lip balms these days, tinted lip balms to be more precise. My mum on the other hand doesn't use lip balm as she never has dry lips! Hence she's able to go through many tubes of lipstick. There was a phase where I was really into using lipglosses and then that died out. Everything else I just use occasionally since none of the above help with my dry lips :( I don't think I have that many lip products but it's not like my collection is getting any smaller (and I kinda want it to so I can feel less guilty about buying more).
2. Blush
I've never hit pan on any of them let alone finish any! Plus I rarely use blush due to my naturally flushed cheeks. Only on special occasions and photos for my blog. Whenever I do though, I only sweep a tiny bit. The blushes themselves are pretty to look at and have photogenic packaging (that Physicians Formula heart one in particular!) and as a result of my lack of use, they ain't going anywhere. Looks like they're stuck in my drawers unless I decide to give them away or something.
3. Pressed or translucent powder and bronzer
I know many girls out there rely on face powders to set their makeup however I'm the complete opposite. With dry skin that's prone to flaking, I don't feel the need for powder, in fact I find that powder tends to enhance my dry areas and so I'd rather use a setting spray or blotting sheets when my face needs mattifying. For contouring I use the bronzers and contour palette and just like blushes, I sweep a very small amount. My bad for not showing a picture of them all opened - I swear they'd all look pretty close to brand new. Best example is that Rimmel Bronzer with a clear lid that still has the star pattern on the pan.
4. Pencil eyeliner and brow pencil/products

Close to impossible for me to finish these, I can use the same ones for decades. Sharpening them decreases their size a little but no matter how much I use them, I can't seem to make them decrease to a size that deems them unusable or 'finished'. Same thing goes to my colouring pencils that I used as a child, which I still have by the way.
5. Nail polish
They dry up on me before I get the chance to finish the whole bottle. And besides, the brush applicator doesn't even reach the bottom for you to finish entirely. I can chuck out old ones and replace them with new ones but to be completely done with a bottle of nail polish? Uh...
6. Eyeshadow
Ah eyeshadow, another photogenic beauty product that I seldom use. I'm always so tempted to buy new ones for their pretty packaging/colours whenever I go shopping and then when I think about my collection, temptation is no where to be found. I haven't hit pan on any eyeshadows and I haven't finished any single one let alone a duo, a quad or a palette. Don't even get me started on my 88 shadow palette that I've had for years... which almost looks brand new. 
Just this week I bought more eyeshadow palettes... what. What happened to no temptation, Jen?
... Yeah about that... review to come!
7. Hair spritz and serums
You can only spray so much out of a x mL bottle. For me, getting through one bottle takes forever, same with serums where you only need a couple of pumps of product. It's unfortunate that I get lazy using these sometimes :/
8. Primers for face, eyeshadow and lashes
Don't know why these are never-ending for me when I use them ALL THE TIME! I've had a backup eyeshadow primer for a few years now... and I'm no where near the end of my current one. I forgot to include my lip primer in the above photo, whoops.
9. Mascara
I have never finished a whole tube of mascara. Yes, the formula goes funky or dried up but there's still product on the wand which can be used, thus doesn't technically count as being finished... you know what I mean?
10. Many packet items i.e. samples and face masks
These are just my samples. I have about the same amount of face masks
Samples and face masks themselves are easy to finish but I can't finish many samples and face masks, like when I have an overload of them! Sometimes I'm too scared to use samples for my face 'cause there's no expiry/manufacture date on them which isn't helpful for knowing how old or new they are! I have really sensitive skin too and to me it's not worth taking the risk. Same with using face masks where I could get an allergic reaction from them anytime. The only difference here is that they have a manufacture and expiry date which I tend to forget about anyway. There are times where I feel like putting on a sheet mask so I go to look for them in my drawers, then I see that many of them have already past their expiry date! It feels like such a waste when I have to chuck them out :(
So, now that you've seen what I can and cannot finish, I'd like to ask you a questjen or two:

Which beauty products can you finish? 
Which can't you finish?

I wonder if there's anything similar or different~


Disclaimer: Most products were purchased with my own money, some were provided or gifted. This is not a sponsored post, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies in this post.


  1. i can finish eyebrow liner/definer =)

  2. I completely agree with your cannot finish list!! Nail Polish collections are never ever ever ending! I don't' think I have ever finished a bottle of nail polish (as shameful and wasteful as it is!)
    Eyeshadow is the same, I buy alot because the packaging or the reviews are awesome and then I never utilise it enough to finish the palette!

    this post has been so thought provoking, I feel like I have to dig up some stuff and try and finish it now… rather then continuously buying new things!!

    1. Ah I'm so glad to hear that Penny! Nail polish just isn't made to be finished, is it? I love using new ones and once they get old I abandon them so I go out and buy more :S
      I'd love to be able to finish a whole eyeshadow palette where all of the shades have hit pan xD Sounds pretty impossible to me but I'm up for that challenge hehe.

      Teehee, I think that's a good idea :P It's funny because for me it was pretty much the opposite - digging out my stuff 'provoked' me into writing this post haha

  3. Wooow look at your stash! and omg Naked palettes dupe much? Like it's so identical packaging-wise, is that even legal? Haha!
    I easily finish up the same things as you too! Like makeup removers/wipes, lip balms, cotton pads... because I use them sooo often. Still haven't finished up an eyeliner though. xD

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Hehe and yes they look just like the Naked palettes xD I'll be sure to do a review some time so do look out for it!
      Oh high five girly~ Haha you'll eventually get there :)


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