Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Top 5 Tinted Lip Balms

Right now I'm crazy about tinted lip balms. Lip balms which have hydrating and moisturising properties and leave a hint of colour on my lips is like my all-in-one product, my go-to product for everyday use and I make sure to always bring one with me. I find that wearing bold-coloured lipsticks, especially during the day can be a bit much when I'm opting for a natural look and can be a little drying after a while. And while clear lip balm helps to soften and smooth dry lips the best, it doesn't do a lot for my overall look in terms of enhancing my natural lip colour! This is exactly why I'll be needing and using tinted lip balms for a lifetime.

Even when I'm wearing lipstick out, the colour tends to fade and my lips become a bit dry so I want to re-moisturise my lips and at the same time, add colour without having to use two different products. I will always stay loyal to clear lip balms and repairing balms like Blistex, Carmex, Burt's Bees etc. because tinted lip balms cannot replace regular lip balms or lipsticks. They're simply a substitute for when my lips are in mint condition. In no particular order, here are my 5 favourite types of lip balms:

1. Maybelline Baby Lips - Color and Glow

L-R: Cherry Kiss, Pink Lolita, Baby Pink, Pink Blast

I know I'll be using these for pretty much the rest of my life (that's if they don't become discontinued)! I love the scent of these and I've collected as many as I can of them in Australia. The colours vary slightly as seen in these swatches:

They remind me a lot of my childhood where I was obsessed with those 'Lip Smackers' - the packaging closely resembles those which brings back lots of memories. They're really easy to identify based on their colours and designs on the tube. I found that the 'Color' ones predominantly give off a nice colour to the lips whereas the 'Glow' ones with the silver packaging give more of a stain which lasts for a great number of hours.

A negative would be that I haven't found them to be as hydrating as other brands of lip balm and I feel as though the clear versions of the Baby Lips are a tad more moisturising, probably because there's no colour component, hence a slightly different formula overall. Another would be that the balm itself is likely to get stuck when twisting up or down. Not all of mine are like that but for the ones that are, it can be annoying to have to physically push it back down.

2. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm*

05 Chunky Cherry

I've raved about this before in my February Favourites post earlier this year and I'm still as obsessed with it as I was back then. Gotta love these crayon-like chubby sticks which are so easy to apply. The colour is sheer when applied on the lips and only looks pigmented on paper due to its texture. I'd say that this one is the most moisturising out of the five tinted lip balms. It's the priciest one out of them all too but it's definitely worth it.

3. The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Happy Chu Lip


This is my latest purchase of a tinted lip balm. The shade on my lips is like a bright red-pink and it goes on nice and smoothly. The scent is very fruity and smells very artificial which is not really for me however I still make use of this product for its moisturising properties. I have trouble with the twist tube where the balm gets stuck so I have to push it down myself. Twisting it up is fine, just twisting down doesn't seem to work properly.

4. Etude House Shini Star Lip Balm

#5 Guava T

This is actually discontinued (it was limited edition) but I thought I'd mention it here anyway, since I like it a lot. I included this in my HK haul post and I definitely wish I had bought more when I could've. It smells amaaazing and the pink tint is too pretty. I noticed that Etude House has some similar ones called Dear Girls which also look very cute. I admit that I prefer tube lip products over tins and tubs however for me it comes down to how well the lip balm works for my lips :)

The consistency for this is smooth and glossy, just like a lip gloss so it gives a really nice wet look with a hint of colour. I rarely use lipglosses on their own because many aren't long-lasting, nor do they nourish my lips but with this glossy lip balm, it seems to give me supple lips. I can't say that it can do the same for everyone as I feel that with extremely chapped lips, a different texture and formula of lip balm may do a better job.

5. Innisfree 98% Natural Tint Balm

#2 Camellia Pink

This Innisfree lip balm, hands down, lasts the longest out of the five. A lip balm that leaves a pretty pink tint and smells like sour skittles (I'm a fan!). It has a thick consistency which some may like and some may not, depending on one's personal preference. I would prefer it to glide on a little smoother so that it can accommodate for dry lips. Because of this, I don't see it as a repair and care type of lip balm but more a lip balm to help prevent the dryness on well-conditioned lips. If my lips are dry already, I wouldn't pick this as my first choice. The packaging is appealing yet sturdy and I have no real issues with the lip balm itself.

My questjen to you:

Do you use tinted lip balms?

I'm on the lookout for any others out there that tick the boxes of being moisturising, hydrating and has long-lasting colour. Would love to hear any of your recommendations~


Disclaimer: Products were purchased by me unless marked with a * which has been provided for consideration, with no obligation to share or review. This is not a sponsored post, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this post. All opinions stated by me are 100% honest with no bias. See more at http://www.questjen.com/p/disclaimer.html for full disclaimer.


  1. Thanks for the info Jen :)
    I am definitely getting the innisfree lip balm the next time I purchase some Korean goods :)

    1. Awesome to hear! I highly recommend Innisfree for lip products as they have been rated quite highly not only in Korea but globally too :)

  2. The Innisfree lip balm sounds really good. This reminds me to pull out my Shiny Star lip balm that I got from SASA a few years back... oops. I actually find the Baby lips Color a bit drying but the Glow ones are pretty nice! It makes my lips go bright pink :O

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Yes the Glow ones are amazingly pigmented for a lip balm and the shades are quite vibrant hey!

  3. I completely agree! Tinted lip balms are so handy when you just want a subtle color on your lips but don't want to commit to a solid color that can come off/smear off/need time to apply properly!
    Omg the etude house lip balm sounds so yummy, guava flavor?! I love guava!!
    Chubby sticks are awesome too.
    At the moment, in my bag everday, I am loving my Dior Lip glow, Carmex tinted moisturizer and Clarins lip perfector ^^

    Chloé⎪ à la foliee

    1. I'm so glad to hear that someoneee agrees with me :D
      Yes it's guava flavour and it smells super delicious!!
      I really want to try the Dior Lip Glow - I hope I get to soon :3

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