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Review: Perfumes from SC Perfume

Hey hey, if you know me well you'd know that I love fragrances and items such as scented candles, diffusers, lotions and more. Recently I had the opportunity to try out some perfumes from SC Perfume, an Australian-based company providing perfumes and body lotions made by the Saigon Cosmetic Company (SCC) who are renowned for winning many awards and collaborating with top French perfume and cosmetic houses.

I received two full-sized perfumes and five samples

Each perfume came with a description card which I found to be quite helpful for my own knowledge and for writing this review. Generally when perfumes are purchased in stores, there are no pamphlets or any information provided about the actual scent broken down into top notes, middle notes and bottom notes. I'd assume that most sales assistants couldn't give you very descriptive information either besides telling you that the perfume smells nice. For a lot of my perfumes, especially the branded ones, I wouldn't know how to describe the scents besides saying whether they're fresh, sweet, fruity, floral or woody.

Mariana No. 18
$14 for 18ml, $2 for 3ml Tester
My first impression of the Mariana No. 18 based on its packaging was that it looked very vintage and chic. I could say the same for the scent as well. The floral/green scent is certainly what stands out the most and it reminds me of a mature, warm and motherly lady. The bergamot and strawberry scents cut through to give a sweet and citrus-y, refreshing scent followed by the warmth of caramel and honey. It's not a bad scent however I prefer something a bit lighter and more youthful/playful. I think my mum might like this one though since it's said to be reminiscent of Angel by Thierry Mugler (which she likes) so I'll pass it onto her :)

Cindy Classy
$24 for 50ml, $2 for 3ml Tester
Just like the name says - classy! The packaging is very vintage and I could tell that this scent was going to be woody based on the colour scheme on the box. I'm not much of a fan of woody scents but this is unlike others because there's a sweet fruity scent to it too! I can definitely smell the peach and jasmine in this and also a hint of  raspberry, or it could just be combination of notes that create this raspberry-like scent. There is also this hit of subtle bitterness reminding me of licorice which I'm assuming comes from the base notes of cedarwood and patchouli. It's exotic, screams 'sophisticated' and I feel that this would be best suited to females in their 30s and 40s.

The following fragrances are 3ml samples which I picked directly from the site, based on their descriptions. I tried to find ones that sounded most like the perfumes hat I currently use i.e. floral, fresh, fruity and fruits/flowers that I'm familiar with. They were all neatly packaged in individual zip-lock bags with their corresponding description card.

Essy Beautiful Dream
$29 for 60ml, $2 for 3ml Tester
The reason why I picked this one was because of its simple description with only fruity notes being the top notes unlike other scents listed with 2-3 top notes which to me can be a little overpowering. It sounded fresh and something that I could see myself liking. This turned out to be true as it was light, crisp, refreshing and easy to wear daily as it wasn't heavy at all. The scent reminds me of a shampoo that I used to use from a brand called Palmolive. I recommend this if you're into sweet, floral scents that are very clean and feminine.

Sabrina Candy Love
$15 for 135ml, $2 for 3ml Tester
I could tell from the bottle's design that it would be sweet, girly scent that would be quite pleasant. This body mist would definitely appeal to female teens and those in their 20s as it is extremely fruity and youthful with a fresh watermelon and rose scent, making it perfect for the warmer weather. It reminds me of my teenage years where I used 'Impulse' body sprays and this scent closely resembles those.

Diana Spring
$25 for 50ml, $2 for 3ml Tester
I picked this one purely because the packaging was floral and pretty. This reminds me so much of the Mariana No. 18 and it turns out that the descriptions are pretty similar. It's mature, classy, elegant with a heavy yet well-balanced caramel and honey scent. A little goes a long way with this warm, woody/musky number.

Fantasy Blue
$14 for 18ml, $2 for 3ml Tester
Here we have another perfume that has a lovely design consists of fruity notes and the first scent that I got from this one was an apple scent. It's everything I want in a perfume - light and refreshing, clean, youthful, floral and feminine. If you're looking for something that simply smells nice without having a muddle of scents thrown together, I would recommend this one for daily use.

Fantasy Pink
$14 for 18ml, $2 for 3ml Tester
I decided to also try the Fantasy Pink which smells sweeter than the Fantasy Blue. I can see myself wearing this one often as it is more floral than fruity and more feminine which better suits me and my personality. Although it's very sweet, it's not to the point where it's sickening, if you get what I mean. It's really pleasant to the nose and it makes me feel refreshed and revitalised. The scent gives off a bit of a romantic vibe too! A real confidence-booster and my favourite one out of them all.


All of the fragrances from SC Perfume are really affordable and the uncluttered layout on the site allows you to specifically find the types of perfumes that you're after as they're categorised based on their descriptions. It's great that they have Testers so you can be more at ease when purchasing perfume and to help you decide whether it's the right one for you. I found that shipping was quick and received them in a couple of days, even by road transport. This means that they can only ship within Australia which is unfortunate for my international readers! :(

For anyone who is interested in purchasing from SC Perfume, I have a 30% off coupon that can be used for any full-sized perfumes - simply use questjen at the payment section of the checkout page :) This code can be used multiple times and is valid until the 9th of September 2014. Alternatively there are testers available at just $2 each and you can receive $1 store credit per tester purchased.
My questjen to you:

What are your favourite perfumes?

I'm a fan of the Marc Jacobs range and I also really like Lancome's Miracle which has an amazing lasting power~


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