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Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner - Hit or Miss?

One of my favourite cosmetic brands, Benefit, has released their highly-anticipated 'They're Real! push-up liner' which follows in the footsteps of the best-selling 'They're Real! Mascara' along with another product, the 'They're Real! Remover'. After trialling this eyeliner for just over two months, I can finally share my thoughts on it. Now I know that there are already many reviews for this but I reckon I might be able to offer something different (at least, that's what I think).

To be honest, I wanted to review this product within days of receiving it because I was that excited and that keen on sharing my first impressions. So then you might be wondering... what happened, and why is this review up two months later instead of days later? Let me walk you through my thoughts and experience...

The eyeliner itself looks great, and even better when surrounded by jewels

This all sounds and looks very exciting

I wonder if I can make my eyeliner look this awesome

A handy instruction leaflet in the box

So here's the eyeliner with an orange tip protector which needs to be removed and discarded first

The base is twisted to 'push up' the gel eyeliner. The excess is wiped off and you're left with the gel liner sitting right on top of the Accuflex tip

Something that I found to be a bit difficult was making sure that I didn't twist the base too many times for too much product to come out (this actually happened a few times). It doesn't always go by how many times the base is rotated as there tends to be a delay after each twist. You twist, you wait, nothing comes out so you twist again and then all of a sudden a chunk of it comes out instead of a small amount which you were hoping for. It may sound dramatic but that is what really happens. When this happens, the excess can't be pushed back into the tube so it gets wiped off and straight into the bin. I wish it could be helped! If only it had the same mechanism as those automatic twist-up eyeliners and eyebrow pencils - at least the product goes back into the tube and nothing goes to waste.

The swatches look great

I was quite pleased with the swatches on the back of my hand as the black was very pigmented and matte (perfect for oily lids). However I was a bit concerned about its consistency with slight parts of the lines being lighter than the rest. I think it's noticeable in the bottom line where it's lighter at the top on the right. This can also be seen on the first swatch image of the horizontal lines where the line becomes lighter and less crisp.

Gel eyeliners can be difficult to work with due to their thick, cream consistency which requires a more effort when applying/pressing right above the lashline compared to say, liquid eyeliner. I have very thin eyelids so the gentlest motion can cause minor tugging (even when I try to hold the sides of my eyes taut), thus the gel liner pen doesn't allow me to achieve crisp lines as a result of the tugging. It works better on the back of my hand because the skin on the back of my hand is less thin and fragile compared to the skin on my eyelids, hence less tugging and smoother lines.

You can see how the line is jagged and not smooth

I'm getting better at applying it but still I can't make the lines look super-sleek

I'm really envious of those who have no issues with applying this eyeliner! I've seen many reviews and images where the eyeliner is applied well and no matter how many times I try, I can't perfect my eyeliner with this which to me feels like such a fail for a beauty blogger :( I have no problems with 'stamping' the wing and connecting it - it's just the lining itself being a very fiddly, time-consuming task.

So to answer the question as to why it's taken me so long to put up a review... it's all to do with me. Initially I was thinking of posting a negative review because I was quite unhappy with this product not working as well as I hoped but then I realised that it doesn't feel right to blame the product itself for not catering to my thin eyelids. After all, I am part of the minority (thin eyelids isn't common and MUAs have pointed it out) and this is a newly-released product that may have its flaws/room for improvements. Not every product is for everyone and this happens to be one that isn't for me, unfortunately.

Although I can't personally rave about it and tell you how amazing it is, I can still find positives in this product and I know that others can and do too. I truly believe in the saying that there is always a positive to every negative, even when it seems impossible to find:


+ Matte black, superb pigmentation (tick tick, impressed)
+ Accuflex tip allows ease of alignment with its angled shape (achieve the perfect wing)
+ Smudge-proof, waterproof, long-lasting (it doesn't budge)
+ Neat, attractive packaging (sleek, criss-cross pattern)
+ Innovative, creative design (the first ever gel liner in a pen)
+ Hugs the lashes as it claims (it pretty much goes into the lash line, if that makes sense)
+ Stamping method the assist with connecting the lines (for accuracy)


- Inconsistencies with line smoothness (refer to swatches)
- Can be tricky to use and may cause tugging (especially when having thin eyelids)
- Particular eye makeup removers required (dual-phase ones or the They're Real Remover)
- Troublesome to remove excess before/after each use (a bit of wastage)
- Unable to create very thin lines (would need an additional tool like a brush)

Hit or Miss?

Based on my review, the answer to that question should be obvious. However that's only my answer from my own experience and I can't speak on behalf of everyone. It may not have been favourable for me but for you, it could be exactly what you're looking for :) So what will I do now, you might wonder? I might try using it with a brush like I would with regular gel liner or I'll just stick with my liquid pen liners.

If you are interested in trying this product, I would suggest that you try going to your nearest Benefit counter and have them do a demo on you, if they can.

Questjens for you, yes more than one:

Do you use gel liner?
Would you/have you used the Benefit Push-Up Liner?

Occasionally I would use gel liner if I want my eyeliner to last all day/night without flaking i.e. for special outings and I have been using the Tony Moly one with a very thin brush to make it glide on smoothly. It takes time to apply but the results are worth it. My go-to eyeliners will always be liquid ones because they're so quick and easy to use. With the help of an eyelid primer, liquid eyeliner can stay on for a number of hours.

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  1. This liner seemed amazing from all the hype it was getting. But it's definitely subjective. It sucks that it tugs a bit on your eyelid but you can't help having thin lids!
    I'm quite bad at using push up/twist up products, I always twist too much and get an explosion of product!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. I know right, it's sad :( My lids can only really handle liquid eyeliners!
      Me too about twist products, it's difficult to control the portions

  2. seems like you can't use it when you're in a hurry
    since it tends to delay after each twist
    but love the color and pigmentation !


    1. That's right and I forgot to mention that I needed to clean up around the edges with a q-tip from having a hard time lining properly. The pigmentation is a definite plus!

  3. I almost bought this but decided against it at the last minute! I'm kind of glad I didn't get it but maybe I'll try it out when I need a new eyeliner later

    1. I think new and innovative products like these are always worth a try :)

  4. Hey girly! catching up on my blog reads.
    I've been so out of the make up loop lately but i did see lots of social media promotion for this product. I totally agree about the twist to push up products, I used to always have this problem with lip products that did the same thing, so with eyeliner, all you'll get is a great big mess!
    I've been using the same eyeliner for years, and even when i stray to try new things, eyeliner is one of the hardest thing to get right in terms of formula and staying power.

    1. Hey love! Thanks for all of your comments :3
      The twist to push up products mechanism would be so much better if you could push it back down again, like a lipstick.


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