Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My 21st Birthday Gifts ♥

Hello! I am now officially a 'legal' adult all over the world - that's right, I've turned 21! In Australia it's not such a big deal (but then again, it kind of is with all the 21st birthday parties) compared to other countries because the legal age here is 18, however I thought that this would be a great opportunity to have a celebration with friends, seeing as most of them have had or are having their 21st birthday celebration. There are many friends who I don't get to see often due to our daily commitments so these birthday dinners and parties give us a chance to catch up :)

I had 3 birthday celebrations/outings this year - with the boyfriend on the day of my birthday (Thursday), with my girls the day after my birthday, and with my family on the following day. 3 days in a row of celebrating ^^

I took photos on the night with friends and I was thinking of sharing them but for privacy reasons I decided not to. Instead here is one of me with my birthday cake.


I'm so glad I decided to do something for my 21st with my friends. About a year ago, I would've said I wasn't going to do anything. If you know me well, you'd know that I'm a very simple girl who doesn't like to over-complicate things and easily gets flustered among a large group of people, haha, which was why I wasn't keen on having a '21st'. It's probably got to do with my introverted-ness and mild social anxiety that made me not want to be the centre of attention for a celebration. I usually celebrate birthdays with my boyfriend/family and that's about it. In the end I decided to invite my closest girl friends with 15 of us on a table for a casual dinner. I don't mind attending events with lots of people, they can be quite fun but if I'm the star of the show, I'd rather be around less people. Anyway, I was happy with how the night turned out and I loved seeing everyone!

Just thought I'd share some of the lovely gifts that I received. Perhaps they'll give you some ideas of what to get for an upcoming 21st (I've got a few coming up). To make things easier, I'll group them by their category:

Electronic devices

I guess I could say that I'm a bit of a tech girl, I love new technology and gadgets. Whether it's a new camera, tablet or music device, these are popular choices for friends who want to chip-in for a valuable gift.

My dad bought me a new phone and this was the first gift I received for my 21st. With my current phone contract expiring in less than two months (Galaxy S2), it's the perfect time to receive a new phone for an upgrade and I'm extremely happy to have gotten latest Galaxy model. I can't wait to start using it!


Jewellery is the perfect gift for any feminine and elegant female. I adore jewellery, especially classy/dainty pieces like the ones above. Currently I'm obsessing over rose gold and anything that sparkles!


I see fragrances/body gift packs as quite typical gifts which I have gifted to friends before but haven't done so for a long time, and probably won't again because I personally don't like gifting people fragrances... but that doesn't mean I don't like receiving them - I am a-okay with it, as long as they smell nice :) Luckily the ones I've received do and they're pretty awesome.

Beauty products:

I'm a girly girl, I love all sorts of beauty products and I never feel as though I have enough! They can be so useful and handy. Also, gifted beauty/skincare products give me the opportunity to try new brands/items that have been missing from my collection. If I've used them before or have them already, it never hurts to have backups!

In case you were wondering what the black item is, it's a brush set! This was just what I needed *_*

And they're really good quality too!!


A girl can never have too many bags/purses, right? We pretty much need one for all different occasions (casual outings, dinner dates, cocktail parties, you name it) and it's great that we can easily switch between them. I'm definitely going to make use of these bags.


You can't go wrong with chocolate unless... well, someone is allergic to them. But that's not the case with me and I've got a sweet tooth so I welcome yummy chocolates with open arms! You have every right to indulge in some choccies on your special day, and after your special day :)

The number '21'

These are great for memory's sake, simple as that. On the left is a '21' photo album to store all of this year's happy snaps. With cards, I prefer to receive ones that have an age at the front to help me remember which year it was for, when and if I look through my cards in the future. Having the age/year inside the card is good too :)

I just want to end this post by saying thanks for the well-wishes on my birthday and thanks friends for celebrating with me and for your beautiful gifts - I will cherish each and every one of them! And of course I will always cherish you guys too ;) I feel so blessed, appreciated and loved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Questjen of the week:

Out of the categories above, which is your favourite type of gift?

For me it's definitely jewellery, since they're so versatile!

To any other May babies reading this, happy birth month :D I Can't believe the month is almost over, so quick!

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  1. Happy Belated birthday again Jen! You got lovely gifts. I love receiving beauty products and fashion items ie. like those pretty purses you got!
    The S5 looks so good, enjoy! :)

    1. And thanks again Sheri!
      I'll definitely enjoy playing around with the S5 :)

  2. Happy birthday dear, your gift looks so lovely, especially the pandora :)

    The Journey

  3. happy birthday...!!!!! you got really nice gifts..
    and..........i spotted my favorite chocolates there..!! =)

  4. Happy Birthday Jen :)
    Love the rose gold MK bracelet you've got there hehe & welcome to the S5 club :)

  5. Happy birthday! Soo lucky with all your gifts! It goes without saying I would love beauty products and fragrances are fun too :) Ooh Victoria's Secret, I really want to try their body mists! One of their stores is opening in Melbourne soon :)

    1. Thanks Karen :) Yeah I had wanted to try VS fragrances too! There's one store at the airport that just opened not long ago but I haven't had the chance to go to it!

  6. Awesome!! the S5!! Happy Belated birthday Jen!!

  7. happy belated 21st! Hope you had a wonderful birthday with family and friends.

  8. best gifts for mothers on special occasions I adore helix earrings. You already know how much I adore pearl accents, and I also adore the way so many LAGOS pieces combine metals and textures. The end result is high-quality jewelry that will not only take you from day to night but will also last a lifetime.


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