Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get the Look: Berry Crush

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter :) Mine was very quiet and relaxing and that was perfect for me. Anyway, for this post I'll be sharing a new seasonal look called 'Berry Crush' for autumn, created by and using ELES cosmetics. Looking back on my latest posts, I realised that I haven't showed my face in about two months! Main reason being that I haven't done any looks or taken any 'selfies' (I prefer to say selca) recently, and also because I've had this huge, persistent pimple and was waiting for it to go away. Sadly it left a red scar and I hope it's not too noticeable in my pictures. Just so you know, my photos are 100% photoshop/edit-free besides cropping and resizing. I'm all about the power of makeup, not the power of digital enhancements.

What's the Berry Crush look about?

This look brings out the bronze and plummy hues of autumn (fall) days and is very delicate and feminine. The name 'Berry Crush' comes from the shades of crushed berries incorporated into the eyeshadow quad, blush and lipstick. The main features of this look are the bold semi-matte lips, strong youthful brows and soft hazy eyes.

ELES Products used:
Liqui Liner in Anisette (not pictured)

This is the sample/model image provided by ELES. I love how plump the model's lips look:

Steps for the eye makeup:

1. Taupe shade all over the eyelid
2. Charcoal shade for the crease and outer corner
3. Plum shade patted on for the outer-v
4. Cream shade for the inner corners and underneath the brow

When applying eyeshadow, I applied it right up to my crease underneath my brow bone/in the socket area. Initially I applied it no higher than my double eyelid fold but my eyeshadow was almost non-existent since I have such tiny, tapered eyelids.

On camera the eye makeup doesn't look as bold as it does in person. Also, it's more obvious when my eyes are closed. I don't have a very deep crease for my eyelids so when I open my eyes the colours can hardly be seen :( As shown in the pictures below:

Doesn't it look very natural?

One featured product of this look is the Mineral Blush in Mixed Berries which is a purple-y shade and isn't one that I've ever worn as a blush before. I lightly swept this onto the apples of my cheeks with a large fluffy blush brush so that I could blend it in nicely and have the blush look less harsh. I didn't want it to be too dark or else it may look like I have bruised cheeks haha. It's definitely a lovely colour when worn correctly!

A touch of purple blush with bronze hues

My lips aren't as bold as the model's because I used a lip brush to apply my lipstick. It left a very subtle plum shade and most of the attention has been brought to the eyes and the cheeks. Afterwards I redid my lips by applying the lipstick directly. Notice the difference below in the before and after:

Left: Most attention is drawn to the soft hazy eyes and blush
Right: Most attention is drawn to the bold lips

Personally I prefer my eyes to stand out more than my lips but from time to time I like to sport a bold lip. Just as long as the eyes and lips aren't both bold, all is good!

This is definitely one of my favourite looks from ELES and I really enjoyed using plum shades for my eyeshadow and especially for my blush which was completely new to me! I ended up loving the shade and have decided to make good use of it in autumn and winter (completely opposite seasons to those in the northern hemisphere).

Questjen of the week:

Are you a fan of berry shades?

I certainly am and I think they're great for eyes, cheeks and lips.

A little off-topic but thought I'd share it since it's beauty-related - on Wednesday I'll be getting my brows done for the first time at the Benefit Brow Bar which just opened here! I can't wait to see how my brows will turn out. I'll be sure to share pictures here too so keep your eyes peeled!

Disclaimer: Products were provided for consideration with no obligation to share or review. This is not a sponsored post, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this post. All opinions are stated by me are 100% honest with no bias.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chiffon Floral Print Dress

Hi! This will be one of my fashion-related posts where I review this gorgeous chiffon dress from Sammy Dress with a batwing sleeve and floral print below the waist.

I was planning to wear this dress out for an event/date but after receiving the dress from Sammy Dress, the weather hasn't been looking that great for me to wear this summer dress which is a major pity! We're already in the middle of autumn/fall and with daylight savings in place, the days are becoming colder and darker. I was planning to do a proper outfit of the day post with lovely pictures but it didn't happen :( I'm quite devastated! Hopefully with the photos that I have taken, they'll do the dress justice!

I've paired it with a slightly chunky necklace to go with the dress. The necklace that I'm wearing is from Myer Miss Shop. The model on the Sammy Dress site is also wearing a chunky necklace.

$13.84 AUD
Size S

As expected with most clothing that is purchased/obtained online, there are creases and they are especially noticeable with chiffon, a type of thin fabric. But despite the obvious creases, I'm a fan of chiffon dresses/tops because they give off that elegant, flowy style and with a feminine personality like mine, I'm automatically drawn to them.

Usually I would iron out the creases but with chiffon, it's a little more tricky since the fabric is very delicate and my iron doesn't have temperature settings. Also I wanted to show you guys how the dress looks like right out of its packaging and parcel packaging.

If I had worn this dress out, which I was planning to, I would have worn it with these white clog sandals which are cute and fashionable for summer. I find clog sandals really easy to wear and pair with outfits - comfy and stylish! You either love them or you hate them but I'm a fan.

Chiffon is one of the best materials for summer clothing - it's loose-fitted and keeps you cool! The batwing sleeves add a bit of classy-ness to the dress and so does the side bow which I like being there instead of being tied at the back (although you can choose to tie it at the back). I like the scoop-neck neckline which makes it perfect to wear necklaces and it just sits perfectly without being too low-cut/revealing. Dresses that expose too much just ain't my thing!

It has an elastic waist

The top half being double-layered isn't opaque enough for my liking but it's not a problem because I can simply wear a cream/beige camisole underneath. The bottom half is also double-layered but the floral print makes it non-see-through. Speaking of the floral print, I really like the pattern - it's not too in-your-face and the colour combinations are nice. And the length of this dress is just right, not too short or too long. Sitting about 10 cm above my knee is comfortable :)

I'm really happy with the dress and I can't wait to be able to wear it out, whether it's in summer or on a cool day with a pair of stockings. I was actually thinking of wearing it out with stockings but I didn't think that it would look nice in photos so I decided not to. Plus this dress is labelled as a summer dress on the website so maybe I should wear it as a summer dress in summer. $13.84 AUD is a bargain for a dress like this and there are flat rates for shipping to make your shopping easier on Sammy Dress. Check it out here!


Hope you enjoyed reading my review :) Once I get the chance to wear this dress out on a sunny day, I'll definitely snap some pics and upload them on here and Twitter.

Questjen of the week:

Are you liking the floral trend?

Because I certainly am, and to be honest I wasn't initially that crazy about floral prints. At first I found them to be too out-there and different to general patterns and colours but over time I got used to seeing them and started to really admire the different flowers and colours seen on clothing pieces. And now I can't get enough of them! However I wouldn't wear an outfit of floral prints from head to toe - moderation is key for me!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for consideration. This is not a sponsored post, nor am I affiliated with the company mentioned in this post. All opinions are stated by me with 100% honesty with no bias.

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