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I won a Style Wardrobe Audit

A couple of months ago I was notified by Celeste of Becoming Beautiful that I had won her Clearasil Vitamins and Extract Giveaway competition where there were 6 Australian bloggers hosting the same giveaway of a Style Wardrobe Audit by The Style Agency worth up to $300. I thought I'd give it a crack with a response (6 most creative responses are winners) and what do you know, I ended up being selected!

To be honest, I wasn't too sure what to expect with my one-hour Style Wardrobe Audit prize up to the value of $300. Here's a brief summary of what happened with my wardrobe audit session:

  • Stylist arrived at my house
  • Assessed my style and  4 of my favourite outfits that I put together before she arrived
  • Matched up the colours suitable for my complexion and overall appearance
  • Assessed my body shape
  • Looked at each piece of clothing in my wardrobe, to keep or dispose

Before I had my wardrobe audit, I submitted an Style Agency client form which was a profile of myself including my clothing and shoe sizes, style personality and any issues that I had with my body or wardrobe. Based on my information, The Style Agency was able to match me up with a local fashion stylist named Lizzy. She was wonderful and made the whole wardrobe audit experience so much fun! She had a really easy-going attitude and it made me feel very comfortable as this was my first time having a personal stylist. I could certainly tell that Lizzy was a true professional!

Most of my clothes in my wardrobe, already sorted into colours

Lizzy was impressed that I had kept all of my clothes in colour coordination - it makes things a lot easier to find and easier to know what colour could go with another.

My undertone was assessed and it turns out that I suit warm tones because of my dark hair and dark eyes. If you're not sure what your undertone is, you can always compare colours from warm and cool tones and see what you think looks better on you.

Although I like the colours more in the cool tones, I suit the warm-toned colours more. But it doesn't mean that I should avoid the cool colours - they just won't 'do' anything for me.

It turns out that I have a lot more cool-toned items in my wardrobe so now when I go shopping, I'll know to not purchase anymore cool-toned clothing and aim to find clothes in the warm tones.

 These are some examples of warm tones in my current wardrobe and colours that I should be looking out for when I go clothes shopping

In particular, I should look for clothes that are brown, navy blue and cream/off-white. These colours help to enhance my overall appearance of dark hair and dark eyes. Blacks, whites, greys and pastel colours may look good but won't look WOW fantastic on me. But of course, if the style/pattern is nice, it can still look great on :)

They say that everyone must have an LBD (little black dress) however for me, brown is my colour more than black! I really had no idea that brown would be the colour for me! Time to get myself more brown items, including shoes.

Teal = a colour that looks good on everyone!

We began to rummage through my wardrobe and find some pieces that were a bit dated and not the best for my figure, style and personality. We created a pile of clothes called the 'maybe' pile, where there was the option of throwing them out for good. For now, I have all of these 'maybe' clothes in a bag and I may or may not open up the bag again to have a look at the clothing. 

At the bottom I've got my home clothes and a messy pile of the 'maybe' clothes.

Based on my figure and style personality (which I will reveal soon), Lizzy recommended the following:

I suit monochromatic colours and this is an example

Dressing with monochromatic colours is when you wear one colour from head to toe that are just in slightly different shades e.g. light blue shirt, navy blue jeans. Although it may look good or suit me, wearing monochromatic colours is not really my style however I will keep this in mind if I happen to run out of ideas of what to wear!

 Lizzy recommended this as a cute and casual outfit

This type of fitted jacket works best with my body type and looks good with the warm colours. Although grey is one of those colours that don't do much for me, I can make it 'work' by pairing it with a colour that suits me.

And now to reveal my body shape and style personality... can you guess what they are??

Body shape = The I shape

  • Width of shoulders and hips are similar with a fairly undefined waist
  • Suitable clothing = adding volume to hips and bust
  • Horizontal details, pockets, ruffles, frills
  • Double-breasted jackets, belted jackets, trench coats
  • Belts at the waist to add curves
  • Jumpsuits can also be worn

What I was most surprised about was the fact that I don't have as many curves (or practically any) as I thought I did! I do have a heavier bottom than top (the thighs!) but according to my body shape being the 'I' shape, I need to highlight my hips and bottom and thighs when all this time I have been rather self-conscious about them. Identifying my body shape has allowed me to embrace my 'curves' more and to realise that they aren't so bad.

Having an 'I' shape body means that I should avoid loose, baggy clothing that I can't fill out.

Style personality = Feminine

  • Delicate, soft, pretty, womanly, caring, sensitive
  • Warm and approachable person, not conventionally ambitious
  • Nothing masculine or sharp
  • Soft cardigans, dresses, skirts, knits, blouses
  • Pastels, florals, bows, ribbons but not worn all at once
  • Silk and satin textures, velvet, soft

Designers suited to the feminine style:
Collette Dinnigan, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Alex Perry, Alannah Hill, Lisa Ho, Fleur Wood, Review, Diana Ferrari and David Lawrence.

 Feminine style is so me!

This was easy for Lizzy and myself to identify because when I had my 4 favourite outfits for her to assess, she could immediately tell that I had a feminine style and also with my answers in the client form/questionnaire. I haven't purchased any clothing from the above brands listed but I will be sure to check them out now that I know that their designs will interest me. I do however have a pair of D&G sunglasses :)

We went through a lot in the one-hour session and I learnt so much from it! I have a new outlook on fashion and can now be more critical of what to wear and buy. It's awesome how fashion incorporates many factors such as warm or cool tone, body shape, height and style personality. I could have the same body shape as someone but a completely different sense of fashion and complexion, or the same sense of fashion but suits cool tones. Therefore we can't just assume that something will look good on you because it looks good on someone else or what may not look good on someone else won't necessarily mean that it's the same for you.

Fashion caters for people of all shapes, sizes etc. and although it sounds a little cliche, it's actually very true. Not all supermodels have the same body shape and girls, don't feel pressured to look like them or feel the need to change the way you are. Embrace what you've got and work it with confidence!

The Style Wardrobe Audit has definitely helped to improve my confidence and to look my best. Knowing what I can avoid will definitely make my shopping trips a whole lot easier and help me decide what to pick if I have trouble deciding between two or three!

Thank you so much to Lizzy for her amazing styling tips and tricks and also to Celeste for hosting the giveaway on behalf of Nuffnang and The Style Agency. I now feel more confident to write more fashion posts and take OOTD pictures for my blog.

I am currently in China (this is a scheduled post) and will also be in Hong Kong where I plan to shop like mad for new clothing pieces and accessories! I cannot wait to share with you my haul, although it's probably going to be mostly makeup products hehehe.

Questjen of the week:

Do you know your undertone, body shape and/or style personality?

Once again, warm tones, I shape and feminine!

Unfortunately I haven't found a quiz to help you find out what you are under each category but I am curious to know whether any of you have an idea of what you are or have had a personal styling session similar to my wardrobe audit! Also I am curious to know whether anyone suits warm tones, has an I shape body and a feminine sense of style like me :)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with the people and companies mentioned in this post, nor was writing this post an obligation.


  1. Congratulations on the win❣ It's cool learning about which colour tone you are and what clothes suit your body type. Would you recommend hiring a wardrobe auditor?

    1. Thank you ^^ Yeah I didn't think it would matter that much but it really does!
      I would recommend it, definitely. Although it can be quite pricey, it's worth the investment.

  2. Oh man this is so awesome *___*!
    I actually want to do something like this now! I actually have no idea if I would suit cool or warm more? And psssh, of course you're an I shape - I'll be a little O shape hahaha :P ! But yeah, I want to see you wearing these cool outfits!!

    1. (Wow I should have replied to this ages ago haha, my bad!)

      You should Melodyyyy and since you're fair-skinned, I think you'd suit cool tones more :)
      Aww noooo you wouldn't be an O shape xD


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