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Bringing back the '60s for spring

Hi! I know that the majority of my readers are experiencing cooler weather right now but in Australia, it's sunny with some cool and warm days which could only mean one thing... it's spring! We all tend to dress and style based on the weather and today I'll be showing you a spring makeup look inspired by the '60s.

Here is my take on the 'Sixties Vibe' look created by ELES Mineral Makeup and this look is all about vibrant, youthful yet strong eyes paired with nude lips for modern Bardot style beauty.

 Using products provided by ELES to create the look

ELES Products featured:
Also used the Lush Mascara in Black (not pictured)

The soft velvety shades of Aubergine and Purple make the eyes pop and the coral cheeks complement the overall look well. You may remember the Coral Sun blush that I used in the ELES 'A touch of blush' winter look and it's one that I really like. I'm glad that it was used again for the Spring Look, it's simply beautiful!

I just want to give some quick comments about the ELES products featured in this look. As seen above, the eyeshadows are nicely pigmented with only minor inconsistencies with finger swatches. The application is much smoother and consistent with a brush and the colours show up very well.

The Dimensional Cake Liner in Plum Crazy is a rather intriguing product - it needs to be applied with a wet brush to 'activate' the eyeliner duo with one being matte (to define) and the other being shimmery (to dramatise). I guess you could say that this type of eyeliner is between a liquid, gel and pencil liner. It's nothing like I've used before!

The BrowBlender Pencil in Dark Taupe could almost be mistaken as an eyeliner pencil due to its pigmentation. I found that this was the most pigmented eyebrow pencil that I've ever come across and it took some time getting used to. Even with a light hand I felt that the brown came on too strongly for my brows. It might only be like this because it is new and the end is still sharp. Maybe after more use when it becomes almost blunt it'll be fine. The spoolie on the end works great and I have no issues with it :)

I've reviewed the Mineral Blush in Coral Sun and also the Micro Bubble lipstick in previous posts. My words stay the same but I can add something about the Micro Nude shade lipstick. I've owned a few nude lippies and although they're not my favourites in terms of colour, I ended up really liking this one. It doesn't make me appear washed-out and the creaminess of the lipstick doesn't make my lips feel dry like others.

From what I know about the sixties and their makeup looks, the ladies had very defined eyebrows and winged eyeliner with nude lips was a very popular trend. Think of Twiggy, the '60s supermodel with her big bold eyes and long lashes.

Twiggy, sixties icon.

Dark colours such as purple are not as common as other, typically brighter colours for spring however it's definitely suitable for a sixties-inspired look. I love smokey eyes and dark eyeliner so I don't think it's too much for daytime wear, though I'd normally wear it for special occasions since my everyday look is plain and simple.

Once you've got the boho sunnies on with the headband garland, people will know for sure that you're channeling and embracing that glam '60s look!

I had a lot of fun with the look :3

If you aren't brave enough to sport bold eyes during the day, wearing it at night would be just as perfect :) Another feature of '60s makeup - long, feathery lashes which can be achieved by using a pair of false lashes.

I also added some bottom lashes and lined my waterline and lash line with white eyeliner pencil. Everything else can stay the same!

The lashes I'm wearing are for evening wear, as stated on the box and are from the brand Eylure:

USD $6.71 @ KKCenterHK

They're super light (no heavy feeling on the lashes!) and the band is soft and flexible. I've seen this brand in stores but over here it's much more pricey. They're very comfortable to have on, and the ends don't poke my eyes. Because of the flexibility of the band, these lashes will stay on longer than regular, stiff-banded lashes as they will adhere and hold a lot better. The lashes themselves are made from 100% human hair  so they don't have that plastic feeling like synthetic lashes do. It's no wonder that they're the #1 brand in the UK.

Although they say that 'evening wear', you could wear these during the day as well as they're also ideal for regular wear. The design is pretty and can really help to glam-up your look. They're reusable as well - no need to chuck them out after using them once!

I definitely recommend these lashes and for under $7 for a pair, they're so worth it! You can use my code QUESTJEN at KKCenterHK and receive 10% off your order :)

You may have noticed the different quality of my images - I'm starting to use my Sony camera (mentioned in my previous post) which I absolutely adore and wished that I had purchased it earlier! I love being able to change the exposure/brightness which I wasn't able to do with my point-and-shoot.

I've also changed my background a bit by using pages out of Japanese magazines and sticking them up on my wall. Sometimes a plain wall can seem a bit boring so a colourful/pastel background can be a nice touch to my photos/selcas hehe.

I have an unclaimed prize of my 'token of appreciation' giveaway and the new winner of this prize is...

Eyra Yakob! Congratulations :) I've sent you an email - please reply so that I can send out your prize.

Speaking of giveaways, I'm going to host a mini giveaway of an ELES product. This is not sponsored by ELES and I am not affiliated with them. I was sent a Mineral Blush in Coral Sun for the winter ELES Look which I also used for this look and was sent a new one along with the featured products for the spring ELES Look. This new one hasn't been swatched or used and all it's going to do is sit in my cupboard as a back-up.

I rarely hit pan on blushes, so really there's not much point in keeping this blush as a back-up. Seeing as I mention ELES on quite a  few blog posts, this can now be my chance to share a product from their range to a reader who may have not tried an ELES product before.

Proof that I have two Mineral Blushes in Coral Sun with one being completely unused:

The new one is on the left and it can be yours. Prize valued at AUD $39.50!

Again this is just to show my appreciation for my readers and to give one of you the chance to try... maybe before you buy :) People in Australia and elsewhere can enter this giveaway.

To enter, simply comment below with your name, email address, where you're from (country) - optional and answer this questjen:

What do you like the most about spring?

or you can ask me a questjen again, I don't mind haha :)

This giveaway will be open until November 22 (my last exam for the year) and I will draw a winner randomly. You don't necessarily need to follow/subscribe to my blog but as always, it would be great if you could.

I'll be back as soon as my 3-week hiatus is over, I promise :) Take care guys!

Jen xx

Disclaimer: Products shown were provided for consideration. This is not a sponsored post, nor am I affiliated with any brands mentioned. Opinions are 100% honest and are my own. 

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  1. Your hair looks so pretty! Is it naturally like that?

    1. Aw thank you! Nope, my hair is naturally dead straight - I used my hair straightener to give myself some wavy-ness :)

  2. You are so precious :) I love the makeup and your hair-do! So cute!

  3. You look so pretty! Take more pictures!!!!

    1. <333 Hehe yes I'll be sure to take more pictures!

  4. oh my gosh you look stunning! Love the makeup! Love the photo quality too.

    My fave thing abt Spring is definitely the clothes! >.< So fun and cute and bright.

    1. Thanks Sheri :)
      Ooh yes Spring clothes are gorgeous!

  5. Oh my god you are BREATHTAKING!! You look right out of a music festival! And loving all the photos from your new camera hun. Music from the 60s is so great, a little cheesy and lovey dovey but i really love it and it always puts me in such a fun mood.
    So nice of you to do this giveaway! My favorite thing about spring is NOT hayfever LOL, but i love all the flowers blooming, my mum is an avid gardener so my garden always looks so pretty this time round c:

    à la foliee

    1. Not at all Chloe!! But thank you, ahaha *_*
      To be honest I've never really had the chance to listen to music from the 60s but if there are any that you recommend then feel free to shoot them at me! That's so nice to hear :)
      Oh hayfever lol, everyone's enemy! Aww my mother is the same, she loves gardening :3

  6. You look gorgeous! Haha the sunnies look so much cuter on you than they suited me in my post! The blush is absolutely beautiful.

    1. Aw Sue the sunnies looked really lovely on you!! I enjoyed seeing your take on the look by the way :D

  7. Ah, so gorgeous! Love all the photos of you. Does ELES stock any makeup in any Australian stores? I feel like swatching them for myself, hehe. My favourite thing about spring are the florals (like Chloe). Being surrounded by pretty nature makes me feel all happy - must be from the soft, feminine shades. x

    1. Thanks love! Mmm, I had a look on the site and there doesn't appear to be any Australian stockists unfortunately. Ah yes of course, the gorgeous flowers ~ the first thing that comes to mind when I think of spring is 'flowers' and it's always so lovely to see them under the glistening sun after the cold and wet weather!

  8. Thank you Jen for this awesome review! You are soooo pretty with the floral headband too. ♥

    1. Thank YOU!! The floral headband is my current favourite head piece - love it to bits xx

  9. My favourite thing about Spring would have to be all the beautiful pastel blossoms on the trees - the one time of the year you get to see pink and white and peach coloured trees instead of green!

    1. Aww that's such gorgeous imagery isn't it?! Spring is beautiful!

  10. cute look! love the floral headband too.

  11. Just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! Thank you very much for the review. I wish it was still spring here, I adore the colors and flowers and of course the sun! ^_^ The eye make-up is soooo pretty <3


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