Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Token of Appreciation

Hi guys, today's post won't be a review or anything like my usual blog posts. I've decided to give something back to those who have supported my blogging journey so far. I know it sounds corny but I just want to say thanks. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. Even if there's only a handful of you (it tends to feel that way), I am still very thankful and appreciative.

Here's a small token of appreciation for you - one of three prizes can be yours. There's normally lots of rules to follow when entering a giveaway such as following, reblogging, retweeting, liking but that's unnecessary for this type of giveaway. To be eligible, all you need to do is comment below. But not just any comment will do... you have to ask me a questjen. It can be about anything and once I reply, that'll mean that your entry is valid.

I've given you guys enough questjens of the week, so now it's your turn to give me one!

What is your questjen for me?  

(You can always ask me an anonymous questjen on but this will not count towards your giveaway entry)

I've put together some small goodie bags with makeup/skincare products. Many of these items were actually given to me by Mandy when she sent me a big box of new and unopened makeup products. There was no way that I could keep them all and she was happy for me to give them away to you guys :)

A total of 7 products in each prize, because we all know that 7 is a lucky number! 

(Clockwise from the image above)

  •  Suki Eyeshadow Palette
  • The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
  • Chi Chi Real Minerals Loose Eyeshadow (Greens)
  • Bourjois Effect 3D Max Lip Gloss in Rose Gold
  • Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminator
  • Viva La Nails Zebra Print Water Decals Nail Wraps
  • Femme Fatale Cosmetics Eye Shadow Sample in Polymorph

  • Suki Eyeshadow, Blush and Foundation Palette
  • The Body Shop Mango Body Butter
  • MsChic Face Canvas Face Primer
  • Beauty Style Luxe Dust x2
  • NB Lipgloss with Shea Butter
  • Femme Fatale Cosmetics Eye Shadow Sample in Spirit Bond

  • Suki Eyeshadow and Blush Palette
  •  Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Loose Eyeshadow (Pinks)
  • Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation in Beige
  • Savvy by DB Eyeshadow Duo
  • Ki Brightening Freckles Facial Mask
  • NB Lipgloss with Shea Butter
  • Femme Fatale Eye Shadow Sample in Wrath Baby

In the comments below, you are able to specify which prize/s you would like. If not, I will assume that any three is fine for you.

You know how I hold giveaways when I reach a milestone in followers? It hasn't happened to me in a while on GFC but on Bloglovin' I did reach 100 recently, hehe. Cheers for that!

To enter this giveaway:

1. Be a follower on my GFC, Bloglovin' or Twitter
2. Comment below with a questjen (question) of your choice
3. Specify which prize/s you would like - if not, you'll be in the draw for all 3

That's it!

This giveaway will be open for two and a half weeks (until October 16 2013) and is open internationally. Creativity with your questjen won't be an advantage as the winners will be picked randomly via Good luck ^^

Jen xx


  1. Here's my questjen: If you could only bring one beauty product out with you, what would it be? (Beauty can include makeup/skincare/ etc)

    1. Ooh umm... I'd say lip balm! I take lip balm with me everywhere because I can't stand dry, chapped lips D:
      Thanks Sheri x

  2. Hmm: First questjen, what kind of camera do you use? Second: What made you want to start a blog?
    Sorry if you already answered these before, I've been subscribed for a while, but not as long as others, so I might have missed it.

    I'd prefer the 1st or 2nd prize, as I won't get any real use out of the foundation in the 3rd, but I'll enter for all 3. [:

    1. Thank you for your questjens Alexy

      1. I use the Samsung PL121 Digital Camera, my Samsung Galaxy SII Phone and sometimes my iPod Touch 4th Generation.

      2. I like being able to voice my opinions. I tend to shy away from using forums etc. because I don't want to get 'bashed' on my opinions etc, hence I started my own site/blog where I don't have to worry about being too cautious of what I say. Also, a blog allows me to be creative :)

      That's ok, always happy to answer any questions that you have ^^

  3. Hey Jen! Are there any products at the top of your wish list right now? :)

    1. Hey Vy! Yes there is hehe, I really want the VS Sassoon Curl Secret or the Conaire Infiniti Pro or the Babyliss Miracurl (which all do the same thing) xD Great questjen!

  4. This is an awesome giveaway! :) My questjen is: Would you rather wear the same lipstick or nail polish for the rest of your life? :P

  5. Hi :) My Quest♥Jen is: Which celebrity's beauty style is your fave?

    1. Hey! Hmm, as I am highly influence/inspired by K-pop stars and their makeup, I will say that my favourite beauty style of a celebrity's is HyunA from 4Minute aka the girl in the Gangnam Style music video!

    2. ooohhh Hyuna! I love kpop too <3

  6. Ohoho I can ask you ANYTHING hey ;) hmmmmm... *evil thoughts* ehe jokes
    If you could live relive any moment in your life, what would it be 8) ?

    1. Yes, ANYTHING ;D
      If I could, I would probably choose to relive the night that I had my school formal - I had such a great time :)

  7. Great concept - my QuestJen is what is your favourite brand of makeup?

    Kayte x

    1. Thanks Kayte :) My favourite brand of makeup... can I split this up into 3 categories? I can't pick one favourite haha!
      High-end: Lancome
      Drugstore: Maybelline
      Asian brand: Etude House

  8. Hi
    Question: What are your favorite products(fashion/skincare/make-up) or tips for entering fall.
    Or i don't know much about the weather conditions in Australia, but it's getting pretty chilly where i live and the leaves are gradually changing to vibrant red and yellows.
    As for prize: 1!

    1. Hello!

      The same thing happens with the leaves here in fall/autumn, and they start to fall from the trees
      It doesn't get too chilly here, especially at the beginning but right before winter is when it does feel coldest.

      Fashion: I love thin loose-fitted sweaters/knits, patterned scarves and leggings and ankle boots - these are my essentials.

      Skincare: It's important to keep your skin hydrated during the colder months where you'll be exposed to gusty winds and heaters which may dry out your skin. It's a must to invest in a great moisturiser! Using face masks are also a good way of helping your skin regain its moisture.

      Makeup: Pinks and purples tend to be eyeshadow colours that are most suitable for fall, or any earthy tones :)

  9. Thank you so mcuh for this giveaway!
    I follow you on bloglovin and GFC with 10juu10 et rock-or-not
    I wonder how you keep findind such inspiration!
    Thank you !

    1. Thank you for your comment :)
      I'm always inspired through the internet and seeing other people blog makes me want to continue blogging!

  10. What a lovely thought for your readers! My questjen for you is.. What is your most favourite asian drama? Looking for some recommendations seeing that it's now study break week, hehe. Oh and I would like to exclude myself from the giveaway as I think other people would enjoy the prizes more than I would. :) x

    1. Aw no worries Lisa, thanks for the questjen :)
      My most favourite Asian drama... it's an oldie but a goodie - Hana Yori Dango (Boys over Flowers) the Japanese version. It made me laugh and it made me cry haha, loved how there was a part 2 to the series and a movie/sequel!

      If you're looking for something more recent, I recommend Reply 1997 (Korean drama).

  11. Hi Jen, thank you for this giveaway! My questjen is: What is your favourite nail polish?

    1. Hello Annamaria :) My favourite nail polish is Essie's Eternal Optimist!

  12. Really? any question? * evil grin* wwkwkkk kidding XD

    1. Do you like your life right now?
    2. What do you regret and want to change when you have the power to turn back time?

    I would love to get a prize if no 3, because I was not familiar with the existing brand. I was very curious and wanted to try it.

    Anyway, thank you for being kind enough to share the answer with us and hold a giveaway :)

    1. Hahaha yes xD

      1. I do like my life right now. I don't love it or hate it, so yes 'like' is a good word to use.

      2. What do I regret... well I live life having no regrets but if I had the power to turn back time, I would go back and do things differently in high school, not just with my studies but also with my friendships.

      You're welcome, thank you!

  13. Hi Jen! Here's a question (or two, or three) for you. If you're given a choice to either go to Greece or Paris, which one will you choose, with whom and why? And another question is, tell me something you know about my country - Brunei! :P

    1. Haha bring on the questions!

      I would choose to go to Paris because as cliche as this sounds, I really want to see the Eiffel Tower :D And Paris is known as the city of romance, ooh lala x) I would go there with my boyfriend - of course I'd visit a romantic city with my romantic partner!

      I'll be honest and say that I know nothing about Brunei however I first knew about that place from a celebrity who comes from there - don't know if you know Wu Chun, ex-member of the Taiwanese boy group Fahrenheit? He was my favourite back then and he was born in Brunei haha! Apart from that, I can't say that I know anything about your country but I'd love to find out some things from you :D

  14. I am a GFC follower and my question is this: How can I apply makeup with out looking like I am requesting some money from my date? I am very nervous about applying make up and was wondering if you knew where I could find a tutorial on how to look nice.
    And I would be delighted with any three of your amazing gifts :-)

    1. Mmm.. keep it simple perhaps? To be honest I'm not sure how one's makeup could look as though they're requesting money from their date. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube or you could check out my most recent makeup tutorial which is suitable for looking nice:

  15. Hello :D I just discovered you blog and I adore it! I scrolled through the posts with circle lenses and beauty reviews and I adore the way you write them.
    My questjen would be: I have circle lenses and I had worn one of them as a try out. I only had them in for about 10 minutes (they didn't hurt and were comfortable actually) and my eyes later did hurt for 2 weeks unfortunately. I worry about wearing other lenses now since I wore lenses ones I had no trouble with them at all. Do you have some advise when buying, searching for lenses?
    My second question, I saw some amazingly cute outfits :D would you conciser doing fashion on your blog as well?

    Loves, London xxx

    1. Hey ^^ Thank you so much, loving your blog too! You're too kind <3
      Thanks for your questjens, I'll answer them as best as I can!

      1. Sorry to hear that :( Those lenses that you tried on, sounds like they had a defect. It hasn't ever happened to me before but if it ever does, I would discard of them and never attempt to wear them again. It's better to be safe than sorry. It's always good to do some research on reliable circle lens sellers and brands that they sell, for example, GEO lenses have an authenticity code where you can check if they're fakes or not. As for sellers and sites, it can be hard to find reputable ones but I tend to read blog reviews or watch YouTube reviews about lenses and where they came from. At least if you know that some people have had a good experience with one online store, the store could be considered more trustworthy than a store with no reviews.

      2. Aww *^_^* Of course! My blog aims to be a mix of beauty, fashion and general interests so yes I hope to have more fashion-related posts on my blog some time. Thank you xx


Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate your feedback and if there are any questions I'll try my best to reply asap ❤

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