Thursday, August 1, 2013

Booktopia $1 Books Haul

The title of this post is self-explanatory (as with most of my blog post titles...) but instead of just showing pictures of the books that I bought, I decided to do an 'unboxing of my parcel' video... as I was in the mood to do a speaking video after filming a video of myself silently applying makeup. That video will be up on my next blog post coming soon :)

In the video, I don't particularly share anything helpful about the books, or anything at all. My main reason for purchasing them was because they were only one dollar each and there was free shipping, which I forgot to mention in the video!! Being awkward on camera and in general will always stick with me and I can't say that I am proud. Though I do find it a bit intriguing seeing how speak etc. when I am being recorded. Despite being awkward, I think that I'm actually more confident on camera than in person, HA. Aren't people normally camera shy? I feel as though I am sort of the opposite. I'm weird, I know.

Gosh, my grammar and sentence variation is appalling! I must brush up on it or write a script next time xD This is how I am when I talk casually without thinking much :/ Thankfully my blog posts are not as bad haha. Enjoy!

Turn on the captions if it's hard to hear my clearly (you may need to turn the volume up too!)

At first I was hesitant about sharing this haul video but Sue and Chloe tweeted me letting me know that they were interested in seeing it. It's thanks to them that I had the courage to edit and upload it! Apologies for the choppiness and background/loud noises. And also for the fact that it's not in HD. Yes I know, I need to get with the times or get a new camera!!

I bought 11 but I'm missing one from the haul because I gave it to my mum to read!

This is the direct link for the range of $1 books. This is not an affiliate link, I generate nothing from sharing this link or other links on this post. Also this is not a sponsored post!!

I went ahead and bought 11 books for $11, with free shipping. Some of them are sold out already and for those I can't provide a direct link but I will for the ones that I purchased and are still available ^^

Going in the same order that I showed in my video. The ones crossed out are sold out at this current time:

Compendium of Good Writing
The Tight Arse Diet
101 Dream Interpretation Tips
Angelina: The Unofficial Biography
The Good Enough Diet, Where Near Enough Is Good Enough To Lose Weight

EDIT: Umm I just realised that the books are no longer $1 each!! I think the promo ended at the end of July, sorry!

I've finished reading the 'Exam Stress? No Worries!' book and I found it to be a great read. It was written by a psychologist and she explained why people experience anxiety before an exam and why others don't. This was really interesting and it made me think about my circumstances/upbringing and how they affect the way I tackle exams. It includes a lot of useful tips and advice e.g. relaxation techniques and some activities to complete. The student case studies in the book made me realise that exam anxiety levels can vary from person to person and after reading the book I now feel less anxious and worried about my exams than before. I would recommend this to all people who have exams and feel anxious about them.

You are free to request a review from me for a specific book however I cannot guarantee that I will write the review or have one done anytime soon. I can keep it in mind though :) Or say a few words about it like what I have done above.

No questjen of the week in this post but there'll be one in my next post. Plus I still have the one from last week's post [here] where I reviewed a pimple cream.

I would love to hear your feedback on what you think of my videos and whether I should do more, or no more ahaha.



  1. Wow I really want find books here on my contry to that price. That is cool. Lovely video. xx

    Join to my Giveaway for Win an Etude House CC Cream!

  2. Aww, you're so cute! Please do more videos. :D And the books for $1 each is amazing! I would have probably gone crazy too and buy random ones, but I'm on a strict budget right now. I would love to see some book reviews of the ones you'd think are worth checking out! x

    1. Haha thanks Lisa ^^ Amazing indeed, especially considering that some of the books are at least $30 RRP and are only a few years old. Noted!

  3. Great haul, so many amazing books! Hehehe glad you did the video! x

  4. I need to check booktopia out! Sounds awesome!

    (^ะท^)-☆ Dizzy

  5. Great haul! $1 books with free shipping is such a bargain! I wish I had known about this haha :p


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