Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Bright Peacock Paper Lashes

Hi! Many months ago I was sent these lovely paper lashes from KKCenterHK and it was only recently that I was able to do a proper makeup look to go with them. This was my first time using paper lashes and I had no idea if I could pull off wearing them without seeming odd! Of course, I was never brave enough to wear these lashes out but I decided to be brave enough to share how I look with these on.

RRP $21.50 USD

These lashes can make your eyes more charming

Hehe, that's the peacock's head in the middle and its feathers on either side

To be honest I still don't really know what I was aiming for with my overall look and a lot of it was improvisation. I knew that I wanted to sport a bright red lip and wear the most unnatural-looking lenses that I have. I never wear bright red lipstick which meant that I was a little out of my comfort zone! Here's what I did at the start:

 I trimmed the lashes slightly, to be a better fit on my lash line.

 A close-up shot
 Wearing the EOS Adela Green lenses - reviewed here

I wore them without wearing any eye makeup to see how bold they looked on me... and yes they did stand out! I also used double eyelid stickers to raide my crease. I have naturally tapered eyelids and I felt that these lashes would look better on parallel eyelids (which is seen above).

Unfortunately I realised that after I trimmed them, the peacock design became hardly noticeable :( Also I had thought that paper lashes would be very fragile and thin but with these ones they were quite flexible and can still be reused as they maintained their shape.

Now to share the completed look with some eye makeup:

I think... I ended up going for the vampire look? Or some sort of villain/mystical being

I did a brown smokey eye and applied eyeshadow under my eyes to give the appearance of a smouldering look. It was a lot of fun to do and I made sure that my eyeshadow wasn't as bold as my lips or else it may have turned into a chaotic, overloaded bold mess!

With paper lashes, I feel as though I am able to go crazy with my makeup just because the paper lashes are already pretty crazy-looking! They were comfortable to wear and weren't much different to regular false eyelashes. I find that they're perfect for photoshoots, stage performances, costume parties, cosplay events and more. Bold paper lashes like these aren't my thing but I admire how they're gorgeous yet quirky without being over-the-top ^^

If you're interested in a pair of these Peacock Paper Lashes or other styles of paper lashes, check out KKCenterHK's range here. You can also get a 10% off your order with the code:


Questjen of the week:

What are your thoughts on paper lashes?

Would you wear them out? I'm a neutrals girl and I admit that I'm afraid to wear something, anything bold! Clothing, makeup... you name it and I won't wear it xD I'd rather see it and admire it on others, just not on myself :)

Jen xx

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Disclaimer: Product was provided for trial and review. This is not a sponsored post. No affiliated links have been provided. The look created was purely for fun and not to be taken too seriously. There are no intentions to harm or offend. Thoughts and opinions mentioned are 100% honest. Have a nice day~


  1. Wow they're such a unique design and actually don't look too crazy, they're just a nice, bold statement for a classic look.

    1. You're right, though I have seen more elegant-looking ones. I'd only think it's crazy if I saw someone wearing these on a regular day!

  2. They are definitely intense !!!!
    I don't think I could wear these ones ;A; ..unless I had a costume/masqeurade like party hmmm

    1. Aw Melody, I reckon you could pull off wearing these lashes! Curious to see how you'd look with these ^^

  3. There so cool! I'll have to try a pair!

    (^ะท^)-☆ Dizzy

  4. wow jen!! those are some insane lashes and u are rocking it!!
    i agree that i probably will be abit shy to wear them out but definately for some special occasion or dress ups :D

    u look gorgeous as usual hehe

    xx Michelle

    1. Naww thanks Michelle ^_^
      Oh of course hehe, you would look amazing in them!
      <3 xx

  5. Nice Blog!!Your blog is so unique and i like it...


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