Saturday, May 18, 2013

Benefit Cosmetics Blogger Meet

Hello :} I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time now and I've finally had the chance to do so. Last month, there was an ABBM brand meet up with Benefit cosmetics on a lovely Friday night. This was actually one of my favourite ABBM meets that I've been to and it wasn't only because of the cosmetics involved - the place was decorated so nicely and when events like these provide drinks and nibbles, I'm one happy girl!

I forgot to bring my digital camera so I could only snap pictures on my phone. Excuse any not-so clear pictures!

 This event was for the launch of Benefit's new product 'Fake Up', a hydrating concealer.

Held at this fabulous VIP place:

Credit: AdelBeautyCon

Presented by our very own ABBMer and resident makeup artiste, Kitty! (left), Gemma and Joyce

We all sat down around these tables and tested out a few of the products on the tables while listening to the 3 Benefit gals talk to us about specific products.

 It's all so pretty *_*

Joyce did the honours of officially introducing us to Fake Up

We were given the Benefit Fake Up in 'tablet' form to dissolve into a cup of water. I had no idea what was going to happen... and then....

 Oooh it's expanded!

... and opens up to be a moist towel. An analogy of Fake Up being moist and hydrating!
I thought that was very clever and a great thing for each of us to do :)

 We each got a Fake Up to try which was hidden in the handle of the mirror!!

They come in 3 shades - light, medium and dark and retails for $35 AUD

We also got to try Benefit's popular 'They're Real!' mascara which is said to give a falsies effect - RRP $38 AUD

The product which fascinated me the most was this stick blush in gorgeous rose gold packaging!! The blush is easily blendable and I quite like the idea of having 3 colours in 1
Kitty's demo #1 - using the Benefit brow palette on Suki

Kitty's demo #2 - using one of the Benefit palettes on Kathy

 The new colour range of eyeshadows and lipglosses that we were briefly introduced to

Gemma getting cosy with Fake Up on the couch ;)

What could all those mysterious bags be :O ?!?

Goodie bags of course!

L-R: Amy, me, Kitty, Kathy, Steph, Sherry and Celeste
Credit: AdelBeautyCon

Overall it was a very fun-filled, girly night full of laughs! Thank you so so much to everyone who worked hard to make this event possible - just to name a few, Gemma and Joyce from Benefit who made their way to Adelaide for this event and to Kitty for all the planning, prepping that went on behind the scenes (and demo'ing)!

I would have been happy walking out empty-handed but weeeeee, a goodie bag for each of us. I was stoked :)

Containing booklet and leaflets as well as two full-sized products that we tested on the night:
  • Benefit Fake Up
  • Benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara

 But before I discuss the products, I just wanted to say that this is the coolest promo/business card I've seen! Love the hidden descriptions behind the flaps that you have to open up yourself

Benefit Fake Up crease-control hydrating concealer

 I got the medium shade and I reckon it's the best match for me. It really does feel moist on my skin... it reminds me of lip balm but in concealer form haha. The packaging is just like a lipstick case. The silver and pink is very attractive :)

Benefit They're Real Beyond mascara
with a 'specially designed brush that reveals lashes you never knew you had'

So far so good. The brush isn't too thick and the glossy tube totally screams 'high-end'. Love it

I'd actually recommend both products they're honestly not too expensive for a high-end makeup brand. Pretty packaging and awesome quality = A+ rating!

Kate from Seduced by Beauty filmed some footage on the night and has uploaded it on her YouTube. I've decided to embed it here in case anyone was interested in seeing/hearing more about the event :) Credits to Kate for this video!

Questjen of the week:

Have you tried any Benefit cosmetics? If so, was there anything that you liked?

Prior to this event, I had only tried Benefit's the POREfessional which I received in a goodie bag at ABC 2011. I highly recommend it as a primer for oily skin as it does a great job with minimising oils and the appearance of pores and fine lines.

These two months (May and June) are going to be very busy for me which means that I may only blog again once during this period... I wish I could do weekly blogging again :(

And I'm turning 20 on Wednesday... my 'teen' life is coming to an end!

Hope everyone is well~


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