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Blog Meet at Media Makeup - Make Up For Ever

Hi all, today I'll be blogging about the February bloggers meet at Media Makeup where all of their makeup products are from the brand 'Make Up For Ever' aka 'MUFE'. It is a brand that is known worldwide and is actually the second highest-selling cosmetic brand in America. I hadn't had a chance to test out their products until this bloggers meet which was really exciting! I'll guide you through my day with the blogger girls of SA~

(If I could have a display like this in my home... that would be fantastic)

Media Makeup is in fact a makeup school where students can obtain Certificates through the range of courses that they offer.

I made sure that I arrived extra early as I didn't want a case of deja vu happening. If you remember my Beauty Conference post last year, the event was held at this exact place and I happened to arrive late!

This was my outfit by the way - a green polka dot dress:

(SNSD poster on my wall is always great inspiration for looking good)

We sat around a large table (same setting as a meeting) and Bec, the director of Media Makeup, introduced the MUFE brand by giving us some background information on how it all started and how it has become the brand it is today.

 What I love about blogger meets: 
it's appropriate and normal to have your phones out while someone is talking.

 We watched a promo clip of MUFE's Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks

As well as introducing MUFE, Bec also spoke about the skincare line, Embryolisse and the brand for tools, Seki Edge:

We also got to have a look at some gorgeous false eyelashes by the brand 'Blync'

Next we got to see a makeup demo by Bec where she used one of the Media Makeup students as the model. A very gorgeous model too I must say :)

Firstly Bec removed the makeup that the model was already wearing

 And begun sharing techniques and tips for each step with applying makeup

While this was happening, MUFE products were passed around for us to swatch. Here are my swatches:

One of their most popular products - MUFE HD Foundation. Smoothes on so nicely on the back of my hand

Here is the finished look on the model. Strikingly bold eyes and ready for a night out!

Afterwards we had the chance to purchase any MUFE products with a 20% off one-day only discount for us bloggers but being the good girl that I am, I resisted and didn't make any purchases :)

We were lucky enough to receive a small goodie bag each though! It was very generous of Media Makeup.

 Consisted of two full-sized products and one small-sized one
 MUFE HD Cream Blush - a little goes a long way as it's super pigmented!!
MUFE Uplight Face Luminizer Gel. The samples were way lighter than the one I got. Mine is quite dark! Can you see how shimmery it is?

The cutest lippie ever! I prefer the shade in the tube more than the swatch :( That pale pink by itself won't look that great on my lips. I reckon it'll clash with my skin tone, so I'll make sure to use it with another lipstick.

I had an awesome time and I want to thank Media Makeup and Bec for having us once again for a blog meet. It's the perfect location too because it's central which makes it quite easy for us to find and make our way there. And of course, big thanks to the ABBM organisers for putting together this event.

Hope that there weren't too many pictures. I only selected the best and grouped them into collages where possible. Thank you for reading and I should be back with a new post next week if I'm not too busy with uni work. Fingers crossed :)

Questjen of the week:

'Try before you buy' - a must or are you okay with buying without trying?

Sometimes us beauty bloggers like to purchase products without testing beforehand so that we can do a full trial and write up a review in great detail.

My answer: It is not always a must.

Most of the time I purchase products purely because I am curious and want to try things out right after opening. Testers are great however you don't always get the most out of them i.e. they run out, someone's used them before, they may have been tampered with etc. Some products don't even have testers, such as mascaras. With foundation/concealers, it is definitely a must and I find that it is important to swatch!

Jen xx


  1. Looks like an awesome event!
    MUFE is definitely a brand that's been raved a lot about :)

    For me, trying is not always a must. Sometimes I buy on impulse (bad habit) and I get excited to try it after I buy it!

  2. MUFE is something ive heard about but rarely seen in NZ except in department stores :O I impulse buy.. like i try to research products & keep an eye out for things i want/need but i always end up not finding what i want or seeing sale prices & go nuts .. ==" to me, i can buy without trying coz ill sell it off later if i dont like it XD

    1. I hardly see MUFE IN department stores! Yeah, especially when there's a new product... or one that everyone raves about because that tempts me to jump on the bandwagon xD Those are mainly the ones that I buy full-priced, unless I can be patient and wait until there is a sale haha. Lucky you! I fail to sell anything off - I just give to my mum if I don't like/want it lol

  3. awesome event! I love MUFE products. So hard to get my hands on them since they don't stock it anywhere in Perth. Frustration to the max! Slowly buying some of their stuff to add to my kit and had been researching and debating if MUFE HD foundation would be worth it to add to my professional kit.

    Thanks for sharing, looks like fun and the goodies bag looks great!

    1. It seems like the MUFE HD Foundation would be worth trying at least! After all, it is one of their best-sellers and something about the name 'HD' just makes it sound... amazing :D

      Aw, thank you for reading and commenting Mandy!!

  4. This event looks really genial.Realmente I am of the persons in the test because I follow my intuition (or very well read reviews from other bloggers). When I get the opportunity to test products (which I appreciate) is very good and I can check the quality of a product and if it works or not. But I'm not always those that try before you buy, because I have not provided the opportunity to test a product.
    Btw I´m following you i want invite you to my blog and if you want follow me back.


    1. Blog reviews are always so fantastic to read :)
      Thanks for the follow ^^

  5. Great cover on the MUFE event! So much eye candy in a post. I think trying is a must for me. I like to know it looks like on my skin.

  6. WOW! this seems like such a fun event! I've only ever tried a few MUFE products and they're definitely great quality, hefty price tag tho. That foundation looks flawless!

    à la foliee


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