Friday, February 8, 2013

Ways to Wear a Cut-out Blouse

Lately I've been doing some damage to my wallet and bank account as I have been working more and since Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I thought 'why not?!'. And which girl doesn't like shopping or having new things :P

I bought this white chiffon cut-out blouse from YesStyle made from the Korean brand prischu essentials. It's really casual and quite versatile as you can pair it with pretty much anything (pants, skirt and more). These days I'm liking collared tops - I think they're so cute yet classy!

As the back is cut-out, I decided to experiment a bit with the sleeves just for fun. I don't intend to wear it out differently but I thought it'd be interesting to share the ways you could potentially wear this shirt to make it look different to how it is usually worn.

Mind you, I did iron the blouse beforehand but it got crinkly again. Chiffon, Y U do this to me?!

With a cut-out blouse, you can simply do this:

(I wouldn't wear it like this)

I have came up with ways to make this blouse completely sleeveless and I wouldn't be surprised if others already knew about these as they are very simple. I just wanted to be creative with it :)

1. Tie at the front

2. Bow at the front

3. Tie and tuck

4. For a slightly different type of sleeveless, you could wrap the sleeves around your arms once, twist the remaining and tuck it into the side of your blouse:
(I actually came up with this while taking the pics, hence the unevenness)

Are there any other ways of wearing a cut-out blouse?? It's cool how you can instantly change something long-sleeved into something short-sleeved.

Taking outfit shots is troublesome without a tripod, as you may have seen in my 365 challenge photo. Boxes surely come in handy though.

A way to accessorise your blouse besides wearing jewellery is to wear... a bow tie!

It belongs to my dad

As I was taking photos, I also tried to be a little... artistic with my poses lol. I know nothing about being artistic or photogenic...
Yes I did wrap the bow tie around my eyes hahaha
I wasn't in the middle of putting my bow tie on... even though it looks like it -_-

A fashion post done! About time I did more of these. I love beauty blogging but fashion is my other love and I hope I can write more posts on this topic ^_^

Questjen of the week:

I've made a poll and I'd love to see your reasons why or why not in the comments below!

Hope everyone's having a great day/afternoon/night and Happy Lunar New Year :D Yay Sunday!

Jen xx


  1. These are some cute ideas to switch up how it looks! Sometimes if it looks too baggy and shapeless the ideas would help too ^^

  2. omg, wow! Jen, this is so cute *w* I love the idea!!

  3. creases in chiffon clothes are a nightmare, no matter how much you iron they get creased -.- lol
    the shirt is lovely and these are cute ideas! ^^ I love oversized shirts!

    1. Yeahhhh >_< But it is a pretty, delicate fabric!
      Me too, I love the way they flow

  4. thats really awesome!! :O i love how versatile that top can be, usually when i see cut out tops in stores now.. i avoid them coz they just look weird to me but this one looks great :D thanks for showing many ways to wear it ^__^ and happy CNY~~

    1. Ahaha thanks Jen! You're most welcome hehe, Happy CNY to you too <3

  5. haha, its so cute that u can play around with the blouse!
    but the creases can get very annoying i guess =/

    i just randomly dropped by!
    lots of greets to australiaaaaaa from europe :))) hihi!

  6. Oh I think bows look super cute with blouses !!! *__* I was super confused as to how you were doing all the different ways ..until I realised what a "cut out blouse" was heheh :P

    1. Hehe ^_^ Oh lol yeah, I got the name from the Yesstyle site but other than that I hadn't heard a name for these types of blouses xD So I completely understand!


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