Friday, February 22, 2013

Summer Look featuring EOS Fuzzy Petal Lenses

Hi all! Apologies for not posting in the past week and a bit - I had something in mind for last week but I didn't get around to writing it. I'll have it up next week though :)

Because for this week, I'll be doing a 2-in-1 review using a FOTD look (inspired by summer) I created recently. A pair of lenses and a pair of false eyelashes... both go so well together and saves me from taking separate pictures for review and blogging.

For the first time in like... ever, I managed to snap a few pictures outside in my backyard. Nothing too fancy but I just thought that it would be appropriate to be taking 'summer' shots outside while it's still summer over here.

In case you weren't aware, I now have pinkish/brownish/orange-ish ends

I used my Maybelline Hypershine Diamonds palette which I got last year here and for me the warm, fiery tones reminded me of summer. What I love about it is that it's great for both day and night - neutral yet vibrant colours!

The only flowers in my backyard right now...

Anyway, about the lenses that I am wearing, they are the EOS Fuzzy Petal Brown lenses from MukuCHU and I noticed that the pattern is quite similar to the GEO Angel Brown lenses. Though compared the the Angel Browns, these are much lighter and are more on the 'yellow' side.

AUD $20

Indoor, natural lighting

Comparison of no flash and flash photography

With the black limbal ring and a diameter of 14.7mm, these lenses are perfect for that dolly look. However if you are aiming for a more exaggerated dolly look, lenses that are 15-16mm would be a better choice. I wouldn't say that these are natural-looking but for someone who is aiming to have doll-like eyes without creeping people out to the max then I would totally recommend these. They aren't too outrageous and dramatic.

At first I was having a bit of trouble with these lenses (stung and felt that they didn't 'fit' properly) but after changing the soaking solution and using eye drops, they were comfortable to wear and I had no issues with them afterwards.

Simple design yet pretty - love 'em!

The Soft Criss-Cross lashes complement these lenses very well as they are also quite fancy but not too out-there. They are from KKCenterHK:

USD $6.49

Not only are the lashes soft - the band is too! This allows me to gently bend the band into shape to fit onto my upper lash line. I love the length of these and because the lashes aren't so dense, they're really lightweight and blend amazingly with my natural lashes. The good thing about these is that you can glue them on top of each other the add volume if necessary... though I would leave them as they are :)

At this angle, they look super subtle

New favourite lashes right now are these!

There's not much more to say about them; the images speak for themselves! I would definitely recommend and for only $6.49 for 10 pairs, it would be so worth it I swear :D And you can get an additional 10% off with the promo code 'QUESTJEN'.

Thank you to my lovely sponsors for making this FOTD what it is and to YOU for reading/dropping by. As a sign of appreciation, I will upload this silly picture of me to make you smile.... maybe....

If it's not too ugly....

Questjen of the week:
What would you do if I came up to you like this and tried to hug you? LOL

Kidding, kidding. You don't have to answer that :P

REAL questjen of the week:

Which do you prefer - circle lenses or falsies?

My answer: Falsies of course!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Here's a flower for you :3

Grr fringe strand, I hate you!

Jen xx


  1. Jen, you are absolutely stunning! Can't say it enough :) Love the lens, love the eyelashes, love you! X

    Ps, I think I prefer circle lens because they're much easier to manage than eyelashes, but the funny thing is, I have more fake eyelashes than lens haha

    1. Naww Tezza you're a sweetie! And very gorgeous :)
      So true haha, and lashes don't have an expiry date xD

  2. Beautiful pictures. I am a huge fan of lashes, I love the way contacts look, but can't get over my fearing of stabbing myself in the eye or them being uncomfortable. Then I realized if I put them in I'd never get them out. I'm insanely awkward. ._.

    1. Thank you Alexy
      I used to have that fear too, but with time and practice I was able to overcome it!
      Don't worry, awkward is my middle name ;)

  3. Super cute! You look great. I love your look! <3
    I neither wear Circle Lenses nor falsies...oops :D

    1. Thanks so much Natalie!
      Ahaha that's ok xD I like your honesty

  4. awww you so adorable! i'd welcome u with open arms if you came to me like that! :P probably turn my face away tho XD

    idk T__T why did u make such a hard question... both of these are important for me haha, but i guess i would go with falsies as well :D

    1. Hehe yay, good to hear that my hug won't be rejected xD Turning your face away is a good idea so I'll have no problems with that lol

      I know, it's hard for me too xP But woo, high five!

  5. you look so pretty jen! I think I prefer falsies more but circle lenses are quicker and easier ^^

    1. Same for youuuuu Amanda :D Yeah agreed, falsies are a bit fidgety to work with

  6. These are cute! So are you~~ haha
    The lashes are very natural too ^^

  7. You look very pretty with both lens and eyelashes ^o^

  8. You're pretty as always! :D Those lenses are gorgeous too. I'm surprised at how cheap those lashes are! They're so so pretty. *_*
    How is your hair so soft looking?~ Ahh!

    1. You too Amy!! Yesss both the lenses and the lashes are stunning :)
      Aww it really isn't ^^" I straightened it beforehand to make it look less messy etc!

  9. ahh you look all fluttery and precious! i love the look of those lashes

    à la foliee

  10. Regarding your QuestJen - What would you do if I came up to you like this and tried to hug you?

    I would think I was dreaming that such a lovely woman wants to hug me11 ;)


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