Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beauty Blogger Xmas Party!

On the 10th of December, the ABBM girls had a Christmas party at Violet's Hair, a cosy salon found all the way up to level 10 of a King William St. building. I didn't know such a hair salon existed until I got the invite for the Xmas party.

All of us attendees including the sponsors~

I was worried about coming late (was late to ABC!) so I made sure that I prepped and left extra early, especially as I was catching public transport again. I ended up being very early and only Anna-Lisa (the owner of Violet's Hair) and Kitty was there sitting on the sofa. Early is definitely better than late!!

The first workshop we had was a hair demo by Anna-Lisa where she used a ghd straightener to make curls. While she was demonstrating, she also went step by step through each process and gave us tips along the way. This demo was done on Monnie's hair.

Sorry, not the most flattering pic of you guys but in Anna-Lisa's hand is the gorgeous fruit-scented hair spritz - pretty sure it's from the brand 'Evo'

A smiley pic of the two :)

Next we had guest speaker Calvin introducing Paul Penders Natural Cosmetics and Skincare products. Calvin and Bee from Paul Penders had flown from Perth just to come talk to us! It was very lovely to have them join us in our Blogger Xmas party and I enjoyed hearing about Paul Penders for the first time.

Calvin did a really good job with speaking about the company and products despite being the accounts person of Paul Penders!

Next up we had the sassy Kitty, our resident makeup artist do a festive look on Monnie. Lucky Monnie with the hair and makeup done!

Despite being quite makeup savvy myself, I did learn a few new tricks from Kitty ^^

Afterwards we had a little competition where we had to pair up and do a makeup look on each other with only 5 minutes! I paired with Rebecca and ended up using the whole 5 minutes on her lol~ It was quite difficult and I had trouble working with loose mineral eyeshadow and limited colours AND time!!

 I was so focused that I didn't even realise a picture was taken!

We didn't end up winning the Paul Penders mini hamper but it was still fun to play around with makeup on the night.

It was all good fun and I want to thank all of the lovely ABBM attendees for being there and bringing nibbles! I particularly liked Neena's Oreo cupcakes - yum!!

And big thanks to the venue sponsor Violet's Hair - Anna-Lisa and Paul Penders - Calvin and Bee :D

Massive thanks to the ABBM organisers, Celeste and Stacey. None of these events would be possible without you two ♥.

In case you were wondering, this was my look for the night:

(My Twitter and Pudding followers probably would have already seen these)

Vibrant eyeshadow - my festive look. A little uneven as I was rushing haha

 Pastel/rainbow nails. Couldn't decide on one colour for all :P

Oh I also have the 4 winners of my Sigma/MukuCHU giveaway! They already know who they are but for the rest of you, here are the winners:

Thank you to everyone who entered, the support meant so much to me ^_^

I'll be back with a questjen of the week next week :)

Take care guys,

Jen xx


  1. Sounds like a fun party!
    You look gorgeous! Love the holiday makeup ;)

  2. looks good. don't even think Perth has a blogger thing :p how sad, then again since starting my freelance makeup career doubt i have time to attend :(

    1. There are blogger meets in Perth! Usually organized by Wellness WA - you can contact her to be kept in the loop! =)

  3. I wanna go to a Blogger meet too :C

  4. Wow!! Looked like so much fun!! Your eyemakeup is beautiful.

    I'm found your blog through Eki, and I love it. I'm now your newest follower via greader. ;)

    1. Aww thanks so much Michelle!
      And thank you for the follow <3

  5. You're gorgeous Jen! So are your nails :)


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