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Review: Swissdent Whitening Toothpaste

About a month ago I started using two Swissdent products that were kindly sent to me for trial and consideration by Sandra, the general manager of White My Bite. One of which was whitening toothpaste and the other was mouthspray.

Never heard of Swissdent? I hadn't either until it was introduced to me. Here's a little bit about it:

Swissdent was founded in 2006 by leading Swiss dentist Dr. Vaclav Velkoborsky who recognised the need for gentle, mineralising and whitening toothpaste. He developed a formula which is Swissdent's secret recipe comprised of a special combination of high-tech and natural enzymes. This unique, worldwide patented formula of Swissdent provides a gentle means of brightening and cleaning teeth effectively.

Products that I received:
  • Swissdent Extreme Whitening Toothpaste 50mL
  • Swissdent Pure Mouthspray 9mL 

What made me interested in trialing these products was the fact that I don't have pearly whites (due to genetics) and I had tried other whitening methods such as whitening kit/trays, other toothpastes and also LED whitening, all of which produced unnoticeable to subtle results.

So what was it about the Swissdent range that drew me in? For the toothpaste:
  • Unique formula developed by Dr. Velkoborsky - Nanoxyd® for the bleaching process (micronised calcium peroxide)
  • Fruit enzymes (papain and bromelain) remove plaque naturally from the tooth surface
  • Texture is different to regular toothpaste because it is SLS-free (sodium-laureth sulphate)
  • Vitamin E to protects and revitalise the gums
  • Extra cleansing effect with baking soda

 Swissdent Extreme Whitening Toothpaste (50mL)

What this product claims to do:
  • Particularly suitable for severe tooth discolouration caused by tobacco, tea, coffee or red wine
  • Brightens the teeth very gently without scratching the delicate enamel
  • Ensures soft, minimally-abrasive cleaning of teeth
  • It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to see a difference

Directions of use:
  • For optimal results, it is recommended to brush three times a day, without rinsing at night-time
  • Brush for 2 minutes using the Swissdent PROFI toothbrush

My experience:
  • Replaced my previous toothpaste with this one for over a month, and still continuing.
  • For the first week, I was able to brush my teeth 3 times a day with this toothpaste however due to uni schedule and purely not bothering, I went to back to brushing my teeth twice a day with this toothpaste. I wasn't able to get used to brushing thrice a day.
  • It was very difficult to not rinse at night... having toothpaste left in my mouth 'un-rinsed' was uncomfortable and I would continuously have the urge to spit or swallow the excess. I couldn't help but wash it down with water.
  • I always brush for at least two minutes, hence I followed that direction
  • Used my Colgate medium, soft-bristled toothbrush
  • The toothpaste definitely had a different texture to any other toothpaste I tried - it was a lot smoother, slippery and seemed more water soluble/less dense. It felt safe to use

My thoughts and results:
  • My teeth are not discoloured from smoking, tea, coffee or red wine (never smoke and seldom drink any of the above) so I didn't test for the effectiveness of any of those
  • Since my teeth are 'naturally' discoloured, I knew that the whitening effect wouldn't be very noticeable or obvious within the few weeks stated by the product description
  • Although the texture is different, it still 'tastes' like regular minty toothpaste
  • In terms of colour, I didn't notice my teeth being any shades different to their normal colour however they looked slightly brighter
  • I noticed that the whitening effect was more effective on my back, premolar and molar teeth (inconveniently) and the toothpaste really tried to whiten on my more problematic, front teeth because I could see white spots/streakiness

I have no before and after pictures to share because as I mentioned above, the differences were not that noticeable and photo lighting would have an effect on my teeth's appearance.

I guess I wasn't the most suitable candidate to trial this product for many reasons like not always brushing three times a day, my teeth not being discoloured for the mentioned reasons and keeping my mouth water and rinse-free when brushing at night. But nonetheless I still enjoyed using this toothpaste, I can't really think of any negatives and I will continue using it until it runs out.

Repurchase and/or recommend?

As for repurchasing... it would depend on the price and whether I feel that this benefits me more than regular toothpaste. I do like this toothpaste however I could easily go back to using regular non-whitening toothpastes due to the fact that the results have been quite subtle. I feel that if I want noticeable results, I would need a stronger whitening method that may be more abrasive.The Swissdent website shows that there aren't any authorised stockists in my state which means that I would have to buy online... though I don't really feel the need or desire to purchase toothpaste online.

But yes, I would recommend this toothpaste as it is quite unique to other teeth whitening toothpastes out there. This 'prestigious' brand' has only been introduced to Australia recently and hence I definitely think that it is a worth a try if other whitening products have not been as successful as you had hoped. I would recommend that you give this a try if you have discolouration caused by smoking or drinking coffee, tea or red wine.

Swissdent Pure Mouthspray (9mL)
RRP $15.00 AUD

I didn't expect to receive mouthspray as well as the toothpaste but still I was excited to try this out because I had never used or owned a mouthspray before (they don't seem to be very common). This review will be very brief.

What this product claims to do:
  • Fresh breath on the go
  • Daily use inhibits plaque formation
  • Prevent halitosis (bad breath)
  • Brings the mouth back to a health pH level

  • None indicated - just spray into the mouth whenever you need to freshen your breath!
  • One spray should be enough

My experience and thoughts:
  • Initially I didn't find it to be that pleasant to have a massive burst of mintyness in my mouth but after a few times of use, I got used to it.
  • One spray was plenty - it makes my whole mouth feel as though I just brushed my teeth or sucked on a mint, chewed gum
  • I never took it with me on the go because I prefer to suck on a mint than spray my mouth in public (maybe it's just me but I find it a little odd!)
  • I can see how it would prevent halitosis and brings the mouth back to a healthy pH level but not quite sure about inhibiting plaque formation... on teeth? Maybe I am just a little uneducated about the oral cavity

Repurchase and/or recommend?

To be honest, I think that $15 is a little pricey for mouth spray, plus I don't see myself using this often. Again I don't think I would be able to find a stockist of this product here in my city. I could use this as an alternative to mints and gum... or use it as self defence (spray someone in the eyes with it) haha I'm kidding, but yeah I may find myself carrying this in my handbag (takes up less room that mints/gum!) and not repurchasing when it runs out.

If you are looking for a mouthspray then of course I would recommend this one. The spray actually spreads to the whole inside of the mouth unlike some dodgy sprays (not just mouthsprays) that squirt out like a pistol... how annoying would that be with mouthspray! If you want to know exactly what type of mint it is... my guess is that it is spearmint. I do prefer peppermint but I know that peppermint is uncommon for toothpastes/mouthsprays/mouthwashes. I didn't have a choice anyway~

In case you wanted to see a comparison between other brands

That's all to my review, thank you for reading :) If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and to those in the States, Happy Thanksgiving!

Short and snappy questjen of the week:

Are you happy with your teeth?

My answer: Yes and no, but more no
I want them to be whiter and straighter! I can be quite self-conscious about them. I haven't had braces but I do want to, and also try stronger teeth whitening methods/procedures. I like caring for my teeth's health and appearance as much as possible.

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Jen xx

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  1. Well a nice product with very affordable price. Whitening the teeth by using toothpaste is the best idea with no risk. If a person having some problem with his teeth then he can use this procedure without visiting in office teeth whitening for professionals. So it is also cheaper that others. Thanks for the post.

  2. According to the dentist, my teeth are very straight. But I wish that they are of equal sizes (instead of my two front teeth being slightly larger than the rest). And my teeth is not exactly yellow, but it's not as white as I would like them to be. :/

    1. I would agree with your dentist haha~ Even though I haven't seen your teeth in person, they look very straight (in pictures and in video at least) :) Oh yeah that's the same with my two front teeth! Anyway thanks for your comment Marie <3

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