Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012 Aus Blogger Kris Kringle!

Hi guys, I have an announcement to make... well the title pretty much gives it away haha but YES, after the success of last year's Blogger KK, we've brought it back this year :D

It is once again proudly hosted by yours truly and my good friend Melody (Melludee)!

We didn't feel the need to make any changes so it's exactly the same as last year. The rules and the details (please don't mind the copying and pasting from my post last year ^^).

I'm pretty sure that you're all aware of what Kris Kringle is, but if not here is a little explanation: It is also known as 'Secret Santa' and it usually involves many people i.e. work colleagues or school classmates etc. where each person randomly picks a name out and whoever they pick is their KK. That person will then anonymously give their KK a gift and in return they would receive an anonymous gift from the person that chose their name. And then everyone gets a chance to guess and find out who had them as a KK! It's a way of giving everyone a Christmas gift without excluding someone :)

Everyone who participates will have a KK, yay!

Here's how it works - an example provided by us hehe:

A gift from Melody to me

Part 2 of this comic strip is on Melody's blog here!


(Please read before entering)

1. This is open to AUSTRALIAN blogger residents only, with a legitimate Australian postal address.
I have to make this clear to avoid confusion and invalid entry submissions. And sorry that it isn't international, it's just that it makes it more fair with shipping costs and package arrival times. Also, you must have your own blog!

2. There is a minimum and maximum spend for the KK present. It must be between $10-$20
Again, for fairness.

3. You MUST send out your package by the latest, December 16th 2012
This is to avoid delays, because during the Christmas period is where most packages are sent!

4. Have your name/blog address written on a card in the package to send off!
Just so they know who sent it!

Now that's all out of the way, below is the entry form. This is the exact same form on Melody's blog post so you only need to fill it out once~

Entries must be in by November 11.59PM (AEST) 25th of November 2012 so that we can sort out the KKs for everyone by the 26th of November.

Be sure to check your emails on the 26th of November to find out who your KK is, as either myself or Melody will be emailing you with your KK's details and what they would like to receive as their present.

DISCLAIMER: Your postal address will not be shared with anyone apart from the person buying the present for you.

Enjoy the Christmas festivities and I hope that many Aus bloggers will participate in this :D

If there are any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me or Melody via email/comment!

Jen xx


  1. With regards to the present, does it have to be something beauty related? Or can it be some Christmas goodies like chocolate too? :)

  2. I was overseas and didn't see this! If you girls hold one again next year I'll def join in the fun!! :)


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