Monday, October 22, 2012

Trip to the Make Up Store

Hi *Photo heavy post* - Good if you'd like to see lots of pretty pictures ^_^

Last week the ABBM ladies and I visited the Make Up Store - yes there's an actual place called the 'Make Up Store'! I hadn't actually heard about this store until I read news about October's blogger meet. It's situated in Burnside Village and this was actually my first time being there, so I was a little lost trying to make my way there and to find the Make Up Store xD

... But then I saw the ABBM girls who were already there taking pics in front of the store!
Sneaked in for a shot on the left :)
Thanks Sherry for snapping the picture!

Here's what I found out about the Make Up Store:
  • They originated in Sweden and have expanded around the world
  • Been in Australia since 2005
  • Products contain rich pigmentation and are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS
  • Cosmetics do not contain perfume, making their range allergy-friendly

I've decided to create some collages of photos I snapped around the place just to reduce the photo-heaviness of this post. I'll take you on a little tour of what I saw~

 They've gone with the 'Spellbound' Halloween theme, hence the webbed decoration

Selca time ^^

Ahh I love how everything is displayed! The colours of the pigments/eyeshadows/lipsticks/nail polishes really stands out from their black packaging and interior design. There's definitely a lot on display but don't be fooled - the place is not that big - quite small actually. You could say it was cosy haha, great for our small blogger meet :)

Nibbles! I loved the macarons *_*
And of course the drinks from left to right - portello, grape fanta and champagne

I went for portello! It was really nice :3 Cheers!

Here is the lovely Maria (left) of Make Up Store who did the makeup demonstrations. She had awesome skills

Here she's doing Kate's eyeliner. Kate had already done a fab job with her eyeliner for the day - Maria even complimented her :)

We got to swatch this blue-grey shade of pencil eyeliner and let me tell you about the quality.... IT WAS SO SMOOTH! The smoothest pencil eyeliner I have ever tried. It just glided on and its staying power was pretty impressive.

Neena having sparkly eyeshadow applied

The gorgeous Cally with blue eyeliner on

Vibrant red lippie on Sarah! Matched her hair and jacket

Celeste getting glittery eyeliner put on - it was seriously pretty!

Celeste looking ever so cute, especially with the cat ears ^^

And then I was the last to volunteer as a demo person!

Blue eyeshadow!! As I already revealed in my previous post hehe

I was happy to volunteer as I wanted to make this an opportunity to improve on my makeup application skills, especially on myself... uh conceited much lol. But seriously, I wanted to know what type of eyeshadow application would match my eye shape. I learnt how to apply eyeshadow from watching Youtube tutorials and looking at magazines however they didn't always apply to my eye shape (epicanthal fold, small double eyelid, invisible crease).

I now know to wing my eyeshadow upwards as shown - not something I would have done previously! Awesome, I'm going to do this from now on. Thanks Maria!

We were told that us bloggers got to have 30% off everything in store for the evening. This was really exciting news for us and there were so many things that I had my eye on, like these:

Fancy falsies. I would love to try ones like these for fun/FOTD

These ones especially - just gorgeous

A wild pink brush caught my eye *_*

Liquid eyeliners.... coloured ones too! But I resisted haha, I have plenty of eyeliner

The two hours we had there really did fly by - I think we ended up staying for an extra hour browsing and making purchases. It was so lovely for the Make Up Store to have us and I'll definitely visit again in the future :D

Here's what I took home from the night:

Goodie bag filled with 2 magazines, skin care booklet, mascara, 2 eyeshadows from the Spellbound collection (and I signed up to be a member)

So what did I purchase...?

Under eye concealer for my under eye bags and dark circles T__T Something I desperately need and am not ashamed to admit it!

It smoothes on quite nicely

And now to the gifts in the bag~

Sensitive mascara

For people with sensitive eyes. I have sensitive skin so I know how vital it is to find a product that suits and doesn't give any irritations. I assume this is waterproof but not sure, still trialing it out

Microshadow: Allure and Spellbinding

1. Pan
2. Swatch
3. Swipe
4. Smudge test
5. No primer vs. primer test and smudge test

  • Faint swatch can still be seen after the smudge test
  • Eyeshadow is more vibrant with primer underneath, and resists smudging
High quality eyeshadow + Primer = Perfection

And last but not least, I'm going to share some of my favourite pages from the two magazines:

Eyeshadow colour combination is pretty

Simply beautiful

Her hair *__* It's a wig but still it's so cute

Her hair isn't a wig and it's stunning! Love the pastel pink

Dolly makeup, love it

That's it for my post on my trip to the Make Up Store - hope the pictures weren't too much (I did have a warning at the start!) but if you are keen to see even more pictures from the day, the Make Up Store has a Facebook page and they've uploaded an album of pictures called 'Spellbound Blogger Event - Burnside Village'.

Sadly I will be taking a blogger hiatus for 3 weeks due to exams :( Please anticipate my return as I will be holding a giveaway for my 800 followers ^_^ Thanks once again!

See you in November, take care :)

Jen xx


  1. The store looks amazeballs!
    Mmm, blue eyeshadow looks so nice on you! I find it so hard to apply blue shadow :/ I don't know whyyyy! But I agree with the whole watching youtube videos not always working out because of the different eye shape :( pooey. In other news, omasofihasofih 800 followers!! CONGRATULATIONSSS <33333 ! tehehe *proud to say I followed you back when you had uh....(forgot)less folowers hehe :P

    1. It surely is!!
      Naww thanks Melody :) Yeah that's right, so sometimes we just need to figure it out ourselves or get someone to do our makeup for us xD
      Thank youuuuuu <33333 I think you were definitely one of my 100 or 200 followers hehe

  2. This looks like so much fun. :D~
    The ads are always so so pretty...

  3. Jenny, you look so cute in pink!! :D

  4. What a fun event! X x You wear the blue eye makeup beautifully. Unfortunately I have one double eyelid and one single eyelid, so often times it looks very uneven. Unfortunately I stay away from eye makeup because of that!

    Crystal | crystal dots.

    1. Indeed it was :) Aw thank you!
      Oh but you know you can alter the way you do your makeup on each eye to 'even' them out =O It's a great trick and you don't have to stay away from eye makeup!

  5. Jen, fabulous post on what was a brilliant afternoon. I absolutely LOVED the blue eyeshadow on you. I hope that you are going to wear that look again as it really suited you. I am definitely going to be going back and have already asked for gift vouchers for Christmas to spend there. Good luck with the exams. xx

    1. Thanks so much Kate - and it was lovely to see you that day!
      I definitely am thinking about wearing it again or something similar perhaps for the next ABBM!
      The luck is greatly appreciated :) xx

  6. I have heard about this brand but I have not tried anything from them. I didn't know that this brand has been present in Australia for such a long time. I really like the extensive colour range that they have. The blue eye look looks very good on you~~


  7. WOW it sounds like it was super fun! you looked adorable c:
    the eyeshadows look like perfect colors for fall
    loved the looks in the magazine too!

    1. Hehe it really was :D Thank you!
      I know right, they look so fab :)

  8. What a fantastic place! SO many lovely things. I would spend a whole day there.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  9. Your eye colour looks really good! So much fun to be had makeup shopping.

  10. Looked like a really fun event! & loving your blog~



  11. Looks like an incredible store!!! =) Lots of makeup everywhere. Do review that concealer when you get a chance! =D

  12. Nice blue eyeshadow!

  13. wow so much stuff! looks great! :)

  14. This blog is so nice and i really like it...


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