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Review: Mimididi 3D Diamond Powder EyeShadow

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all well :) Just want to start by saying thank you as I've reached 800 followers which means... another giveaway soon! Keep your eyes peeled for it ^^

For this week's post I'm going to be reviewing KKCenter's mimididi 3D Diamond Powder Eyeshadow:

This brand is completely unfamiliar to me as most KKCenterHK items are (that's the joy of reviewing their products - I have no expectations about quality etc.) and at the back of the packaging we can see English, Korean and Chinese. Like with my previous KKCenterHK review, I don't know where this product was made in but since the majority of the writing is in Korean... we can assume that this was made in Korea.

I find the packaging to be quite unique and nice~

Comes with a cute sponge tip applicator and mirror. Very handy.
There is also an expiry date at the back: 2014.10

Opens out like so - I like the packaging design! Neat :)

This makes a gorgeous base and highlight colour ^^
Also, this could be used on top of matte eyeshadows or for some extra shimmer

I love glitter eyeshadows and I don't own a single matte eyeshadow. I find glitter so pretty and since I'm such a girly girl, I'm attracted to anything sparkly *_* Can't go wrong with sparkly, shimmery eyeshadow!

One swipe with a finger and indeed it's very pigmented

Highly pigmented swatch

It's a very pretty swatch however I noticed quite a bit of fallout. The consistency was smooth which is a plus. The next picture is a test of its staying power without a primer underneath. I swiped over the swatch with my hand and this was what happened...

Most of the pigment is gone but you still see glitter

It's true that staying power does differ from brand to brand but don't let that put you off from getting a certain eyeshadow. All you gotta do is invest in an eyeshadow primer and your eyeshadow will last regardless of the brand. I think pigmentation and no to little fallout are definitely more important when it comes to picking eyeshadows.

Here I have demonstrated how the eyeshadow looks on its own with and without eyeshadow primer underneath:

 No primer underneath. See how the pigment is mostly at the centre? Primers make the eyeshadow smooth on more nicely and the pigment appears more vibrant.

 With eyeshadow primer underneath
Can you see the difference from the first picture? The eyeshadow and the shimmer has spread more evenly across my eyelids

Pros (+) and cons (-):

+ Cute packaging
+ Comes with a mirror and sponge tip applicator
+ Extremely shimmery
+ Decent pigmentation
+ Swatch is true to the pan
+ Smoothes on nicely
+ Stays on with a primer underneath
+ Multipurpose shade
 - Slight fallout of eyeshadow
- Not as pigmented on the eyelid
- Amount of glitter may be overwhelming/difficult to deal with
- Below average staying power on its own

Overall it is a decent eyeshadow. Nothing too amazing besides the pretty shimmer and neat packaging. It's totally suitable for people on the go because of the mirror and mini applicator. As for the colour, I know I'll definitely be using this for my base colour and inner corner highlighter ^__^

Currently the product is listed as sold out so I don't know how much this costs - sorry!

Anyway, that's the end of my review. I would've liked to have used the eyeshadow to create a look (to make this review seem less dull) but unfortunately I was tight on time. Here I am complaining again about uni taking up way too much of my time :(

I do have something to share that definitely isn't dull~ A sneak peek of next week's blog post:

I just uploaded this picture on my Twitter/Pudding!

I had purple and blue eyeshadow put on me today! I'll blog all about my first time having bold eyeshadow on. I'm definitely more of a neutrals girl haha... find out how I reacted to this next week :D

Questjen of the week:

What type of eyeshadow do you like? (Can choose more than one)
  • Shimmer
  • Matte
  • Neutrals
  • Bold/bright colours



  1. What a pretty shimmery color :D
    I personally like.. all types of eyeshadows! Each one works for a different type of look ^^

  2. so shimmery, reminds me of the dollywink one
    I prefer neutrals :)

  3. Its sad to see the colour doesnt transfer as well on the eyelids, nonetheless, it's still useful for sparkling things up ^^ Im excited to see next week's post .... :D I wish it'd come faster - next week, not the post XDD I prefer matte/neutral colours... Shimmer and bold colours are a definite no-no for me, i'm too much of a wuss XD

    1. I know! I don't know why it's like that :|
      True that :)
      Ahaha yeah xD
      I'm similar to you but I like shimmer neutrals~ I don't own any matte eyeshadows D:

  4. The shadow has a really pretty color. I like its high pigmentation. You are so right in getting a primer. That's all it takes to make powder shadows last.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

    1. Definitely :) Thank you for your comment love x

  5. Wow such a shimmery eyeshadow. Do you think it'd work well as a highlighter? I love bright metallic eyeshadows. xD I can't believe you have never worn bright eyeshadows before haha! Is that from the makeup store? :] Can't wait to see your post.

    1. Hey Kathy, yeah I think it can though it is very shimmery~ much more shimmery than regular highlight colours. It really depends on your personal preference (whether you don't mind a lot of shimmer)

      I have before but I prefer neutrals! I did some makeup looks in the past consisting of blue and green eyeshadows xD I just wouldn't be brave enough to wear them out haha. Yep from the Makeup Store - wish you were able to make it!

  6. Oooooh the eyeshadow is actually pretty *___*
    (And aosifhaoisfjk this reminds me to review something of my own /IM SUCH A TERRIBLE BLOGGER ;A;) but ummmmm <33 yes your eye makeup is gorgeous !! DO MINE !!!

    But I'm definitely of a shimmery / bright colour type girl!
    (Just like my nail polish too?) Idkkk. I find matte colours to be boring and plain all ze shimmer my way please! (although less ..shimmer for of course)

  7. This shadow could be a good base for looks that require more shimmer in them. Looking forward to the blue shadow post! I love bold, matte colors with shimmer as highlights. Neutrals are hard to mess up though and easy to match.


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