Saturday, October 6, 2012

OOTD: Pastel, Bright and Metallic

Hello! About time I did an Outfit of the Day post haha, I think the last time I did one was early last year. My motivation to do this OOTD post was from you guys who suggested it in my giveaway's questjen of what you'd like to see more of on my blog.

Apologies for the lack of pictures and the quality. I took them with my point-and-shoot camera and iPod which is really grainy but best for self shots :/ I definitely want to invest in a DSLR or compact DSLR however it's not something of high priority. I'd be more than happy to receive it as a gift though hehe :)

Anyway, this OOTD was really simple and that was essentially what I was aiming for. I attended a birthday dinner last Saturday and the venue was a very chilled, family restaurant hence I didn't feel that it was necessary to wear something dressy etc.

If you saw my previous post on those magazine pictures, the current trends right now are fluros, pastels and metallics. I hope it wasn't a fashion crime for me to do a 3-in-1 lol!

White long sleeve: Cotton On
Mint shrug: Temt
Burnt ochre skinnies: Asos (Vero Moda)

Heart necklace & crown ring: Valleygirl
 Bracelets: Diva
Metallic gold bag: Strandbags

Before I decided to walk out of the door with this outfit, I admit that I did do a little research online (oh gosh this makes me sound so nerdy!). As I am not a self-proclaimed fashionista or anything close to it, I was a little unsure whether mint and orange/ochre would be an okay combination and to my surprise, I did find other people's OOTD with mint and orange! Great to have some reassurance - it surely gave me the green light to wear this pastel and bright combo out!

And with the metallic accessories... I hope they were a suitable addition to my pastel and bright combo. Again I wasn't too sure but I didn't bother doing any researching aka stalking other people's OOTDs and getting ideas. XD But it should be safe considering that I normally always wear silver and gold jewellery.

Since this is strictly a OOTD post, I feel no need to show my face! Haha but seriously, for the night I only wore eyeliner for eye makeup and kept my hair straight and down. Nothing fancy :P

So yeah, that's it to my first OOTD for the year, hope it was somewhat interesting. Fingers crossed that I'll have better-quality pictures for my next OOTD where the lighting is better. I also need to invest in a tripod...

Questjen of the week:

Out of these current trends, which is your favourite: 
Pastel, fluoro or metallic?

My answer: Pastel! I find it to be the most pretty and girly :3 Totally my style and suitable for spring and summer



  1. Hehe, your hinting for a camera ;) ;)
    And eeee, I think your outfit looks good despite the bright colours! I find it hard to wear so much colours even though I like the combination :S And mmmm, at the momentttt ... I think I like pastel!!

  2. Cute outfit! :3 I love mint and other pastel colours. So I definitely love the pastel trend. xD Plus the light colours are great for summer, it keeps you a lot cooler than black haha.

    :] I have a dslr, we should do photoshoots sometime!

    1. Thanks Kathy ^^ That's true hehe
      Aw that would be awesome, I reckon we should :D

  3. or me it's between fluro & pastel! Im not a super big fan of metallics but i do love the pastel trend :D love the combo you've made though, especially the orange/ochre skinnies =D

  4. Your outfit is super cute : D I love pastels!

  5. Ooh I bought some red vero moda jeans on asos too, waiting for them to come in the mail!!

    I really like this combo of mint and red, wouldn't have picked it! :)

    1. Nice!
      Aw thanks Krissy :) I love your outfit combos too x

  6. I love pastels, but can't stand fluro. :(
    Metallic is okay though. xD

  7. lol. I have been researching fashion and outfits online too for recent outfits. We are all nerds :O) Love that top.

  8. Awww this outfit is so cute >w< And hmm I love all three, but I'd have to say pastels are my favorite since I'm fairly pale xD


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