Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Daisy 3-Tone Brown Lenses

Hi all! Happy weekend :) Just reminding you all that my giveaway ends in a week's time - the link is on my sidebar. Something that I noticed was that I am close to reaching 800 followers - I can't believe it! And you know what will happen when I reach that number? Yep, I will be holding another giveaway. Sounds crazy but hey, I admit that I am pretty crazy sometimes :P

On the topic of 'crazy' (well... not really) I received a pair of circle lenses from MukuCHU called 'Daisy 3-Tone' which have the pattern of a daisy.

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: -0.00 (Plano) only

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.8mm

They're more like yellow than brown but colour-wise, they look very natural when worn because of my dark brown eyes. And I love all 3-tone lenses because that means that they blend in better for dark eyes instead of it being a pop of colour that may freak someone out. If that's what you want to do then these lenses won't be a good choice for that haha.

 (Sorry this is the only 'HD' photo of me wearing the lenses)

I took pictures on a day where I thought that the sun would show up but no, the sun didn't come out at all. Hopefully the pictures are still okay and clear enough.

They definitely enlarge the eye without having too much of a dramatic effect. No thick, black limbal ring or harsh outline in the centre where the pupil is. I had originally thought that the daisy pattern would be very obvious in both natural and flash lighting but nope, it's very subtle in daylight. Perhaps on lighter-coloured eyes, the pattern would show up a lot more but since circle lenses are manufactured in Asian countries, they are probably specially designed to be more suitable/wearable for Asian/dark eyes. That's just my guess.

Webcam picture (bright lighting). Haha people rarely take webcam pics these days
The lenses make my eyes look very light brown

And under low-quality photo settings, the lenses look dark brown/black. Very natural!

So really, these lenses have varied effects depending on the lighting however they generally look natural on dark eyes. Don't let the diameter scare you too much - I too used to think that 14.8mm was HUGE but I got used to them and now I reckon the size isn't too big/dramatic. It really depends on the pattern and colour - I think diameter makes the least impact when it comes to appearance.

Though when it comes to comfort.... it usually comes down to the brand and diameter. Did you know that comfort does differ from brand to brand? I've worn circle lenses for 4 years (not constantly but 4 years ago was when I started wearing them) and I've tried many different brands but the two that I trust the most are GEO and EOS (and they're usually the two that I review the most) because they are the biggest manufacturers and GEO has an anti-fake system which is great reassurance. Anyway, I've personally discovered that EOS lenses are thinner but they're both just as comfortable. 

These are EOS lenses and they were very comfortable to wear for hours. Only experienced irritation when I accidentally wore one on the wrong way T_T I wouldn't wear large diameter lenses for long periods of time i.e. anymore than 6 hours as less oxygen reaches the eye compared to 14mm lenses. When I go out I would prefer to wear 14-14.5mm lenses just to be on the safe side. But if you do decide to wear 14.5+mm lenses, you must have eyedrops and don't exceed 6 hours of wear!

That's my snappy review on these lenses - apologies again for the lack of better-quality photos... I'm still going to blame the sun for not coming out :( I definitely tried to give you guys as many comparison pictures - low lighting, cloudy day, bright lighting, flash, low/high-quality camera. Hopefully the review was still interesting~

My simple outfit that I wore on the day that I took photos:

 Pastel blue cardigan: Temt (bought it recently for only $5!)
White singlet: JayJays
Black leggings: Valleygirl

You can say good bye to that hair by the way.... today it got the chop. I asked the hairdresser to take off 10-15cm off and that was what she did! I have medium-length hair again and you can check out the picture that I took after my haircut and posted on Twitter. Or you can wait until I take blog pictures next time hehe.

I'm going to leave you with a picture of my new and current favourite ring. I bought it from Valleygirl for $3 and it's a crown *__* The last one there too, size S/M... how perfect :) If you know me well enough then you would know that... I LOVE CROWNS AND TIARAS!

I love how there are little stones on it

Questjen of the week. Let's relate it back to the subject of this blog post:

'Daisy eyes' aka Daisy lenses - what are your thoughts?

My answer: They're pretty unique and cool! Not too creepy or unnatural :)



  1. I was very interested in this design when I first saw it! Now I really want to try it thanks to this post :P

    1. Haha that's awesome :) These would look amazing on you!

  2. The lens look really gorgeous on youuu! And the ring is super-cute!


  3. These lenses looks great on you! ^__^. And I love that ring! n.n


  4. This design is so pretty! The color is rather interesting though. I'm surprised it's not more brown-ish.
    Loving that ring. =)

    1. It really is =] Yeah same, but nonetheless it's still very nice ^^

  5. Super pretty, I love the flower pattern!

  6. I like these lenses, i find 3-tone lenses the best.. i love the little halo effect it gives~ you look so cute and bright eyed with these lenses too! Haha, must be getting warmer in Aussie too! I've chopped off a little bit of my hair too ;D that ring looks perfect for you! reminds me of that layout/watermark you had before (the one a reader created for you i think??)

    1. Same - they blend a lot better than 2 or 1-tone lenses! Haha aw thanks xD
      It is :) Loving the warmer weather
      Yeah that's right hehe

  7. wow... so pretty *_________*

  8. i've been looking for some new brown lenses to try and these look great!
    Also, how long is your hair! so jelly T__T

    1. No need to be jelly anymore because it got snipped!
      But before I got it cut, it was just below my bra strap haha

  9. Ahhh they're like flowers!! How prettty! Jennn you are so gorgeous, i love your hair, my friend also has her hair all one length, I really want my hair to grow out so I can do it too, but I have a feeling it'll be too heavy for me to handle- well that's what my hairdresser always says. I think he just wants to chop off as much as possible to make it worth the money he charges me!!

    1. Awww thank you my sweet Steph! It did get very heavy so that's why I went for the chop and got my layers back hehe, I feel grams lighter xD

  10. lovely lenses ^^

    Suits you ^^

    Enter my blog give away to win a free pair of circle lenses of your choice!!

  11. love the lens. it looks nice on you.
    the ring is cute too.


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