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Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover

Hello! So I have a review of an item which I purchased from Sa.Sa back in May. And If I remember correctly, Jen requested for me to do this review ^^ It's the Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover. To me the brand name of this item makes no sense whatsoever... I just figured that it is a direct Japanese translation.

RRP: $15.70 US (Sa.Sa: $11.70)
Country of origin: Japan
Size: 6 mL

... It helps if you can read Japanese (I don't understand a single word)
The illustrations were helpful enough

Cute packaging for the win - love the crown and the lilac tube

According to what is written on Sa.Sa:

Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover is the perfect complement to the Heroine Make mascara, this innovative mascara remover features a special wand that brushes on mascara remover directly on lashes, melting away all traces of mascara, ready to be wiped off with cotton wool with minimal rubbing and tugging on the delicate eye zone. The perfect addition to any makeup and travel kit.

I hadn't known about this product before I decided to purchase it and I didn't bother searching for reviews of this. What I read on Sa.Sa convinced me enough to add this to my cart because well... it sounded promising. I hadn't tried any Kiss Me Heroine Make products before but I've heard a lot about their eyeliners and mascaras. Good things mostly.

It's like a mascara wand without bristles, just ridges

How to use:

Apply suitable amount from the root of eyelashes. Wait for 2-3 minutes. Use cotton to remove the liquid.

A 'swatch' of the liquid in the tube

I am going to show you a demo of this mascara remover doing its thing using non-waterproof mascara on one eye and waterproof mascara on the other.

Left: Paul & Joe Waterproof mascara
Right: Nutrimetics Lash Lighting Mascara (non-waterproof)

Starting with the non-waterproof one because haha, the result is really no surprise.

Excuse my dodgy cropping. It's making the whole gif look like it's jumping all over the place.

So obviously when there is liquid coming in contact with non-waterproof mascara, the mascara would transfer onto the bottom on my lash line regardless of whether it is meant to remove it or not.

I Waited for 2-3 minutes as instructed and then used a cotton pad to remove the mascara...

Verdict: Works perfectly on regular mascara. No residue and no vigorous rubbing required!

Now onto the test that matters more - the waterproof mascara test!

To really test this I thought I'd pack on the mascara to make it all spidery and clumpy... *cringes* Not a pretty sight but I wanted to see how well this mascara remover could... remove my mascara even when it is applied thickly. 

As soon as I saw that the waterproof mascara transferred onto the bottom of my eye... I knew that this mascara remover was doing its job well. However I was still sceptical as to whether or not my mascara could be fully removed without the help of an additional makeup remover.

And ta-da, more rubbing was required to remove this compared to the non-waterproof one but in the end I got the same result. I reckon that more rubbing was required only because I had applied my mascara very thickly with clumps. Normally I wouldn't do this, hence it's likely that it wouldn't require as much effort to remove. If that makes sense... but yeah. This mascara remover worked very well on waterproof mascara!

The description doesn't claim to do this but I am still willing to try this mascara remover on... eyelash glue while wearing false lashes! Even with eye makeup remover I still find myself pulling and tugging on my falsies that persistently remain stuck to my real lashes. Removing false eyelashes is a pain, literally.

Pros (+) and cons (-):
+ Does what it claims
+ Quick and easy to use
+ Suitable for all skin types
+ Travel friendly
+ Fragrance free
+ For all types of mascaras
+ Doubles as an eye makeup remover
+ Pretty packaging
+ Decent price
- Small volume of product, could be more
- Not readily available in stores/Australia


I would definitely recommend this product but as for repurchasing... hmm possibly :) Believe it or not, I don't wear mascara that often and if I do wear it I am more likely to choose the non-waterproof one because it is less of a hassle to take off. And I hate rubbing too much around my eyes because I have sensitive skin and I have a delicate eye area. Having this mascara remover isn't a necessity as water with and without soap removes non-waterproof just as well. Though this does help with removing waterproof and fibre mascaras immensely :D

Thanks for reading my review and putting up with my makeup-less eyes. Since I've already shown no makeup eyes, I think it's suitable for me to show my most recent makeup-less self-shot with my cat~

Coco my cat, he loves laying on my bed. So I decided to join him and snap a pic
My eyes look super chinky

Questjen of the week:

Do you have a hard time removing your mascara?

Or do you currently use a really good eye makeup remover to remove the stubborn mascara?

Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover is great but still I'm really curious to find out whether anyone has an alternative product/trick to remove waterproof mascara without tugging on lashes!

Jen xx

Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with Sasa and this was not a paid/sponsored review. Product was purchased with my own money. Opinions are 100% honest.


  1. this product is interesting!
    and your cat is super cute! even has a cute name hehe!
    Krissy xoxo ~

  2. Thanks for the review! <3 I've been tempted to buy it (coz i have their mascara and its such a pain to remove T.T) - is the actual product similar to baby oil or something? I agree, I always tug my falsies and I dread to think of all my real lashes I pull off with it.. lemme know if it works on eyelash glue too! :D Again, i agree - non-waterproof mascara is so much simpler to use (and if you're wearing falsies, i dont think the type of mascara u use is really important :P). You look so cute! As does your cat ^^

    I haven't found a HG make-up remover (esp for waterproof makeup) but I've heard good things about the clinique one! :) I currently use baby oil as it's cheap but the removal process is still a pain :/

    1. You're welcome Jen! Umm I'd say it's not oil-based.. it's more like water, if that helps :) I shall experiment with it and let you know! Aw thanks :3

  3. I had the heroine make mascara and let me just say... you NEED this remover! haha I had the hardest time on earth to remove it D: Even regular waterproof makeup remover doesn't cut it T^T

    1. I assume you have this mascara remover, yeah? Haha there's also something called 'dual-phase' makeup remover that works better on waterproof/fibre mascaras!

  4. Haha that's an interesting remover!! I've actually tried the Kiss Me Heroine mascara before, my bfs mum bought it for me from Japan a few years ago and unfortunately I didn't get much use out of it because it was IMPOSSIBLE to remove!!!!!! So I never used it, but looks like these two go together well! If only I knew back then. I prefer non waterproof mascaras too because like you, I want to avoid rubbing my eyes as much as possible!

    1. It sure is xD Oh I know what it's like to have those mascaras! The Japanese love to create those fibre mascaras that are extremely waterproof and smudge-proof (and remove-proof too by the looks of it LOL) but the solution to those are 'dual-phase' makeup removers... or this product haha

  5. This product sounds so good! I use this makeup removing pencil which I got from Japan, which is basically a makeup remover in a pencil and its really easy to use for eyeliner, but it would be harder for mascara. made a post about it here :)

    1. Ooh a makeup removing pencil :O ?? Sounds cool! I'm very curious ^^" Thanks for the link, I shall check out your post

  6. Wow this product looks really handy! I struggle so much to remove my mascara haha. ^^ Your cat is adorable btw... I love cats.

    1. We're on the same page with that hahaha high five :) Yay! I love it when people love cats cos I love them too :D

  7. Handy, but I would have to clean the wand every now and then haha (too lazy) :)) I use Etude House's Make Up Remover on my lashes, they do the job, but one swipe's not enough to remove waterproof mascara! Still thinking of trying this though~

    1. The wand is the applicator so I haven't found myself needing to clean it (yet anyway) hehehe. Oh Etude, I haven't tried anything from that brand but I really want to! Kiss Me Heroine Make is worth a try I reckon =]

  8. interesting product! I always have a tough time removing waterproof mascara and this product seems to work well :D! just wanna how long this tiny tube can last though

  9. I got this product product a while ago since it came as a set with a mascara I bought but I have never tried it since I am not sure how well it will work. You review has convinced me to try mine out. By the way, this brand's liquid eyeliner is one of my favourite!!



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