Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nail Art with Rhinestones

Hi everyone! I'm back at uni now which means that I have less time to spend on the blog once again. But worry not as I have quite a few posts in mind for the upcoming weeks, thus I will be motivated to continue posting once a week. I'll admit that I felt like I was going to have a writer's block until I remembered the list of blog post ideas I brainstormed a couple of months ago. Luckily I had some photos taken way in advance (probably from last year!) that I can use for a post today. I've finally gotten around to posting about this...

You're probably sick of me saying this but I shall say it again anyway just as a reminder. Nail posts will be very limited on my blog because my workplace doesn't allow nail polish and for me it's a hassle applying and removing nail polish after only a few days of wear.

Here I will show you a NOTD that I prepared earlier:

 It is honestly not the prettiest thing - I was only playing around with patterns

Rhinestones for nails are typically stored in a rhinestone wheel (hint: I will be including one in my upcoming giveaway - stay tuned for that!) however those in the same wheel are all the same size. Rhinestones vary in width (1, 2, 3mm etc.) and thanks to the Viva La Nails Sample Pack #3 I got last year, I was able to try various rhinestone diameters.

The colours of the rainbow :)

To receive the Viva La Nails Sample Pack #3, all I needed to do was pay for shipping so technically these are 'free'. They are out of stock now but if you are a blogger/YouTuber, you could try requesting for their first sample pack of nail stickers which are available.

I think back when I did take these pictures, I had work commitments so what I did was use double-sided sticky nail adhesive for false nails to allow for quick and efficient removal.

French nail tips~ simple yet pretty in my opinion

On top I added two coats of Essie nail polish in the shade 'Van D'go' and chose the gold and silver rhinestones as I figured that they would complement the pink polish shade well.

Can you recognise what I used to place the rhinestones in? Hehe

I randomly grabbed the lid of one of my eyelash box sets to use as my little cardboard container for my rhinestones. It's a suitable size and the sides prevent the rhinestones from falling out. To pick up the rhinestones, a dotting pen is the common tool to use but since I don't have one, I used a pair of tweezers.

I used a combination of the rhinestone sizes on my nails. I'll describe the patterns:

Pinky finger: Princess Diana/Kate engagement ring (I'll explain soon)
Ring finger: Diagonal bottom half
Middle finger: Diagonal line
Index finger: Nail tip
Thumb: Bottom third of the nail

I know, my descriptions make very little sense but yeah... I don't know how to phrase them better :( I hope they are still understandable... at least vaguely.

About the one I did on my pinky finger, it was originally a pattern of a flower however I had a more detailed look at it and then I got reminded of the engagement ring worn by Princess Diana and Princess Kate.

Is it similar? Haha I should have used a dark blue rhinestone but oh well, too late now!!

Sadly I'm really not an arty/craft person hence my nail art never looks amazing and I rarely decorate my nails anyway, including the times where I am not restricted to do so (work-related). Usually it's just the one shade of nail polish on my nails with nothing else. I feel that the effort put into nail decorating goes to waste if it doesn't end up looking nice =[

If you're not (nail) artistic like me, then I guess you could find other uses for these rhinestones. They're definitely not limited to nail usage.... you can use them to bling up your stuff! Again that sort of requires a lot of time and patience. Don't worry though, I reckon that around 90% of blinged products end up looking pretty afterwards. I am always captivated by sparkliness *__*

Questjen of the week:

How would you use rhinestones to decorate your nails?

I quite like the pattern on my ring finger - good use of rhinestones and the nail polish colour can still be clearly seen :)

Jen xx


  1. I wouldn't mind using it, but I doubt it'd look nice. My hands would wobble left and right whilst applying it on. :P Also it takes a little while to get it on too.

    1. Yeah I understand - it does take a while to apply and it requires a lot of patience!

  2. Your pinky does resemble Princess Diana and Princess Kate's ring! Hahah! :P Are you hinting the boyfriend via this blog post?!!?!?! Sneaky Jen! :P

    Anyhows, I'm not very creative. I'd just do french tip using rhinestones.. lol! Boring, but ya!

    1. Hehe glad that you think the same, Tram :)
      and LOLLL I honestly didn't even think about that being a hint xD It makes a great one though ahahaha!

  3. Super cute :3 I only have an issue with rhinestones because no matter what top coat or how much i use, it will not stick well enough (unless i use nail glue, but it's a pain to remove on my natural nails0. I love the false nails, they seem to fit perfectly on yours, did u have to buff them to fit?

    1. Aw thanks Jen! Agreeeeed 100%!
      Nope~ I had a set of around.. 20ish and I just picked out the ones that fitted the best :)

  4. thank you for sharing such this blog.....

  5. I have used them before and do use them quite often for my jewellry! I don't have steady hands so using them on nails can be hard. I also like using eyelash glue and sticking them to my face around my eyes! Give it that extra 3D touch.

    I really like the ring finger best too!


  6. i love it! you gave me an i dea.. :)) thanks, let's follow each other!

  7. great post-


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