Friday, July 13, 2012

GEO Lotus Violet Lenses

Hi all, I have a review of the Geo Lotus Violet circle lenses provided by MukuCHU. Just so you know, this is going to be a short and snappy one :)

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) only

B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 15.00mm

MukuCHU sent me a pair of lenses by random to prevent biased views (and I personally think that it's better that way!) Anyway about these lenses.... they're from the Geo Xtra Flower series, there are 5 colours and they are 15.0mm in diameter. It's funny thinking back to when I first started wearing lenses and how I would be so concerned about the diameter, assuming that size plays a huge part in comfort. To me, all of the sizes from 14mm to 16mm feel the same on my eyes *shrugs* It's true that less oxygen can reach the eye when the diameter is larger however the best way to decrease the risk of potential damage is to wear larger diameter lenses for less periods of time i.e. maximum of a few hours in a day.

15mm lenses and larger are best worn with makeup because without it, it honestly looks creepy (well I reckon it makes me look possessed, especially darker lenses). So that was why I used top and bottom fake lashes to draw some of the attention away from my irises.

With flash

The lens design and colour show up much better under flash lighting. They're definitely not lenses to be worn if a natural look is desired! I find the pattern to be quite pretty - I wish my eyes had a crystal/sparkly effect *__* My natural eye colour is a really dark brown and so the only 'effect' that my eyes can have is... watery eyes haha. Oh and I should mention that having dark eyes make these lenses look less like stickers as they sort of blend in... especially under natural lighting.

Despite violet being an unnatural eye colour, I love this colour for lenses!

So, lenses from the GEO Lotus series are a great choice if you're looking for:

+ Enlargement with a considerably subtle black limbal ring
+ Sparkly/crystal effect
+ Colour change

Yes, I found these lenses to be very comfortable to wear :) I had no issues whatsoever!

Thanks MukuCHU! If you're interested in purchasing a pair of these lenses, here is the direct link:

Last photo with this hair~~

Oh yus! In case you missed my previous post, I mentioned that I was going to get my hair dyed and trimmed! I got that done today and posted live updates on my Twitter (the pros of using Twitter and following me :P) so if you're curious to find out how my hair currently looks like, you can check out my pictures on Twitter ^^ Or you can wait until I make a post about it in a few days.

I hope you've all been well and taking good care of yourselves. You'll hear from me again very soon, I promise.

I can't think of a questjen of the week for this post, therefore I'll have one in the next!

Jen xx


  1. WOAH they look freaking AWESOME!

  2. Dang, you are so pretty and those lenses make you look so doll like! xx

  3. your eyes look so pretty! you definitely pull off the purple lens real well! and the patterns are awesome! i am definitely interested and would love to check out the link you have provided. i've worn contact lens before but it would burn my eyes and make me go teary! it sucked! i am curious about how those make your eyes feel? do they burn and make you go teary? haha, but they are definitely pretty and probably worth it. :) what are the prices of each pair of lens of you don't mind me asking? well anyway i hope you have a pleasant day and i hope to hear from you!

    - melissa

    1. Thank you so much Missa!

      Aw sorry to hear that! To answer your question, contact lenses don't make my eyes burn or go teary (unless I put them in incorrectly or there is something stuck on my lens, eek)

      They actually feel really comfortable in my eyes, like most of the time I don't even 'feel' that I'm wearing them, which is awesome but I think it can be dangerous too if I accidentally fall asleep and forget to take them out! Hasn't happened to me before though

      Lenses usually range from $20-$40 a pair or can be more

      Thanks and you too!

  4. I think the pattern is very pretty :) And before I was afraid of larger diameters too, but as time went by and through wearing so many, they do feel the same now haha, though I will always prefer smaller diameters, in looks and comfort ^^

    1. I think so too hehe~ Coooool I'm not the only one! I would usually only wear small diameter lenses when I go out, just to avoid looking too unnatural/creepy xD

  5. I like :D They look very vibrant and the design shows up really well~ Can't wait for your hair update, I've seen the pics but I'd love to know how your whole experience went :)

    1. Yay ^^ Lovely to hear! That's just motivated me to finish the post quicker :D

  6. That's so beautiful! They are so - pretty!! Violet be duh sexy eye color ~

  7. Looks amazing and I must say, your lashes are super pretty. :)

  8. I don't wear coloured contact lenses, but I just wanted to say that you look really pretty in the last photo!

  9. I love this colour on you. You look so adorable with the combination of your lashes too! =p


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