Monday, May 21, 2012

Mickey Mouse Nails

Hey loves, I have a very quick review of these nail prints I received from KKCenterHK. Basically they're nail art stencils which stick to the nail and peel off after use.

US $2.67

Quite a messy NOTD, I apologise!

So the instructions are really simple to follow despite there being spelling and grammatical errors but... you get what they mean haha.

As seen in the first picture, the Mickey Mouse faces didn't come out as nice as I wanted them to :( I am to blame for that, not the sticker prints. I really do lack artistic skill T-T

If the design is too simple for your liking, you can add your own stickers to it like I did. I transformed Mickey Mouse into Minnie Mouse hehe! Using pink bow nail stickers I had stored away.

I think it's cuter like this ^~^

Or it can be a pink bow tie for Mickey, naww keke

I am going to address the tips from the description on KKCenterHK's page for this product. Please don't mind the grammatical errors - I don't feel that it's my place to edit them:

'The nail polish that fill the hole of pattern do not be too thick'

My first attempt on my left hand was quite frustrating! I applied the nail polish a bit too thick and that was when disaster occurred. The picture you see above is of my left hand and Mickey's faces are so faint due to my clumsy application. It has to be thin to work properly!

'It may be deformation after tearing off the sticker'

Deformed Mickey mice? For sure. I hated peeling off the sticker because it didn't all come off in one piece because of the 'hole' in the pattern. So as you can imagine, I peeled it off bit by bit and wet nail polish went all over my fingers argh! The instructions say to 'peel off the sticker fairly immediately' and that was what I did. I wanted to wait until the nail polish was dry so that it wouldn't go everywhere but bad luck, I wasn't instructed to do that.

+ Cheap
+ Good for people who have trouble drawing patterns
+ Easy to use
+ A quick process overall
+ Free to choose which colour to have for the pattern (unlike nail stickers)

- Only 11 sticker prints
- Not enough room for mistakes
- Cannot be reused
- Stickers rip easily due to the hole pattern and being too thin
- Pattern may not come out that nice (slightly 'deformed')
- Some may find it rather time consuming compared to painting a pattern or using stickers

Perhaps if I had the chance to try these again, I would have a more positive experience with them and my application may improve. My clumsiness got the better of me this time! I feel that this is really similar to nail stamps which are also pretty cool however I just suck at using nail stamps with templates. The choice between nail stamps and these prints is easy though - I would prefer these because the pattern shows up on my nails whereas with nail stamps I find that it's quite hit and miss.

I wouldn't discourage purchasing these. If you're curious in trying these then you should definitely go right ahead. They're fairly inexpensive and who knows, you might end up liking them way more than I do :)

You can purchase them here or other patterns and with a discount code, you can get 10% off! 
Code: BLGB345JL10

I made such a mess while I was doing my nails (referring to the wet nail polish incident going all over my fingers while peeling) and while I was cleaning up I remembered that I recently received these in the mail:

Kleenex Slim Wallet Tissue Packs!

6 funky designs

They're incredibly thin

This one matches my jeans perfectly =]

Proof of it fitting into my front pocket

Not only are these Kleenex Slim Packs perfect for pockets but they're also great for handbags - they don't take up much room and because of their colourful designs, they're so easy to find! This saves me from rummaging through my bag just to find a tissue :D

And they're literally perfect for my pocket - priced from $2.69 RRP which is not bad at all. The tissues are 3 ply to give you extra strength and absorbance compared to regular tissues. They're great *two thumbs up*

I will be posting again very soon (maybe much sooner than you suspect) so please keep your eyes peeled for my next post which will feature me and other things hehe =D

It's my final day of being 18... what should I do?



  1. HEY WOMAN D: Where did that entry go?!§The one from today with "It's my birthday and I went blonde"?!? I WANNA SEE YOU BLONDE D:<

  2. Wow! A year went by so quickly! I remember winning your bday giveaway last year, it felt like yesterday! Happy advanced birthday Jenny and also Questjen!! :D <3

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